A.I.M 2 Clan Wars

Lately, i’ve been playing A.I.M 2 Clan Wars.

It’s a great game, from a russian developer called Sky River Studios i think.

Only problem is, their english forum has about 2 legit questions, and 3843 porn spambots, and it seems no mods give a shit what goes on there, so if anyone happen to have a forum that i, in my intense searching have overlooked, you’re welcome to link it to me, as there are alot of unmentioned features, functions, and other need-to-know stuff not mentioned in the manual, which you REALLY need to know about, before you can play properly (tilde key opens communications with other gliders, when targeted.)

Their website is all in russian aswell, which is okay since there’s that little handy english flag in the top-right corner of the page, but yea.. button doesn’t work, huzzah!

It’s almost as if they don’t want english speakers to play their game, or support it, even though the games translation is near-perfect, so it makes no sense, it’s fantastic, and it’s something new to the scene, rather than the average EA copy/paste kind of game, or “just another FPS/RTS/ETC” which a new skin and model/texture work.

I love when some almost unknown game developer bunch throws something like this out on the market, with some replayability and quality in the game, unfortunately in this situation, they haven’t invested that much as i said before, on the english front, some more publicity, and some more newsbits and website hype could’ve made this game reach the popularity it deserves, it seems it even got released back in februrary ’06 in russia.

Well other than that, i’ll give you a feature list, copy/paste style;

A.I.M. 2 is the sequel to the epic science fiction first-person action RPG developed by SkyRiver Studios. Its compelling story and unique look lift off exactly where the original ended.

Changes in the control system have led to new opportunities for the inhabitants of the Polygon planet. Mechminds, advanced robots, opened new sectors and have started exploring them. With the course of time Mechminds and their culture have altered greatly with some old clans fading away as new ones evolved.

New clans led by Mechminds of the Fifth Generation are powerful and well-organized formations with far-reaching plans. Powerful groups have different interests that often crossed, war broke out again. However this time it is the struggle not for mere control, this is struggle for survival. The clans want to eliminate the weaker ones standing in their way and will stop at nothing to dominate their enemies. To achieve their goals they use not only military means, but economic ones as well. As of now none of the clans has managed to achieve complete victory.

You are a part of the oldest clan called the Reckoners, a dedicated group looking for the firstborn Mechmind of the Fifth Generation. This could be a chance to restore former might for your clan which has lost its power and even be victorious in the war.”

  • Original sci-fi storyline plunging you into the world of intelligent robots
  • Opportunity to create a personalized clan consisting of independently operating machines
  • Tactical operations as well as clan strategic management
  • 36 different gliders are available to fly
  • Huge gameworld with completely new locations, including subterranean caverns
  • Expanded options to interact with other Mechminds
  • New advanced trading system

I’ve been playing this pretty much all day, for four days straight now, for a singleplayer game, it just got that “something” that captivates me, and keeps me there, which is saying alot, since i play alot of games, too many perhaps.

Oh and here’s a few babelfish translated snippets of their russian forum, which i couldn’t help but find amusing;

  • 4 no one I want to offend, but fantasy it could be and is more this destroyer the precise copy of the fact that into the Arctic. This nevertheless that where not you be to place the destroyer of people to the mountain, increased ve-ya of times. And is an opinion that this not destroyer and rescue shuttle from the ship in the Arctic”
  • Only it small. To see the smuggling of:.grin: If it would be only more – bloodhounds from yS would find and moved away”
  • aha in all e88naи2 permission even you will not examine face”
  • ekh… well see: appears first mekhanoid of the fifth generation, i.e., you, to you they give little infy, and let out into the severe peace you you become more strongly you fly into the obelisk of super, there to you they give task into the bunker to go you edish’ into the bunker, they there you tell that type after the outline there is a laboratory of people, laby has a shuttle, and you should to leave to the creators and describe to them about everything on the range they then you tell about the observer and you fly to it, he speaks that the type of unichtozh laboratory, and then your rasse will begin to be developed by long efforts you valuably and by t d… you search for way outside, you find, you fly tudy, in the laboratory you there read much infy, and you make decision that to make, if you destroy labu that speak that super- it created new, sixth generation, but this there were already not the bellows (on the picture some grasshopper it was) well and if you fly away, then type you fly and fly in space… and most likely you will not arrive flying… well here very summary with the basic elements of:.chool:”

Ehhh…… what the flying fuck, huh?

Russian grammar rules!, everything is fucking backwards, and even with babelfish expert translation skills, i still managed to catch a chronic headache from trying to re-arrange the words in my head, as i read it all, trying to make sense of things, and to actually find some info that could help me in the game, on the other hand, feel free to visit their english support forum, it needs some more people there, and a moderator.

So, that aside, i’ll give some info from my point of view, being relatively near the end, and explored almost everything.

The intro shows a ‘glider’ which is the vehicle of the Mechminds (the pilot, or A.I/brain), they hover a bit above ground, and have a jumping ability, you tap ‘space’ and you boost a bit above ground, it can later be enhanced so you can jump higher if you hold spacebar down longer, anyways the glider picks you up from the ground, and re-inserts you into base 2 in the desert sector of the Range, i’m not quite sure, but i think The Range is a territory of a planet, i haven’t made it that far in the game yet, but i’m unsure whether or not it’s planet Earth or not, and within this range are about 8 sectors.

After you’ve been recovered and put back into the base you start at, you get some dialogue and options that define how you start out, bit down the road it doesn’t mean shit anyway, either you can get a callsign, or number as many mechminds got, or you can put in your own nickname, then you’re asked to select a ‘class’ or profession, which is Trader, Courier, or Warrior, this doesn’t matter, as it only gives you a newbie glider that fits that profession, trader is slow and bulky, but can carry a shitload, courier is light and fast, and warrior is, well… hard and armored.

After that’s done, you get a message from Arion, or ARIO, can’t remember, and he tells you a bit more about the main storyline and plot in the game, which is pretty ‘original’, i put it like that since i get a strong feeling that i’m being told about the Machines from the Matrix’ story, you kinda get that feeling while playing, and i find it to be rather cool point of view.

Basically he tells you that there’s 5 generations of Mechminds, you as the player being the first mechmind out of 13 total, of the fifth generation.

All the fifth generation mechminds are more advanced than their previous generations, thus making them able to do things, the previous can’t (duh) but mainly they can create, and operate clans, which the other mechminds are too stupid to be able to do.

Now i can’t exactly remember from this point out, but he explains a bit about where you fit into all of this, and that he’ll be the first fifth gen mechmind to join your clan as soon as you gathered and convinced 9 other non-5th gen mechminds to your clan, the dialogue is shit at this point, since the first time you talk to ARIO(n) he says “i will now self-destruct and you can pick me up” – which he doesn’t, but that’s probably the worst case of bad translation i’ve found so far, it’s just a bit confusing.

So the way you get those other normal mechminds is either;

A) Destroy their gliders, then slowly ‘hover’ over their mechminds on the ground, to shovel them into your cargo hold.

B) target them with the tilde key (to the left of your number 1 key) and you’ll be presented with some dialogue options, if you have enough energy, you can simply ‘convince’ him to join you instantly.

Option B is good since they’ll already have their glider, whether it’s a trader or warrior (don’t think i’ve seen the courier) they’ll keep on doing what they do, trader goes about his business.

What i’d suggest is just pick warrior class from the start of the game, go talk to ARIO(n) and go smack up 9-10 gliders, scoop up 10 mechminds, and convince them in your cargo hold, just press (H) and click on them, select convince, you can switch between mechminds and regular cargo-junk with a tab there is, after that, talk to ARIO(n) and he’ll really self-destruct this time, scoop him up, and go find a empty base.

Once there, click on the Cluster button, and take all your mechminds and ‘ADD’ them there, then bang, you got a clan, the Fifth generation mechminds NEVER leave you, the others do because they’re like ungrateful WoW pricks that’s on a constant sugar-high rush,

It’s a bit quirky here again, because on the part with clan-making and such, it CANNOT be over-explained, it’s confusing, and you have no real clue of what’s going on unless you pay attention to the small shit, so let me cut it out for you, not because the potential reader here is stupid, but because the game presents it in a shitty way, or maybe it just didn’t get translated.

You don’t need a fifth gen mechmind in order to start a clan, or take over a building, but it helps since the other lower generation mechminds in the same buildings cluster as the fifth gen, will NEVER leave it.

If you find yourself in a sector without a fifth generation mechmind (only ARIO(n) will come freely) then it’s hard, but doable, either you ‘convince’ every mechmind you meet along the way, while they’re in their glider, or you stack up a building as you would with a Fifth gen mechmind with you, but to save you some time and grief, here’s the tricks;

If you only use regular mechminds to start a clan, use a base, not a Raw Materials plant, Production unit, or Half-stock plant, they have no hangar, and cannot produce gliders, also your clans economy must be healthy in the base, and a empty cluster, go in there, and before you put in the mechminds in the cluster, make sure it has alot of resources to use from, if your clan doesn’t start healthy, it’ll have trouble progressing, click the Purchase tab, under trade and see (the purchase tab is what the building is wants and needs) make sure it has lots of resources, if the background is green, it means you can go find that resource in that sector and you’ll most likely get a good profit selling it at the base, unless it has 500+ of it.

If the base is well-stocked, then unload your mechminds, and it’s always better to have more, exit the base, and re-enter, since the time stops while you’re parked somewhere,

Now that you’re back inside again, go have a look at your new clan tab, or the network -> Clan information section, and click your clan, then find the Economy option in the main window and have a look, it should have some basic info that’s easy to understand, and then; “Glider creation is possible” and “Convincing within mechmind is possible”, or impossible, if the base you started in has a shitty economy, meaning no production going, then it can’t auto-convince enemy mechminds you bring to it, by itself, also your mechminds in the cluster will begin to just fuck off and leave you, unless you have a fifth gen mech with them of course.

Now, with those 2 options both being green, it should be easy to take it from there, everytime you deliver a enemy or neutral mechminds to any building, you get a little finders-fee, now if your cluster in your base has a good economy, and can convince mechminds within the base without you having to spend energy on it, it’s an easy way of making some cash, and gaining new troops to your clan.

An easy way to actually getting new mechminds is finding the hot spots around the sectors, it’s not a feature or a map waypoint, it’s just a thing i noticed, in every ‘fresh’ sector you join, all the mechminds from different clans seem to clash against eachother, usually resulting in a somewhat epic battle of dumbshit bots that blow eachother up, this is good for you, since you just shovel up their mechminds, and their cargo, and make a tidy profit doing absolutely nothing, now if you’ve got a base with 100% economy going, it’s even better

Also, with a base going setup right, good economy and all of that, as soon as you drop a friendly mechmind in your base, (or a convinced one) it’ll regenerate for 30 seconds, then leave your base in a glider, you can’t directly decide whether or not you want warriors, or traders specifically, but there are a simple slider system to direct the development of your clan, in that sector, which goes something like this;

Traders |——-|—| Warriors
Protection |—|——-| Attack

That’s their standard values, 70/30, and 30/70, traders keep your economy going, and the Warriors fly around and shoot shit up, but if the shit hits the fan, and no bases, raw materials plants, or half-stocks (etc) can produce anything due to lack of resources, you can get things in motion fast, either trade your ship for a cargo ship, and hope your ship stays where you sold it when you come back (you only pay the difference of the new ship versus the value of your own), or have a big cargo hold, i haven’t done the above, since my warrior class ship (Attacking) has space enough, and just start trading, if you look at for example a bases needs, like… Field Effecter, there’s a little + sign you can click for additional info, it’ll tell you what type of resource it is, in this case i believe it’s Half-stock, so you go there, and buy some of that for let’s say, 150 a piece, since the half-stock plant produces the shit, and wherever you came from needs it, go back and sell for 250, good deal, and you get the place up and running, producing additional shit for the other plants around the sector.

The other mechminds CAN do this, but they seem to pull a downs-syndrome sometimes, and not do anything useful, unless a place is stocked into the ‘normal’ range (needed resource background turns yellow)

So that’s a hefty explanation, but i hope it clears up some stuff that took me ages to figure out, also on that part, that’s the only amount of control you have over the development of your clan, almost…

You can target a friendly glider, and use the tilde key to make him follow you around, which is funny but pretty useless, they tend to be pretty stupid when under direct orders, maybe that’s just me, you can have him self-destruct with the “Take out” (translation failure) command, and he’ll be able to be scooped up, if you want to insert him in a cluster for example.

You can’t have him follow you through a passage-gate to another sector, or having him in your hold either, that’s explained in the game, they’ll be dumped back into where you came from, before you transport away.

BUT that doesn’t apply to other fifth gen mechminds, another manual fuckup, since a fifth gen mechmind makes starting clans in other sectors so much easier, they should’ve included that, you just take him with you in your cargo hold and he’ll be there when you get to another sector, ready to be inserted into a cluster for some sector take-over.

So that’s some extremely valuable information that got left out, hope it helps.

So the aim of the game, is to win (duh) in 2 or more ways it seems, either you assemble all fifth generation mechminds to Supers bunker in the first sector you start in (Desert sector) and… something will happen, or you take over 5 out of 6 of the ‘main’ sectors (there are a few others)

i’ve currently taken over 7 and haven’t run into any dialogue, or message, or such that indicates i’m where i should be, or i just overlooked it.

As i said earlier, only ARIO(n) the first fifth mechmind you meet will hand himself over freely to you, if you gather up 9 or more mechminds from the start, all others have a bit higher demands for you, there are 2 other 5th gens in the desert sector, INFERION and TARANTOG; INFERION demands that before he wants to join you, you gotta bring his combat rating down to 2, which is the number in the star i believe it is, on the target window, once you do that, he’ll join you, everytime you destroy him, he’ll lose a combat rating, afterwards pick him up and deliver him to a base, if you deliver him to his own base, he should pop back in 30 seconds or so, and i think if you dump him in your own base, it’ll take longer.

So rinse and repeat, and you got a second 5th gen with you.

TARANTOG on the other hand, is a cunt, he demands that you show him a NAMTAR Glider, which i’ve only recently found, and it’s costly, somewhere near 350k, in the Altitude sector i believe, (don’t go for that until you’ve got some guns and armor to last you there, it’s a tough place, so save it for much later).

Your first overall task is to capture the entire Desert sector, which might sound harder than it is, all you have to do is get a clan going, which is easy enough from the start with ARIO(n), and get atleast 55% sector control, then it’ll go to 100% from there, and all you have to do is pretty much nab the rest of the mechminds in the sector, if you want to.

Oh and a thing that annoys me, even though you’ve got a base going, and lots of traders for example that’s in your clan, going around buying shit, and selling it some place else, you don’t get any cash for it (energy) at all, but you have to have them in your clan anyway in order to win the game, just a minor annoyance really, but still… annoying, although you can be creative and order your traders when you see them, to destroy themselves, they’ll drop their mechmidns, and a energy crystal, and cargo if they have some, so you can just go to your nearest clan base and sell it all for easy cash, the drawback of course is, if that mechmind was heading to a place that needed the resources you just stole, the economy in the sector could break down, and it’s not good if you don’t have any 5th gens to keep things together; a sidenote is that only the 5th gen in the current base will keep the cluster in that base together, doesn’t work for the other bases or places around in the sector.

Also, base ‘cappin’ will happen on it’s own, whether you want it or not, if you’re in a sector, you got loads of money and decide to just convince every glider you see, instead of destroying them, eventually when you’re in a base, looking at the network, under clan information, you’ll see a “Next target” or “Next base target” something like that, and your mechminds in your clan is automatically trying to fill up a cluster in a base, this only happens if you’ve got something like 50 mechs in a sector without a base though, but letting them pick and chose as they want themselves if you don’t have a 5th gen with you is good, with one exception, and i explained that earlier, but now in better detail, let them pick a base, if you see they’re autonomously trying to take-over a place, take them out from that place and put them in an empty base, BASE BASE BASE! can’t say it enough, i absolutely fucking hate when they wanna take over a raw materials plant, the place doesn’t not produce anything, and the name is misleading (or i’m just too tired now to remember right), all it does, going with the description you get when you enter it, is store shit that the other plants in the sector produces, for distribution for the entire range, and it cannot produce gliders, so avoid that place, as your economy will be something like 0.2% from the start once you take it over, and then “Glider creation impossible”, in short; don’t fuck yourself over here, avoid it, save it for the very end, or leave it alone entirely.

As i mentioned earlier…. i’m sure one of Sky River Studio’s developers has been playing World of Warcraft, as a guild master, atleast enough to know what those kids behave like when they’re in a guild, and you don’t have a raid scheduled, or a teamspeak server, if you don’t have a promising setup from the start, they’ll go “lolol fuk u i leave and jion betrer giuld that ken do raidz!”, so yea, i’ve played WoW enough myself, so i got the right to bash it, so all in all, before you tell your mechminds to jump out of their gliders, to insert them in a cluster, make sure the base is up and running with plenty of stocked resources, or they’ll spend about 600 seconds (10 minutes?) trying to procure a glider, and in that time, they can be persuaded to leave you aswell.

It’s a slow process letting them do it on themselves, but seems to be best to start out stable, without wasting time trying to glue your non-5th gen mechs to the bases cluster, when they could do something better as trade, but only move them when you see they’re trying to take over a building, to a base.

Now, if all other bases (usually 4 bases in a sector) are already occupied by another clan, you can either;

A) Destroy as many of that clans gliders as possible, converting/convincing them, they’ll slowly lose foothold on atleast one of their bases

B) Buy out all their needed resources, so their productions reach 0%, which will prevent them from creating gliders, and/or auto-capturing mechminds.

Yes, they also pickup mechminds laying about, and if they bring one of your mechminds that just got his ass handed to him, to one of the enemy clans bases, and that cluster in that base can auto-convince, then you’ll lose your mechmind.

Another… thing that gathers shit laying around everywhere are the rescuers, or collectors, explained in the network’s information option, they randomly, casually fly about and pickup stuff, they’re slow as fuck so they won’t steal from you, unless you’re just as slow, or if a mechmind has been laying there for along time, i haven’t figured out their behaviour yet, but i think they randomly deliver salvaged mechminds/cargo to anybase, i’ve yet to see a cargo container ‘decay’, or vanish, so it all gets reproduced in a range

There are some other flying object, they don’t do anything but look pretty, it looks like a donut with a built in sprinkler, but it all adds to the athmosphere, which i find Matrix’ish, from the Machines point of view, which is cool.

The Sectors in The Range are fenced off with so-called Contour Fields, which is like a electromagnetic fence around the entire place, with one place in exception, i think that’s the second sector you’ll visit, since the storyline prompts you to, at this point i’ll remind you to autosave, because if you do like me, in order to discover the map in a new sector the fastest way, you’ll first go to the edge, and then follow it all the way around, to get an idea of how large the sector is, and this second sector (Toxic Swamp) doesn’t have that, it just kills you if you go too far out, but you can see where the boundary is, it looks like flashing particles of a wall, just press F5 a whole lot while you’re there, (F5 = quicksave, F9 = Quickload).

Apparently the Reckoners (which you are aswell) wants you there for some further information, and storyline advancement, there’s only 1 place in that sector, and that’s the Arlings Lab, or something, when you’re there for the first time, head North-East, you’ll see some structure in the distance, unless you’ve got distance set to minimum i think, well it’s that place, not much to do there except killing random mechminds for cargo or delivery cash, convincing them is pointless since you can’t move them out of there, or you can collect mushrooms that you can sell for a fair bit of cash at the lab, or is it research station…. anyway, that’s about it, the place is big and dull, and mostly used for storyline shit, or mushroom collection.

I myself, i’m at the point in the game where i’ve found the last 5th gen mechmind, and i think i broke the game, or it bugged or something, in the Desert Sector you’re instructed to locate an obelisk in the Tundra Sector, so i go, i find it, and Super left me an access key to the underground utilities passages, which is a weird clusterfuck of tunnels to navigate through, also something that i think never got explained, or maybe not in detail enough for you to figure it out, but if you travel down there, you’ll know what i mean, those ‘transports’ going across the big room at high speed enter and exit something that looks very dangerous, now i only bought the protection against electrical anomalies later, but i think you can enter/exit those before you have it, the transports in itself don’t hit you, they’ve got no physical properties applied to them, i found this map that explains where to go, half the time it’s true, if you look at it, A and B, and blue/green, the other half i can’t make any sense of it, if i followed directions, plus i can’t understand russian, so i don’t know what NC means, but i believe it stands for Underground Base, which by my explorations… there are 2 of down there, but Supers message said i had to find him, or information about his dissaperance from the Range (storyline crap) and all i found was the last mechmind laying down there, which wants to be inserted into a cluster, in my clans base, so i did, and i expected a message/update from ARIO(n) about it, but nothing yet, (he messages you everytime you’ve convinced a 5th gen mechmind)

If anyone can understand russian, please let me know what the text on the map says.

So right now i’m not sure… i can either gather all the 5th gens into Supers Bunker in the desert sector (Reckoners want me to talk to them ‘prior’ to the forming of the Supercluster) or take them to Supers Obelisk in the Tundra sector, or yea.. talk to the reckoners in the Arlingers research station in the Toxic Swamp, i’m at this point in the game now, alt-tabbed writing this, and i really do hope i can keep playing once i go and win the game, as it’s fun.

All in all, i find the game fun, entertaining, maybe not the best graphics, but i’ve always preferred gameplay and quality, over graphics, graphics don’t hold up a game that long, with a few exceptions where i’ve found the graphics to be appealing in a strange way, but they hold up, i like the dynamic of the A.I, even though it’s nothing that’ll make you go “woah!” it has a funny ant-farm feeling that you just like to be a part of, the game reminds me of tons of stuff that i used to love, for one the Matrix-Machines feeling, the sectors feel as big and large, which reminds me a whole lot of Starsiege Tribes, or Tribes2, and it’s got some X2/X3/Freelancer thrown in the mix aswell, for a relatively unknown developer, i’d definitely call this quality in my book.

Why can’t MicroShit, or EA-I-Buy-Your-Company Games develop quality like this that holds up more than 2 hours ?

And a few screenshots i stole from their site, i never remember to screenshot shit myself, but in this case it doesn’t matter, graphics aren’t touched up or anything, so it’s all good:

I’ll give it 9/10, only few grudges i got is the sound left/right channel is reversed, probably just me, and i wanted a bit more direct control over my clan-members, and a Rangewide mechmind tracker (forgetting where you left your 5th gen mechs without installing a Bearing in them sucks).

Music is allright, slow-paced techno, but it fits very well, i usually hate the default game music, but this is tolerable atleast, the sounds are good, in some places pretty great (when underground) but a few select weapons sound effects are down right annoying, “PEWPEWPEWPEWPEW LAZUR GUNS!!!!1112”, the weapons might be good, but i can’t stand the sound of them.

Now this has been a quite long, and possibly drawn-out blog post, since my litterary skills are shit, and i could explain things better than what i’ve done, but atleast i’ve gone into detail, i think, not sure if there’s much more to add, from my own experiences, i should/could have a forum, but i doubt this post will get attention, or atleast spark interest for further discussion, so i’ll just leave it at that, for now, unless i get all sorts of mails about this.

Have fun


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  1. eastgrove on

    Fucking underground tunnels…btw i think the mech
    from the swamp sector, the super mech just install
    and the sector is your and after that u can’t remove
    it. well i think that is one o the fifth gen…but
    can’t know for sure…i installed him in the altitude
    sector…so i really hope i don’t need him…but
    i just fucking hate the underground…still haven’t
    maneged to find the mech down there…not even
    with the map…where is the damn logic in the
    travel down there?? butabove ground yeah quite
    fun game 😀

    • Rodney Barbati on

      The super mech thingy your talking about is a Sinigr trick on you. If you install the mechmind thingy they give you, when you go to try to finish the game by creating the supercluster in supers bunker, that sinigr mechmind ends up distorting the field and taking over for the sinigr. End Of Game – you lose!

    • Anonymous on

      For anyone wanting to know how to travel in the underground – when you get the map, it has green and blue lines on it connecting the various areas. You might ask, where are the colors on the transport thingys – and the answer is, the colors aren’t on the transport thingys, the colors are on the ceiling above the transport thingys.

      Once you get this, the map actually works.

  2. Sid on

    Wow, i’m surprised someone actually found my article/blog, but that aside…

    No, that modified ‘biomech’ you got from the swamp sector, which i think is one of the Symbiots, isn’t one of the 5th gens, and it doesn’t matter where you install it either, it’s just a nice way of cappin’ a sector you can’t be bothered spending time in 😉

    (I completed the game last night)

    The map, from my own experiences is about 70% true, each end of the underground passage, where those transport ships travel to and forth, are those ventilation looking shafts with electrical looking crap coming out of, one end is A, and the other is B, it seems half the time whichever of the 2 ‘vents’ you go through matter, the other time it doesn’t, and i think it was in ST-17, or 30-35 that had a special door you had to go through, in order to find the last 5th gen mech, he’s down there.

    I think that’s what Super meant you to find, Good luck.

    • chromanim on

      actually the swamp mech is one of the 5th gen. ario tells this himself. and you will need it for supers obelisk. and about the part where the reckoners tell u to talk to them before u finish is optional and does not make a difference on the way you end your game.

    • Alex on

      What is this surprise s*it? You got 507 comments after 2 years. I’m the one that ‘surprising’.

      Very nice review. Thanks.

  3. Oran on

    Hi there! I just started the game and i can’t understand the economic (also ur bog helped me to understand a bit) what ut means the colors (green and dark green and ect) in the purchace tab in your base. and what abot other bases. and the same for sell tab (and the color red there). I don’t understand what i need to buy for my bases, what can u sell from my base and what should i buy from other bases to weaken them. Thanks 🙂

  4. Medyk on

    Hi Jam Polish. Im plaing the game for a few days. I have a few quations to, did you find a forum or somthing ??

  5. Medyk on

    Its not NC, Its PS – undergraund sectro in translation. I dont remember much of my russian, but i think its right.

    • chromanim on

      the underground is actually quite easy tbh… whenever you get into a new part of it, look to your left on the wall and you will see something written there… its NC or PS (there was one more but dont remember now) followed by a number. just use that to guide yourself through there. (a paper and pencil to draw a map yourself could be suefull cause it seems random)

  6. s3tt on

    hi folks been playing this but my tilda key dont work could someone post their default key config please?
    Just open it in notepad Ive looked htrough but find no referance to the key ?

  7. Sid on

    Thanks for that Medyk, and no, i haven’t found a proper forum yet, that’s the reason for my rather large blog entry about it.

    @Oran; the economic is presented in a confusing way, but if you just buy/sell stuff that has a green background then it’s a good price, or you should make a profit, if you wanna break down an enemy bases economy, and increasing the chance they’ll leave the cluster, you have to buy the resources in the purchase tab – that’s what the building needs in order to produce, if it’s got low resources in that section, then it’s productivity will drop.

  8. Oran on

    thanks. Is there any benefit selling things to your own base? or buying stuff? if so how can i know? I guess that u should sell to the base things that it needs, from the purchase tab. but everything there is needed or again the colours tell me if it need or not? and is there any reason to buy things from ur own base? what i really ask is how to rise my own resource %?

  9. Sid on

    Basically, let’s say you have one base, have a look under the Purchase tab (what the base needs), fill the items under that tab up, to the point where the background turns yellow’ish, and just give it time to produce stuff that eventually will be found in the Sales tab.

    There’s no direct benefit to you, selling to your own base(s), but if you get the overall productivity in that sector to 100% then it will allow the buildings you’ve taken over, to be able to auto-convince enemy mechminds in that base (not when in their gliders).

  10. Kshahdoo on

    Heya. About that map. It is titled “Proving Ground 4′ subway plan”.

    Doubleheaded green arrow – Two-ways traffic
    Green arrow – one way
    Blue smth – There are no blue streams on this station
    ПС – underground sector

  11. Kshahdoo on

    And yes, AIM series is great. Played both games quite a while ago. Wanna replay the second part but it looks like i’ve lost my copy. Need to go to 1C (game publisher) office to get one (I know some pr managers there, hehe)…

  12. Sid on

    Thanks for clarifying that Kshahdoo, just the info i was looking for.

  13. oran on

    me again 🙂 when u say “fill tha tab up until yellowish” – do u m,ean by selling to that base what it needed or is therere away to addd the items u got without selling?

  14. Kshahdoo on

    You can try to ask people from the russian forum. Just say smth like “hey guys, sorry for my english but I dont speak russian at all and your english forum is a total f***ing bulls***. I’d like to ask you for some help blah-blah”… Some russian gamers usually speak english. And developers speak it for sure…

  15. Kshahdoo on

    And as to map notes, it’s blue strings not streams. Sorry…

  16. Sid on

    I would but, even their forums registration procedure is in russian

    And judging by my hours of babelfish translation-headaches, it seems they’re basing the possibility of a third A.I.M game, on Clan Wars overseas sales, so in my honest opinion, they should have their english-speaking front covered, and atleast a proper forum, instead of that trashbin of an excuse where they allow bots to constantly spam links to shitty porn sites, what the fuck is that ?

    Not a proper way of maximizing your profits and sales if you ask me.

  17. s3tt on

    hmmm anyone? default.ini please.

    Im on my 6th re-install of the game and still no command menu??

    s3tt@.msn.com if you dont want to post it here.

    please i love this game it would be nice to complete it without have to kill everything i come across..

    Ive even reinstalled pc os incase it was my kb/language files were courupted.

  18. Sid on

    I can’t find the key either, that is referenced in the config files.

    I think it might be hardcoded into the game ? not sure.

    Hmm i just looked through the DICODE.ini file, i think that file interpets what key does what, i found my tilde key there on this line;

    DIK_GRAVE 0x29 ~ (don’t copy/paste this)

    Try and edit it yourself, punch in whatever key you want the game to respond to dik_grave or more commonly known as tilde.

    You get the idea if you look through that file.

  19. Medyk on

    Hmmm does anyone know how to join a clan other then yours ?? I have a mision in the base 2 from the mercents (dont remeber if its right) and ja need to join the seekers and bla bla bla, how do i do that and hat about the reputation wtad oses the -4.20 meen ? when i know thej like or hate my ?

  20. Sid on

    Never got past that either… it must be one of the special missions, and not one of the pre-generated 3 missions (escort load platform, deliver cargo, and go kill-and-bring-back-mechmind)

    But i suppose all you do is act on behalf of the seekers, or was it hidden ?

    Anyways, you just have to shoot up everyone else and eventually start a sector war, where all of the other clans hate eachother.

  21. Medyk on

    And wath with the reputation it is in te network in clans how dos it worok ??

  22. Acierocolotl on

    Your little review saved my bacon for certain tidbits. Let me thank you for that.

  23. Ballcan on

    I have found the last 5th generation mechmind underground. In my experience, to find it, you will have to go underground and go straight through the passage for the flying object. After you have passed the passage multiple times. Finally you may be able to see an area having white gas. And, you will be able to find the gate there. And, the last 5th gen mechmind is there.

    But for me, after I form the supercluster by either one of the two methods. The game immediately game over. But that game over seems not to say I have finished the game. But seems it tell me that the power of supercluster is control by “singir” ? And he did some bad thing and so game over. I don’t really know. Does anyone know ?

  24. Ballcan on

    After finished serveral missions from the Reckoners, there is a mission that ask me to search for the 4 Reckoner mechminds:

    The names are:




    MOXXAART<— I have found this, in highland sector

    Does anyone know where are the first 3, I have searching for them a long time, I now nearly become crazy…. Does anyone know their location?

    They should be using the same glider type. The one has no weapon but have 10000 durability that can brought in the Arling’s lab.

    • chromanim on

      just go sector by sector to any main base and go to network > and there should be a “track mechmind” feature there
      just enter their names in one by one and it should track them on your map if u install bearing for 1k energy

  25. Kshahdoo on


    Skyriver is just a developer of the game. The franchise owner is 1C – the largest Russian publisher. And i’m not sure this game had or has great sales outside Russia (not even sure about Russia itself) – still cant find a single review on english speaking sites…

    Babelfish is just a payment for the game publishing. I guess a proper localization is too expensive for games like AIM which arent blockbasters in any means. So it’s better poorly translated games than no games at all…

  26. Sid on

    I know who developed it, not sure if you’re referring to me being incorrect anywhere…

    I just saw the need to write this, since i couldn’t find any proper review of the game anywhere myself, while i think the game shines through on so many levels, that’s new and original.

    the Babelfish part is my own ventures into their russian forum, in search for some valuable information, since the manual was pretty half-baked, and most often a forum full of users revolving around what you’re trying to find, reveals so much more than a dry-written manual would do.

    As i said the game has nearly perfect translation, atleast if you don’t know about it, it will take some time before you go “Hey, this game isn’t made by americans/english!”

    It just seems like a few parts in the game, that’s supposed to hold your hands when you start out, so you can learn your way around, could’ve been detailed better, or translated better, and some parts i think just got completely left out, for example as to how you talk to other gliders/mechminds you bump into on your travels.

  27. Kshahdoo on

    As far as I remember poor manual and lack of many options in option menu was a russian edition problem as well. I had to ask developers about them on game forum.

    And I cant understand 1C marketing politics. Great games like Space Rangers or AIM didnt have any promotion outside Russia at all… Perhaps it’s on account of 1C doesnt publish games for UK or US…

  28. Kshahdoo on

    I posted a message on game forum about english speaking users and english forum. Hope it will help somehow…

  29. Sid on

    Awesome, maybe we should let them know that (omg) people that aren’t russian actually found interest in their game.

  30. Rav on

    I have just been to the swamp sector and i need to go back to nautilus, except i can remember where he was. Does he move around?

    I seem to remember i found it south of the lab but now the maps all filled in i am having trouble working out where i have been. Cheers

  31. BinarySlave on

    Better solve this mission at the end when you already have build the “super-cluster” with all level 5 mechminds.

    It seems that they are evil!
    Because there are enough hints to come to this conclusion. Or why has “Super” closed their sector?

  32. BinarySlave on

    Here is a little hint for people who just started or want to start a new game.
    For a really “evolving” game experience I recommend the following sector order: (in [] the Keys you can buy there)

    Desert Sector [Highland + Destroyed]
    Swamp Sector [Rock]
    Destroyed Sector [Tundra]
    Highlands Sector [Arctic]
    Arctic Sector [Altitude + Highlands]
    Tundra Sector [Rock + Highlands + Destroyed]
    Rock Sector [Tundra]
    Altitude Sector [Arctic + Rock]

    Why this tip?
    Because after I fully controlled Desert and Highlands Sector I went right away into the Rock Sector (with something over 800.000 in my pocket)
    and totally ruled in my tuned “Wing of Death” after buying a tuned “UHF Emitter”.
    Every other Sector besides Altitude Sector where no competition at all for me.

    I really think that the key to rock Sector shouldn’t be available that early… it really can ruin all the fun of advancing in equipment and Sector domination.

  33. BinarySlave on

    Another valuable tip for beginners.

    Making profit through “killing”:
    The most profitable missions you can get are the “Bring enemy to reset” ones.
    (The profit ranges from something over 100.000 to over 400.000 energy crystals)
    To accomplish this you have to shoot down the glider of the named mechmind several times
    until it’s rating is down to 0. Every time you shoot down a glider from any mechmind it’s
    rating will decrease by 1. After you have shot down a glider pick up the mechmind and bring
    it to any BASE (this is important because only bases produce gliders!).
    After 30 seconds the mechmind will respawn at a random place on the sector map and you can
    shoot him down again until it’s rating reaches 0 which means the mechmind is ready for reset.
    Important note: NEVER bring it to any base of yours when your clusters are able to convince
    mechminds automatically! Otherwise the mechmind will become one of your clan and you have to
    shoot down an own clan member which is bad for your own “Respect rating”!!!

  34. BinarySlave on

    Some more helpful tipps

    – After you have gained full controll over a sector and are heading to the next one make sure that you have ARIO with you to capture a free base over there. Otherwise it will be very hard to keep
    your newly convinced clan members in the new sector satisfied and they will leave the cluster!
    They will not leave your clan but you always have to put them back into the base-cluster manually.

    – ALWAYS start with capturing a free base in a new sector because only bases produce gliders.

    – Your clan will capture the rest of the free buildings automatically when it is ready to do so.

    – All you have to do is flying around picking up shot down mechminds, convincing them and to deliver them to one of your bases where you have to unload them manually.

    – Try to not shoot down high leveled mechminds you want to become your clan members yourself.

    – Every mechmind you shoot down yourself will decrade 1 level!

  35. Medyk on

    I Have only one problem… How do i join a clan that isn’t mine ??? Colud You help Kshahdoo ???

    • SPolygon on

      Same problem here. I had mission that told me I have to become member of clan, but idk how

  36. Ballcan on

    Re: I Have only one problem… How do i join a clan that isn’t mine ??? Colud You help Kshahdoo ???

    My Ans: I want to know this too……..

  37. Medyk on

    Ok, a know the answer now. To join a clan you have to go to ther building. Inside on the misions screen there is the greetings, ald under it there somtimes is join clan. I dont know yet if there are any requirements, or does it do something. If i know i’ll let you know.

    • SPolygon on

      That is in A.I.M. 1 only ._.

  38. Medyk on

    Hmm when I go to some bases at the beginning tere is something like T_L5_FANT_06 in the mision screen. Its as a mision but when i select it it only shows “get mission” I cen get it, but i dnot know what do to whit it ? Does anyone know ??

    • Clark Lawrence on

      Haha…. T_L5_FANT_06 means that you must destroy a mechmind named MORTE_ARTO and deliver it to phantom clan building . But that’s not an important mission, I think .

  39. BinarySlave on

    “T_L5_FANT_06” simply is a bug.

    As far as I know it is not any important mission which hinders you to reach the end of the game.

  40. Medyk on

    Hmmm but it’s not only one mission, there is a lot of those. Is there something that can by done ?

  41. Unreal on

    (Sorry 4 my bad english ^^)
    Someone can explain me why when i create the supercluster (with any of 2 possible ways) a video starts up saying that the “Siniger’s supercluster” is blocking my expansion so –> game over…..
    help!! 😦

  42. Sid on

    That means you win the game, i’d say the ending is kind of a ripoff, and i would’ve expected something bit more… open, after the game’s main objective has been completed.

    Maybe something along the lines of a dynamic-clan system, where the npc clans re-create, and reform, and are able to retake sectors.

    That part alone in the game is fun itself.

  43. Unreal on

    Do you really think it ends like this? mmmh…. i’ve never seen a game that ends without at least 5 minutes of “credits”….. I remember that in A.I.M. 1 there was an earlyer ending like this, with game over and no credits…. and then

    BinarySlave on August 27th, 2007

    Better solve this mission at the end when you already have build the “super-cluster” with all level 5 mechminds. […]

    doesn’t that means that after building the supercluster the game goes on?

  44. Sid on

    (I had to approve your comment unreal, don’t know why)

    Pretty sure it ends like that, i tried the 2 possible ways of winning the game, since the third bugged on me, saving just before i either put all clusters in Supers bunker, and also Supers obelisk in Tundra Sector, third option is sector capping (like 6?) and i had that already at that point, and all i got was that quick end sequence and back to main menu 😦

    Though the “mods” button on the main menu is giving me hopes.

  45. Medyk on

    Russian is always different. Maby someone will log on the russian forum and ask ?? I tryed but i cant log in, i dont know why.

  46. Ocean on

    (btw i’m from indonesia so… please excuse my bad english)

    well, lets get to the point

    tell me
    what is the best glider in the whole sector??
    n’ guns perhaps..

    WHAT THE FUCK IS NAUTILLUS???????????????

    PLEASE HELP MEE!!!!!!!!

    by the way thanks for the help!

    This game is Driving me crazy!!!!


  47. Ocean on

    me again
    does this blog still running??
    i mean.. am i not too late for question??
    well don’t bother if you can’t answer my question

    • Clark Lawrence on

      Buddy, I can answer you . In my opinion, the best glider is black namtar that can be found at altitude sector . Guns ?? Well, try to use both Uhf-Emitter and Railgun { The most efficient guns in the game that used by some of fifth generation } . The last fucked up thing that being called Nautilus . He can be found at the right side { little bit far from Arlings Laboratory } . Is that clear ?

      • Ebbpp on

        Yup Black Namtar rules, but i prefer that collison heavy weapon above Railgun

  48. Rockerosito on

    well i found this game and i like it….great history ut i think that “game over” (i haven’t finished yet but i can see why singirs win…the creators and super knew that singirs are no good for the mechminds….so maybe its not good to make them free or never use the biological thing they gave cuz that super cluster created by that weird stuff fuk ya up the game…ario itself tells u that he think is not good :D…..err…..if someone knows how to create other ways to create a super cluster plx tell me 😀

  49. Rockerosito on

    btw! tarrarcet its on altitude sector too…coincidence? i will try to run around more to see if other reckoners are there…they become sad if u destroy their glinders they want to be free 😦

  50. gorenc on

    this is one best game…i beated it long ago..ill try again….

  51. sysgen on

    I just bought this because of your write-up.

  52. Where The Fuck Is Nautilus? on

    1. ARIO – Desert.
    2. TARANTOG – Desert.
    3. INFERION – Desert.
    4. GAANTRO – Hills.
    5. TENEBR – Destroyed.
    6. MONCEBER – High.
    7. APROGUS – Rocks.
    8. VERCUS – Tundra.
    9. MORRANDO – Tundra.
    10. LOARRAT – Caves.
    11. FATALL – Arctic.
    12. ARHHAND – Rocks

  53. Where The Fuck Is Nautilus? on

    how the hell can u find loarrat cuz i cant find my way in the goddamn vents (sry for my english im romanian) if anyone can help me cuz i dnt understand the map either

    • Rodney Barbati on

      Just some help if anyone is sdtill playing this game – I just broke it out again a weeek or so ago and like it still.

      You will never see Nautilus – but you can approach where it is. Go to the toxic swamp sector (where the arlys lab is), and just fly around the eastern area (mostly over the water) and watch your notification area (the lower left side of your screen). Eventually you will see a cyan color splotch on it (cyan is like a light blue color). Home in on that cyan splotch (it gets bigger as you get closer), and you will be able to communicate with Nautilus.

  54. Where The Fuck Is Nautilus? on

    and how do i get in the swamp sector this is the one thing that caused me lots of headaches i wanna finish off the cluster of sinigr (if i can) and find that one mechimnd from reckoners

  55. Where The Fuck Is Nautilus? on

    and last thing
    the god damn reckoners
    MIRAND – Destroyed.
    TALLARCET – High.
    DERCINT – Swamp.
    MOXXAART – Hills.

  56. Where The Fuck Is Nautilus? on

    and nautilus is in the Toxic Swapm Sector or in th Swapm Sector ???

  57. Elassar on

    nautilus is in toxic swamp sector. south east of the lab. just fly araound, pick up some mushrooms and have an ey of your echolot (osziloskop).

    thanx the rest for some hints and tipps.

  58. Ryuk on

    thx elassar

  59. Ryuk on

    and to be more precis about the reckoners
    MIRAND – Destroyed Sector
    TALLARCET – Atitude Sector
    DERCINT – Toxic Swamp Sector
    MOXXAART – Highlands Sector

  60. Ryuk on

    and elassar do u know how can i find 10. LOARRAT – Caves.

  61. Ryuk on

    hes the only fifth generation mech which i cant find i only know hes in the underground or something like that

  62. Ryuk on


  63. chaitanya on

    heyyy……i have bought the original dvd rom frm the shop …but unluckyly i cant find the key ….and can anyone plz post the key for plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  64. Ryuk on

    hey guys got a question:
    if i didnt buy the game will i stll be able to find that bitch (NAUTILUS) cuz i cudnt find him and i hope its not becuz of this
    answer plz 😀

  65. Ryuk on

    satan kill it is anybody still using this satan forgotten site???

  66. Kane on

    I am, helped me a lot, but i’m impressed I’M the ONLY one who figured ut the end….

    You see, it happened in AIM 1

    You guys think that this unknown russian company made hti sgame simple, it’s actually complex as hell.

    In the end, if you follow the “storyline”, you will get the typical “game over” and “singnir (or w/e it’s name it) wings! yay!” crap, however, the game itself tells you alot.

    The real mission in the game, Is to destroy Singnir AND the Arbiter, then destroy the Range, you all might remember “travel outside of your known world” unles syou scrolled all through Super’s dialogue and the observer (or Watcher as it’s called in the game)

    And actually, about the flying fuck, it means that there’s a point in the game where you decide wether you want to leave the Range, or stick with Singir, and in the end doom the Range.

    This only happens if certain conditions are met, and in here you choose 2 things, either you fly out of the Range and fight Signir (really dull considering all you gotta do it shoot him down like 8 times) or if you want to continue the Reckoner’s misison and build the supercluster, really there’s two endings here, and you all aren’t reaching either.

    If you just form the supercluster without talking to Signir and Super (who returns on this mission), then it’s basically as if you rule the Range and thus, Signir wins since he wants all Mechminds to remain int he Range, but if you talk to Signir and build the supercluster, the game ends differently where the electric things and the portals are gone and you are the ruler of the Range, and Signir just disappears, and if you choose to stick with Super the game ends withhim creating about 8 new mechminds of the new sixth generation, which you have to convince and take them to a specific new area unlocked only at this point, and then there’s a cameo with all the mechminds colonizing the entire planet (which IS Earth) and turning it into one entirely connected Range, led by you at first, but then led by the first Sixth Generation Mechmind (called SINATRO, SINAFRO something like that) and you leave to travel the world, that’s the true ending of the game.

    Think of it as a Sonic Adventure 2 Battle game, there’s a good story and a bad story, aside from the neutral on which you gain nothing.

    I believe the mission appears randomly as you recieve a transmission from Super (like the ones you recieve from ARIO) and he tells you to go to the Swamp Sector and to the Airlings lab, which apaprently russians like to call Airlings labby, and from there you go on a search for Singnir and eventually find him, you destroy him and carry him on your hold back to the lab and you do the choosing.

    once either one of that’s done, you can go back to that save (the energy fences are gone but you die if you leave too far, like in the swamp sector) and from there you can convince all the mechminds (even new sixth gens that wander about) and sinply capture every sector, from that point on it’s pretty much all, although there’s a group of mechminds that always appear even if you comvince them, and try to capture your bases, but really that’s all.

    Now a little info.

    The RANGE is an experimental zone located in the planet (Earth), all mechmind development and testing is done in this area (they tell you this in the tutorial as a matter of fact), and the Range is monitored by Super, after the Creators (Humans) left, now in the true ending of A.I.M. 1, you “die” when you fight the Arbiter (final boss)which is the creature surrounding your totaled ship in the intro movie (the one ARIO finds exiting and constantly sticks stuff into, before blowing it up), which is why everyone knows you and why it’s the “sequel” to the original AIM 1, basically, the game itself carries from the first development of you (first fifth gen) all the way to the death of Singnir/Super and you ruling the now planet Range.

    Answering unreal, the supercluster is at the end of either of the two stories, you do that and you gain control of the range, and then you fight Super/Singnir and buil the other cluster with the new sixth gens (mentioned in the last super long and totally senseless russian post Sid quoted.

    anywho I’ve completed both AIM 1 and AIM 2, the ovrall story (completing both sides on 1 save) takes about a month, maybe more.

    So, if anyone needs help, feel free to ask.

    • SPolygon on

      How? how did u get that lab? how did u turned contour fields off? This game is my life, I HAVE TO KNOW. pls reply someone :C

  67. Ryuk on

    kane thanks for your info but one more thing! how the hell can i go to the swamp sector (swamp not toxic swamp) becuase the reckoners dont have the damn key and by the way is there a problem if the game isnt original?? maybe thats why i cant get to the sinigr??? plz answer 😦

  68. Ryuk on

    oh and by the way i got all the useless 5th mechs but i dnt wanna end the game until i find nautilus but i cant find him even though i move around like an idiot in the toxic swamp plz help

  69. Ryuk on

    kane do you think finishing A.I.M. 1 again will help me finish A.I.M. 2???? even though i hate a i m 1 pretty much because of the damned invaders and because of some other stupid clans in other sectors

  70. Ryuk on

    and when i finish a i m 2 it doesnt let me play it says game over so how the hell did you???

  71. Ryuk on

    finish i mean the 2 stupiud methods called supercluster from the obelisk and from the bunker

  72. Ryuk on

    kane i started A.I.M. 1 recently (again) even though i hate it and i doubt it will help me at A.I.M. 2

  73. Vaze on

    in what underground section is the last mechmind? this map did not help me much.

  74. Ryuk on

    ehm i forgot i think 17

  75. Kane on

    Uhh whoa lol

    Okay.. let’s see…

    In order: Ryuk.

    I believe a bad copy can mess you up, make sure you download a FULL game ISO file (not MD5, MDF OR ANYTHING it HAS TO BE an .ISO file AND MUST NOT be ripped.

    Swamp sector and toxic swamp are the same thing, it’s a game translation error

    try using the network to embed a mark on Nautilus (network > find mech, NAUTILUS, embed marking for 1k, I believe you can, not sure since I found him by accident lol

    If by finishing A.I.M. 1 you mean COMPLETELY fighting Sinigr and getting wrecked by it actually giving some sense to the A.I.M 2 intro video, it might since you complete A.I.M. 2 the same way, really.

    It says that because… well game over, you lose

    To compelte the game and comtinue playing, you have to defeat either Sinigr or Super (or I recently found out fighting the Reckoners at an earlier stage)

    If you read the information the reckoners have, about the roads, all generations and all, you get a LOT of hints about how to complete the game, for instance, roads were created because the creators (humans) once flew gliders themselves, and turns out that there are several sixth gen mechminds that are actually humans (I’d say it’s kinda odd if you ask me.)

    Yeah, I beleive the supercluster’s no use until you defeat Sinigr or Super, if you defeat Sinigr you make the cluster at super’s bunker, if you defeat Super you make it at the obelisk.

    I like both games, but the problem with most people her eis that they play and not pay any attention, wouldn’t surprise me to see half the people here actually use trainers to run through the game in less than five days, while it usually takes over a month, playing every day.

    I’m starting an A.I.M. 2 guide on another forums, I mean the ACTUAL guide/walkthrough, until it’s done I’ll be checking in here once every few days.

    for now, my suggestion: Mechminds have very complex AIs, you see them talking to you? listen to what they have to say.

    Ironically, a trader told me what to do in order to complete A.I.M. 2 lol

    Read ever single dialog, as well as every single network information you find, the reckoners are evil (or good if you side with Sinigr) but they have a lot of data and hints for the game (blame it on 1C, making a game with no apparent storyline).

    And yes, I hate AIM1 too, but heck it’s a pretty darn great game, if only 1C managed to actually translate it well, the same problem’s going on Star Wolves 1 and 2 I hear.

    • aditya on

      hey kane either i am an idiot or u’r just faking of completing the game bcuz swamp and toxic swamp are not the same and u cannot find nautilus just by searching in the network u have to look in the eastern parts of the toxic swamp sector lol

  76. Kane on

    Working on my guide:


    Still building it, but I’ll try to get it done by this weekend.

  77. Ryuk on

    thanks a lot kane 😀 the only bad part is i must find another site to down a i m 2 but who cares its a cool game and tell me smth abou a i m 1 do u hate volcano sector and the missions where u gotta go in underground?? because i DO! ty again for info

  78. borkata.94 on

    hey i would like to know what should i do in “bring enemy to reset” misions >? please tell me those are the most expensive ones and now i have one for 600000 :O help

  79. borkata.94 on

    cam on help !! you have already finished the game and i don’t even know how to finish “bring enemy to reset” msions

  80. Ryuk on

    bring enemy to reset means to bring the stupid mech to rating 0

  81. borkata.94 on

    and to do that i have to destroy him then bring his ohre(the eye)to some base (better if it’s his clan)wait for him to “respawn”(in about 30 or more seconds)the kill him again and again until his rating is zero..

    i thought that that thing that is in the star when you “tab” someone is his power or some shit like that but not his rating. What ever, so to take dose 600000 i have to kill him 8 times>???? For example if he’s level 8.Now i am in altitude sektor and there the min rating i saw is 5 ….

  82. borkata.94 on

    hey please someone help me.. am i right?

  83. Ryuk on

    u know theres another way but u need trainer for that u can use the infinite crystals convince him then destroy his glider get him to his base then wait for him to respawn then kill him again and so on til 0 http://www.megagames.com for trainers

  84. Kane on

    yeah, I hate that frigging sector, and bring enemy to reset, really means reset him, or kill him until his rating’s zero.

    As for convincing-destroy, usually that works, but it’s a lot more fun to shoot the guy down, since usually they say stupid stuff.

    anywho feel free to post on the guide (link on one of my posts above)

  85. Kane on

    oh yeah, you can download A.I.M. 2 here:


    ignore everything just download the game using USD or any download manager.

  86. borkata.94 on

    thanks for “bring enemy to reset”tips
    i think that you can dawnload the game from zamunda.net too but i’m not shure you can see if you want i am too busy playing 😀

  87. Vaze on

    Getting into undergound station 17 is almost impossible. I cannot move to 33 from 23. 33 and 32 are blocked. How can I do it?

  88. Vaze on

    MIRAND and DERCINT are NOT in the RANGE. I walked all the sectors and nothing. One big nothing. Other two can be found.

  89. Ryuk on

    actually if u look upper ull see where are mirand and dercint u just gotta search like fuck because i found all 4 even though i got angry as fuck and i also found loarrat even though i insulted like fuck

  90. Ryuk on

    here are the retarded reckoners again
    MIRAND – Destroyed Sector
    TALLARCET – Atitude Sector
    DERCINT – Toxic Swamp Sector
    MOXXAART – Highlands Sector

  91. Ryuk on

    damn it… kane maybe u could tell me a site where to down a i m 2 clan wars cuz the sites i found wont let me and im searching an ISO just like u told me

  92. borkata.94 on

    Hey, can you please tell me something more precise about nautilus’s location?I red upper and it says south east of the research laboratory..I surched for long time and still nothing? And what should be the color on the indicator when i have found nautilus?

  93. RYUK on

    kane did u have the mushrooms from the arlinghs lab when u found anutilus??? and did that mech rly tell u where nautilus is?? sry but i doubt but i started convincing the stupid mechs from tss in case onell tell me

  94. RYUK on

    kane theres smth else i dnt understand
    i finished A I M 1 and there it said that the 6th gens appeared but they cant rly be called mechs and now u tell me that a 6th mech appears in the range and helps u?? because if i am not wrong the 6th appeared in the outer edges and (this made me freaking angry) in a i m 2 u cant go in the outer edges so where the hell did they get in the desert sector since thats the only gate to outer edges (ISNT IT?????) and about sinatro or whatever his name is in what sector does he appear toxis ss or desert sector???
    oh and last thing do u have any ideea what the fuck happened in the swapm s (the sinigr)??? cuz i took a save from a site with a guy who found nautilus and u know he tells u to talk to the sinigr i wnet out and WHAT THE FLYING FUCK HAPPENED??? radiation everywhere (thats y the mechs dnt return if they go there) and if u know tell me plz!! i think that happpened because of nautilus cuz if u remember in a i m 1 u had a mission in swamp sector with a base destroyed by nautilus?? i think that happened there but i dnt understand how can the sinigr survive ( of course believing they still use gliders) damn there r so many things i dnt understand in a i m 2 a i m 1 was easier even though the arbiter annoyed me as fuck cuz it took me many weeks or even months to realize he was in the deepest place from that stupid lake but that doesnt matter for now i just wanna find nautilus and if u dnt mind can u tell me what nautilus tells u when u find him second time (u know when the sinigr tell u to talk to nautilus) and how the hell does the game end?? yeap i think i wrote enuf rofl

  95. RYUK on

    damn it u died again or did nautius iradiate ur brain???
    freaking answer some1 plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Ryuk on

    and kane what did that mech tell u?? (how to end the game!)

  97. RYUK on

    kane i doubt that “POLYGON 4” is on planet earth….
    assuming it would be on earth tell me where on earth can u find “The Outer Edges” or smth like it or the volcano sector cuz theres no such place like volcano sector and actually im happy it doesnt exist in a i m 2 i fucking hate it…
    anyway doesnt matter just plz answer my questions and maybe ull finish ur blog or whatever is it

  98. RYUK on

    can anybody translate whats here plz cuz i dnt have a slightest ideea about russian plz

  99. RYUK on

    for the lucky bastards who found nautilus:
    do u hear smnth like a bzzzz or close to it when nautilus is near u???
    and to receive the signal u must move very slow or stand still????
    cuz i heard that sound but i think i wasn t in the center cuz he didnt send the msg and anyway i was moving 2 fast
    plz help

  100. RYUK on

    oh and kane 4get what i said about polygon becus as u said its in the future so satan knows whatll happen to earth in whatever year the game is taking place

  101. borkata.94 on

    wowww most of the names you are using don’t remind me of anything and i am searching for nautilus to!..what the fuck>?
    i’m not even listening when i’m playing 😀 maybe that’s the problem 😀

  102. RYUK on

    borkata i know this aint the best thing to do but i went to the game`s settings and moved nautilus in desert sector so i can find him easier

  103. RYUK on

    but guess what?? cant find that fucking CREATURE u gotta have a lot of madafaking luck to find him

  104. RYUK on

    i quit searching nautilus until i find a site to download a i m that of course unless i wanna go crazier then i am already

  105. borkata.94 on

    :D:D i didn’t knew that you could move nautilus’s location .
    I can try to move it to another sector too.:D It might work.
    Maybe t6he problem is that i don’t have the original game.What about you>?Now i’m just taking over sectors.I already have 3 sectors under my control.I’m Ubgrading my ship and destroying everything in my way:d It,s refreshing after so much hours in school.And about nautilus…I don’t
    know what to do..i’ll be missing few days and i hope that you’ll find a solution to the problem til i’m back.

  106. RYUK on

    well u can move him in the games`s settings at data->config->objects but im not sure if itll work cuz i dnt think it worked at me and about 5th gen and sectors i have all of em so ill just play the first a i m and search nautilus from time to time even though i doubt ill find him becuz i dnt have the original either :((

  107. RYUK on

    oh and borkata do u have loarrat???? cuz the map is good i got him but u gotta hava luck just like when searching nautilus

  108. RYUK on

    crap i dnt think ill finish a i m 1 soon im in volcano sector at the undergroung mission and i also gotta search for the first and get the information analyzer
    too bad i cant do that unless i finish the mission (which i fucking hate) becuz it has TIME!!!

  109. RYUK on

    and i think that the only mechs who can help u find nautilus r the 5th gens since the 6th gens r in swamp and swamp is a mess (radiationd as hell) but the prob is u cant see the madafaking reckoners cluster so u cant get them a glider so fuck!!!!!
    and for the ones who think in a i m 1 or even in a i m 2 ur a reckoner theyre idiots ur not a reckoner and never will since only 4th gens can join reckoners

  110. RYUK on

    fucking underground… if u think a i m 2 underground is hard play a i m 1 then play a i m 1 again and get the mission with going to the underground i keep falling in a stupid electromagnetic anomaly idk y my glider just went in it… and even worse i have another mission with the underground… at least they pay well =))

  111. Kane on

    Uh what the flying fuck???

    Ruyk, and everyone else, I’m more active on my psot about A.I.M. 2, I don’t get on this page all that much now, so that’s why I’m not so active.

    Sinigr is the causer of the radiation, the good news it that eans you’re going for the real ending.

    Th e6th gens appear ont he “outer edges” on AIM1, to get them, you need to wreck down the contour fields and travel freely among everywhere, you can see them in the toxic swamp, but you do need HELL GOOD anti-radiation system (and a trading glider) or infinite health.

    the reckoner’s cluster appears after you speak with Sinigr for the second time.

    Any other questions I can’t answer atm, please post them on my guide


    Oh, and in the end Nautilus tells you to go talk to Super, who appears in the altitude sector (he has a freaking black Namtar O.o) And the Sinigr pop up with the reckoners to attack him, luckily you get ALL of the 5th gen mechs already on their gliders helping you out on that fight, but it’s ahrd as hell, since Super plays god and takes on most of the force, once that’s done you go back tot eh toxic swamp and Super creates an energy field to protect you from the radiation, and takes you to the Arling’s laboratory, where it blows up and a mechminds flies out and falls in a small stream nearby, Super tells you that’s his best mechmind yet (a prototype of the 6th gens) which is Sinatro guy, you gotta search for him alongside the other 5th gens (which get in your way a LOT) and dodging bullets every now and then (since more gliders appear out of freaking nowhere)until you find him, then Super creates a unique glider for him (coolest thing I’ve ever seen actually)and you destroy some tank technothingies (forgot their name) on the Sinigr’s escape ship which makes it unable to leave the Range, then you FINALLY get to fly out and destroy the ship, but once you reach the atmosphere, you gotta go with Sinatro (who’s AI is incredibly similar to that of an experienced human player) and destroy the head of the Sinigr, also a 6th gen, and once that’s done the ship crashes into the outer edges, and although Sinatro tries to save you he kinda fails and gets blown off the ship, not only damaging a perfect work of art of a glider, but also landing somewhat in a similar place that you’ve been found, and you crash deep into a huge mountain alongside the Sinigr, making the maountain blow up (literally) and the game ends with the dialogue on screen:

    “This is what you wanted… The mechminds…are free.”

    And Boom (similar to a game over thing), then come the credits, a very nice “thank you for playing” screenie featuring all the mechminds of the 5th gen, super, the sinigr, the reckoners and sinatro finally colonizing the entire planet making it into a huge range.

    And apparently, there’ll BE an A.I.M. 3

    release sometime in 2010-2011

    since in the end your “brain” lies about in a hole next to a wrecked Sinigr glider with the little blue circle off, but suddlenly starts blinking and lights on again. then appears a screen similar to teh one you get with the power-up sequence at the start of the game, with the words “Reset Complete”

    And there it ends.

    Anywho, any questions please post them on my guide, as I usuallly forget about this place lol

  112. Geoffrey on

    Nautilus is located in the EXACT center of the toxic Swamp sector, he does, however, move REALLY fast, so you need a fast courier ship (preferiably the one ARIO has, you can get it in altitude) and fit it with some nasty engines (preferiably chaos drives), once that’s done listen for the buzz, once you start hearing it STOP your glider and sit still, the buzz’ll move from the left to your right speaker slowly, and eventually you’ll hear it a bit louder, slowly rotate your glider to the direction the buzz comes from and eventually, you’ll get shot at accidentally by Nautilus, from then stand still, DON’T MOVE. He’ll get closer to you and eventually recognize you, he’ll spend like 20 minutes giving you shit on how he has missed you (Nautilus’ your robotic GF apparently) and eventually you’ll get his (or her) transmission with what to do next.

    A.I.M. 3 Is coming! Reset is good =)

  113. RYUK on

    damn cuz i got a freaking tornado what do u reccoment the lightning or which>>>??? and thx so much kane
    and geoffrey i got chaos drive on my tornado but wasnt the arling lab kinda in the midle???
    and kane hope u red what the observer is so u can change on ur blog
    and about the distresser (ario`s glider) has a shitty handling thats y i dnt use it

  114. RYUK on

    oh and i got another prob im playing on a shitty Pc cuz my dad took the other pc so now im playing a i m 1 even though now i know exactly where the observer is but ill have a prob in the edges finding the freaking lab

  115. RYUK on

    kane when ull enter i found an ISO i didnt wanna post this on ur blog becuz no1 cares in the end lol

  116. RYUK on

    the nicest birthday present would be finishing a i m 2 (my birthday is on 21 happy birthday me =))

  117. RYUK on

    where can i get chaos drives???? and i got dragon (which is high-speed) but i have vacuum engines

  118. borkata.94 on

    i have vacuum too.the’r nice. I wanted to buy some engines from tundra sector which are 100000 and 150000 but the would not fit my ship althought i had enough money.And i don’t think they were chaos drives That is just shit.Now i’m spending some money for ubgraded ario ship (1200000)So i will search for nautilus where Geoffrey says but i remember that someone in the beginning of this forum sayed that nautilus is sought-east of the lab and the center of the sector is not there…..

  119. borkata.94 on

    this game is very crazy 😀

  120. RYUK on

    borkata i took a save from the net with a guy who had distresser (ario`s ship) and its controlability just sucked and if u want dragon u can get it in altitude sector

  121. RYUK on

    borkata the chaos drives r in tundra sector i just got em

  122. RYUK on

    man fuck nautilus

  123. borkata.94 on

    :D:D in tundra? i’m there now i can pick them up. I think i’ve got enough money.And about nautilus you’r right fuck the stupid thing!! 😀 And about the saves in internet…Can you please give me link?I can search but who knows if it’s gonna work from the first time and i’ve got problems with my computer.I don’t want to bug it even more.:S 😀 Why don’t you give me your skype? My is borkata.94

  124. borkata.94 on

    it’s cool to discus here but it’s much easier in skype we all can solve our problems with the game in one night.

  125. RYUK on

    ehm borkata 2 little probs: first i dnt have skype and 2nd (its easier though) i gotta find that site asgain 😀

  126. RYUK on

    but if u want my yahoo is obrejan_valentin

  127. RYUK on

    borkata im taking another a i m 2 from piratebay.org try to down it from there too even if it might be a waste of time cuz i didnt finish it yet but ill finish it soon and tell me smth else in skype can u send saves cuz ill send u my saves????

  128. RYUK on

    nvm i made a skype and added u now u just gotta come on and ill send u where i am and that save with that guy even though i changed it a little meaning he had distresser i put an armadilo and he only got 3 or 4 5th gens
    i got em all now im fucking nautilus… or he fucks me??? idk i think he =)) :)) roflol

  129. borkata.94 on

    ohh RYUK i’m sorry i’ve been missing again but i didn’t have keabord so where are you? I turned my skype on.The game is crazy. After those 3 days i haven’t been playing…i’m now checking that site you gave you can tell me if the game you dawloadet worked>???

  130. RYUK on

    the game worked but idk if nautilus is there becuz i didnt rly go to tss
    and that means that the game i had be4 cud have nautilus too but i didnt find him becuz u gotta search him like hell and im 2 lazy for that

  131. borkata.94 on

    :d So now what>? oh there is another problem.I can’t buy the caos-drives in tundra.Thats very shitty.Maybe the problem is that my ship is from onother sector but i really dougth it>?
    You said you both them.How did you do that>?tomorrow i’ll enter skype again if you are here write to me and we can try to send saves.

  132. Kane on

    I have been without a keyboard, too.

    My yougner sisyer spilled orange juice all over the thing, I fixed it but it’ss till kinda creappy.

    Lot’s of typos, but here goes.

    Chaos drives can’t be installed without a chaos generator which is a glider add-on.

    Dragon’s pretty decent but the fastest’s the Distresser, and yes it has sucky handling but I can pilot it with zero problems in terms of handling.

    Nautilus isn’t in the center,the arling’s lab is, Nautilus is located south east of the lab, basically follow it straight untilt eh edge, and back, eventually you’ll run into it, I just did it again and He appeared there, as usually I start uncovering the map from the lower right corner all around and finishing on the lower left corner of the map, and then heading to the lab, which would explain a lot on how I found him.

    Ryuk, try using these keywords to search in google:

    “A.I.M. 2 Descarga Megaupload”

    without the quotation marks of course.

    if you don’t like megaupload replace “Megaupload” with anything else (i.e. “Gigasize” or “Rapidshare”)

    It’ll give you a lot of full ISO files.

    Torrents = bad, incomplete games

    I’d send you guys my save, on which I got the game on teh final part, problem is, I got four shitty mootherfucking trojans killing my hard drive, and WIndows, so I gotta format either today or tomorrow, and get a new hard drive.

    but I discovered a great way to find nautilus, but to do so, you need (and I mean NEED) to have Windows XP SP2, at least 1.5GB RAM and AT LEAST An Nvidia GeForce 7500 graphics card 512MB, that nifty card will add reflections to the water in toxic swamp, meaning you can see more stuff. Basicaly, Nautilus hides aorund to your eyes, however if you can spot his reflection in the water, and drive close to him, he’ll eventually talk to you. I discovered this last night.

    If you guys want I can give you my MSN adress, of course that’ll be until after I format this thing, that stupid trojan changes my hotmail webpage to some cheap por site.

    as a final note:


    Now I’ll go search for a NfS Most Wanted download link, and save it on a USB.

  133. Kane on

    Hang on, Ryuk, I beleive you mean the obelisk, I have added in what the Observer is.

  134. Leo on

    Get me a working ISO Rapidshare download of Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Don’t care if it’s normal or black edition) and I’ll get you guys a map of toxic sector with the exact location of Nautilus.

  135. RYUK on

    tyvm kane but ill still insult nautilus til i find him lol and borkata ur ship doesnt need to be from the same sector i dnt remember where i got dragon but i think it was in altitude cuz if u remember there r a lot of free ones with dragon in altitude and this means kane was right and u need chaos generator even though i dnt remember where i got mine

  136. RYUK on

    my yahoo is obrejan_valentin@yahoo.com and msn can talk to yahoo and i got a skype too which is ryuk_light_666 and kane i got a shitty pc with only 512 mb ram and except the rams i got everything

  137. RYUK on

    guys i know where to get a nfsmw working but i dnt have ur ids or msns

  138. RYUK on

    its a little changed meaning some cars differ and the acceleration top speed and handling differ a little but its a nfsmw

  139. RYUK on

    damn it i hate this fucking race and my dad he took my good pc and now i gotta play on a piece of shit and a i m moves like fuck how am i suppoused to find nautilus????????????

  140. borkata.94 on

    😀 😀 thanks for the tips about the caos drives. I just both them 😉 my pc is good and i have 512 video but my ram is 1.25 😀
    i’ll try searching for nautilus like you said. I hope it works. RYUK i will add you in skype.About NFS…Don’t ask me the last NFS i played was hot pursuit 2 😀

  141. borkata.94 on

    (angry) the fuckin nautilus thing just wouldn’t let me find it !!!!

  142. RYUK on

    borkata u got the a i m from the site i gave u?>??? even though i doubt itll help u need a lot of freaking luck

  143. borkata.94 on

    i surcled aroud the fuckin sector for 1 hour and still nothing!! :@ i’m now circling sectors doing nothing all because of that stupid nautilus thing.LEO PLEASE HELP.If you have the exact location of the fuckin thing,give it to us. Bitte, please

  144. borkata.94 on

    RYUK,enter your skype and you should receave my messages.

  145. borkata.94 on

    Of course if i am on-line too,but i’m in skype every day in the evening.

  146. borkata.94 on

    In my aim i have reached to some level of development and i don’t intend to download someone elses saves.i ve got only one problem for now:nautilus..

  147. Kai on

    Try zig-zagging the sector, It took em a while, but I found Nautilus that way, just drive up from south to north, then back down, eventually you’ll run into him.

    By the way 1 hour’s not enough, it takes at least 2-8 hours just to find him unless you’re lucky like Kane :p

  148. Kai on

    Let me redownload and reinstall AIM 2 and I’ll give you guys the map! ^^

  149. RYUK on

    men i doubt some1 has an exact map of nautilus`s location becuz he moves all the freaking time

  150. Vaze on

    I have found nautilus for 3 times on the same place. south-east from lab on a small hill or near. ehm…maybe because i have the original game…not a copy 😀
    I just need to find some mechmind in the underground. but it cant be crossed even with map. so I dont know what to do. can someone put here a save after this underground shitmix please? I can give a map of nautilus’ location.

  151. Vaze on

    so there it is: http://img25.imageshack.us/img25/129/aimii2009022817352100.jpg

    upper-right corner – arlings lab
    green shit – nautilus +- 2 meters XD

    so…now I need the save after finding someone in the underground. and if it is possible…save after finding 4 fuckin’reckoners. 😀

  152. Vaze on


  153. RYUK on

    tyvm vaze and for the reckoners u have to search em alot of time if u look upper ull see where they r
    and its pretty easy to find loarrat (underground mech) for me it was hard to get out from level 17 where he is lol

  154. RYUK on

    vaze if u want a save with both the reckoners and the mechs from 5th gen gimme ur msn or skype cuz i got the reck and 5th but i cant find madafaking nautilus
    oh and u like transformers??? (ur name made me ask that)
    anyway i like em

  155. borkata.94 on

    wowww that nautilus map… i’ll immediately try it! hope it works,cause i’m getting bord circling around sectors.thanks
    vaze.i’ll say if i found the fuckin nautilus in a few minutes.

  156. RYUK on

    borkata are u on skype cuz i dnt freaking see u online??

  157. borkata.94 on

    ooooooooo :@ :@ 😀 😀 i’m going crazy.I still can’t find that stupid thing … and i have a map!!! 😀 What should hapen if i’ve found the thing>? Cause i saw something like a small water snake or something but it could be a reflectoin of some of the shit growing around the water.

  158. infinity on

    What must i do,when i convince all fifith-generation mechminds or capture 5 main sectors?

  159. infinity on

    Where can i find Sinigr?Nobody tells me in which sector he is.

  160. Vaze on

    RYUK, my skype is: vaze4x4

    I think in my game directory are missing maps…stations 32, 12, 17…strange…maybe for that I cannot enter them…

  161. RYUK on

    vaze thx for ur skype i added u and infinity i wont make u noob until u answer me a question:DID U PLAY A I M 1?????
    if u didnt i know y u dnt know where the sinigr r… nvm
    and now for ur questions:firstly when u have all those useless pieces of shit 5th gen u add em in the even more useless super`s bunker and after u added all of em it asks u if u wanna leave ur glider and u can say yes and no (i said no ill tell u later why)
    and second:i can see u didnt play a i m 1 becuz in a i m 1 u meet the sinigr which r friendly to u and wanted u to join them not the first
    oh and capture 5 main sectors:after u have em u can go to another useless piece of building meaniung super`s obelisk and u press on activate the supercluster
    and now ill tell u y not to activate the supercluster:
    its kinda like in a i m 1 and even though u didnt play it ill tell u what r the similiraties: in a i m 1 u had 2 options: u either chose the observer`s way meaning destroy the lab in outer edges or super`s way go to the retarded humans with a useless infopack
    the similarity is here u have also 2 ways: eother u activate the supercluster how super wants or u find nautilus and talk to him (I DIDNT FUCKING FIND HIM I FUCKING CANT!!!)
    and u can also go to swamp sector in a i m 2 but for that u need to find nautilus which is pissing me off after that u the reckoners give u a comunicator whichll help u talk to the sinigr which have a supercluster like the one super wants u to do and u shudnt go out from the passage tunnel becuz its full of radioations made by the sinigr supercluster
    and the reckoners dnt give the key to swamp sector becuz they dnt know wtff is happening there

    and vaze i dnt think ur missing some files but its fucking hard to get to level 17
    for me its harded to get out of it then to find it

    guess i wrote enuf 😀

  162. RYUK on

    and vaze i can give u my save when u get on i got all reckoners and all 5th gen including loarrat (the underground piece of shit)

  163. RYUK on

    but i cant fucking find nautilus

  164. RYUK on

    all dead???? cool!!!!!!

  165. infinity on

    I’ve played AIM1,Iknow who the Sinigr are,but I simply can’t find them anywhere in AIM2.I’ll try to find Nautilus again and see what happens.Last time I saw him,he was southeast of the Arlings Lab.However he didn’t tell me anything.AIM2 is pretty cool,but it’s very complicated.And one more thing-there’s a mission from the Mercators in the desert sector,which involves me joining the seekers.How can I do that?I’ve nearly destroyed all of them.O-where can I find the Arbiter-in AIM1 or 2?In AIM1 I’ve been in the outer edges but Icouldn’t find it.What exactly is the arbiter?Help!!!

  166. infinity on

    I have all 7 sectors under my control,i’ve convinced all 5th generation mechminds and put them in Super’s Bunker and I found Nautilus,but he doesn’t transmit any messages to me.I still have the device,which protects me from his powerful signals.I now know where to find Nautilus all the time-normally he is southeast from the Arlings lab,but i found out that he moves north as well.So if you can’t find him southeast,go straight east or north east from the Arlings Lab.

  167. KIRA on

    still me (ryuk) but i changed my name so i can see this on my other pc
    so if u wanna know what the arbiter is give me ur msn/skype/yahoo id
    and in which a i m u were in outer edges in a i m 1 or a i m 2???cuz in a i m 1 u cant go to the outer edges til u talked to the arbiter unless u use a trainer or u have a very good armor (like that shield super gave u)but for that shield again u have to find the beholder the arbiter sent to polygon-4 (the planet u r on)
    and now back to a i m 2… crap cant rly remember what u had to do
    so after u received his message u had to go to the arling`s lab then press the network buttonif nothing happened the u shudve gone to any of ur bases wait 10 hours then take the infopack to the arlings lab where they tell u idk what then they shud give u the comunicator and the key to swamp sector then u talk to sinigr they tell u they wanna talk to nautilus too but nautilus has to destroy a piece of the contour field and then u have to talk to nautilus again and after this idk what since i didnt rly find nautilus i took a save from the net thats y i know this
    oh and about a i m 1 the beholder is in the midle of the lake theres a hole (actually it isnt hole i just cant find the word right now) and there is the beholder) and ull recognize it from those lights that come out of him
    and how the fuck did u go in the outer edges in a i m 2 cuz i cant??????????????
    anyway quit searching the arbiter in the outer edges in a i m 1 in the outer edges theres the creators lab which u have to destroy after the arbiter or go to the humans after super (i reccomend destroying it even though in a i m 2 that doesnt matter becuz a i m 2 believes u destroyed the lab even if u didnt destroy it
    hope i helped u
    oh and about talking to the sinigr as i said be4 dnt go out of the passage tunnel cuz theres a hell lot of radiation and anyway u cant talk to the sinigr if ur outside the lab (i tried it believe me)
    and i have an a i m 2 took from a site so ask urself why cant i find nautilus lol
    but at least a i m 1 is original nad its cool except the fact i have the black players on me 😀

  168. KIRA on

    damn i simply cant find a way to go to the outer edges without talking to the beholder

  169. KIRA on

    and in a i m 2 u have the coordinates of the beholder on ur map only it has the name “watcher” and its only a message since he left the range just like super did

  170. infinity on

    I’ve already met the Beholder in aim1.I’ve gone outside the range and i’ve destroyed the Creators’ Lab.What i can’t do in aim1 is destroy the black players and the Wild Ones(in the Volcano Sector).When I’ve destroyed all in the sector,their rating is still higher than 2 or 3.What do i do?

  171. infinity on

    My e-mail is lyudmil_filipov@abv.bg

  172. KIRA on

    firstly u cant destroy them or at least i dnt think u can
    and secondly what messenger r u using??????
    cuz i never saw that e-mail

  173. KIRA on

    and if u did finish a i m 1 then what the hell u wanna know cuz i simply dnt understand????

  174. infinity on

    When i say that I’ve finished AIM1,i meant that I’ve reached the Creators’ lab and did both endings of the game.I didn’t say that I’ve completed all the other missions.Oh,by the way…I found Nautilus again,but he didn’t transmit any message to me.So I went to one of my bases,waited 10 hours,returned to the reckoners and I still didn’t get the mission to find the Sinigr.I think I’m missing something.Oh,and what about the mission with the seekers I asked about?Has anyone passed that one?I’m not sure you can join the seekers,because you already have your own clan.I think this mission can only be done before the creation of my clan.This game has so many mysteries.It took quite a long time to find LOARRAT.I didn’t know where everybody else found the map of the underground,but Ifound him without it.I wonder if there’s anything to do with the humans in the Arlings’ Lab.Maybe they’re just there to make the game more interesting.

  175. infinity on

    I still don’t get how to meet the Sinigr in person.Some say that before i activate the supercluster,i have to find the Sinigr.I’ve been to the Swamp Sector,but after freeing the Sinigr,the only message there is in the passage tunnel is that the Sinigr are greatful for what I’ve done and that I should “go ahead”.What I want to know is how to get the mission from Super,which involves me returning to the Reckoners and finding the Sinigr.SOme say that Super returns tothe Range and creates the sixth generation of mechminds,which you have to convince and bring to a special place.These are the things I still need to do.At the moment I have all 5th generation mechminds in Super’s Bunker.What I find weird is that ARIO tells you about each 5th gen,but he doesn’t say anything about about LOARRAT.This game is seriously complicated.By the way,out of curiousity-what are the names of your clans.I named mine infinity.

  176. infinity on

    In AIM2 i tried to get to the Outer Edges the same way I did in AIM1-by using the exit,which is protected by the unknown hazard.However it turned out that in AIM2 that building is destroyed and can’t be used again.The radiation there was weaker,so with a bit of protection I managed to reach it.Too bad it doesn’t work.I’ll keep searching for a way out of the Range in AIM2.

  177. infinity on

    There’s one more thing.One of the Reckoners’ missions asks me to gather information about the contour fields in each sector.After finishing the mission,the Reckoners say that I can read the report about the information I’ve gathered,but I simply can’t open it.I was wondering,if that report contains information on how to get out of the Range.

  178. RYUK on

    so idk if i can answer all ur questions but ill try
    firstly im 2 lazy to find a name so my clans`s name is the-fifth-ones and im fucking angry i have to use the lines space wont work in game
    secondly i believe the exit was destroy in a i m 1 when u destroyed the lab
    thirdly i cudnt read the info from that mission either even though i wanted to read it too
    about the sinigr idk if u will meet em in person but anyway for now ill search the original a i m 2 cuz i have a copy and i think this is the reason i cant find nautilus meaning i cant help u about this
    and lastly i think u shud search super in altitude sector becuz if ull read upper at kane ull see how the game ends even though i cant say if its real or not since i cant fucking find nautilus
    and in swamp u wont survive neither with trainer neither with a trader glider neither with the best portection u can find its simply too fucking much radiation
    and about the seeker mission i also had it but didnt know how to do it either

  179. infinity on

    Thanks for the answers.I have my AIM2 from zamunda and it works perfectly.I know I’ve asked this before but is there any way,in AIM1,to pass the missions of the Careers and Watchstones,where I have to reduce the rating of the Black Players and Wild Ones below 3 or 2.No matter how many I destroy,their rating always gets back to normal and to make matters worse,there soon aren’t any of them in the sector to destroy.Their rating simply returns to the previous one and higher.I managed to get the rating of the Black Players to 2.36,but I couldn’t do any more.I may not have met the Arbiter,but I found some info bout him.Since I have the original AIM1,it also came with abook with instructions,where the story of the game is explained.When the humans became allies with the Arlings,a galactic war broke out.Different rases fought for galactic domination and the humans were involved.After years of war,the different rases became more technologically advanced and they nearly destroyed each other.And one day-everything disappeared.An outside force appeared and wiped out all races,their technology destroyed.The developement of allraces was returned back to the Stone Age.That “Outside Force” was the Arbiter.He(as it says in the book)is the symbol of the galactic superintelect,aiming to preserve life.He has unimaginable abilities over energy and space.He only did what he did only to save the races.Physicaly the Arbiter is a heaping of a superintelectual field,directly conected to the informational levels of the galaxy.It knows everything that happens,has happened and will happen.The Arbiter can use resources from stars and the galactic core.In other words-nothing can stop it.Although all planets were affected by it,there was one that wasn’t-the planet,where the Range was built.But it hadn’t forgotten about the planet.The Arbiter “separated” itself into Watchers and they settled on all affected planets.One stopped in the Range.There was a supercomputer in the Range,which in time started to think on its own.Its goal-to develope technology.It used the information,left by the humans.In time Super realised that the technologies,which must be made better,are robots,whose main operational principles were like his.But these robots couldn’t think on their own-they had no consciousness.After a few years had passed,Super created a few robots.They weren’t exactly robots,but powerful nanocalculating modules,consisting of a colosal memory and an independent energy core.The module was placed in a very powerful box,which is almost impossible to destroy.That was to avoid the recreation of the Mechminds,so when their gliders are destroyed,they’re simply placed in a new one.And so began the Mechminds.Some formed groups,which had common goals,others did their things alone.They recreated the Range and found good use of the resources there.Until the 5th generation was created-you know what happens after that.
    Hope you liked the story.I had to translate it,because it was in my own language.

  180. infinity on

    RYUK,you can find Nautilus east of the Arlings’ lab,never in the west.When you get closer to him,you’ll see a blue colour on your alarm.The alarm shows the world in 360 degrees around the mechimnd.On the alarm you’ll see different colours(green-for buildings,white-mechminds,purple-mechminds or containers on the ground,pink-for 5th gen mechminds,red-shots from weapons,yellow-anomalies).There’s quite a lot of radiation in the Swamp Sector,so there’s a lot of yellow.The alarm is in the bottom left part of the screen.

  181. infinity on

    RYUK,i received your e-mail.

  182. infinity on

    My Skypename is infinityorzero

  183. RYUK on

    liked the story and mine was in eng and about the wild and carriers missions i had the carriers missioin but cudnt do it and the wild r good with me but the black players wanna fuck me
    anyway right now im close to the end of a i m 1

  184. RYUK on

    im an idiot
    ive been playing this game for 1 year and only today i realized whats that stupid thing with colours in the bottom left 😀

  185. RYUK on

    excuse me for caps-ing but…I FOUND NAUTILUS! and hes in the eastern part of the sector just as the reckoners say but tell me 1 thing

  186. infinity on

    I don’t remember what it said when I first found Nautilus,but I’m pretty sure you’ve done it.You know what must be done-go to one of your bases.There,your clan members will tell you that they all felt a strange signal.Then they’ll download the information on an infopack.I think you must wait a while until it’s done.Waiting is just not my thing so i activate my stasis generator field,in which time runs normally,but outside of it times runs more than twice as fast.Glad I could help with the Nautilus problem.Without the alarm,I’d get seriously lost.It can detect buildings,which are 3000 meters away from you and it can detect mechminds,which are 2000 metres away from you.

  187. infinity on

    RYUK,you might’ve read this above,but I’ll tell you about the Nautilus mission.It turns out that Nautilus is indeed looking for the Sinigr.When you go to the swamp sector,you find out that they’re trapped there and need a way out of the sector.And that’s where Nautilus comes in.You must find him again and deliver him a message.The Sinigr want him to destroy one of the contour field walls so they can escape.When you do that,the Sinigr are very greatful and award you with an organic modifier.When you first look at it,you might think it’s some sort of organic mechmind.It must be put into a building’s cluster and it amplifies the strenght of the quasi-mental field until you have complete control of the sector you’re in.When you do that,ARIO will tell you what it is.If you get the mission to find the Sinigr in person,please tell me.I’m checking this site every day.I tried to contact you on your skype yesterday,but I think you weren’t in.

  188. RYUK on

    no i wasnt on slype and we both have to be on
    and about the sinigr i doubt ill get the mission from them i think ill get it through the passage tunnel just like u but i wanna go to the outer edges and swamp sector the rest r booooring
    but i cant
    oh and is the contour field he has to destroy in swamp becuz i doubt contour fields can live in that radiation???

  189. RYUK on

    and if the radiation wasnt made by the sinige and theyre trapped then who made it?????????????

  190. RYUK on

    so i finished a i m 2 meaning put the bio thing the sinigr gave me and now WHAT THE FLYING FUCK do i do?????
    i canty go to outer edges and cant go to swamp sector actually i cant do anything
    right now im searching Super in altitude even though i doubt ill find him

  191. Tizu on

    Lol you must find nautilus 2 times and i make it :D:D but i didn’t finish the game i wil red once more that guy FAQ 😀

  192. Tizu on

    This is my yahoo messenger id who want to talk about AIM i will be happy surugiu.stefan@yahoo.com i wanr to contact me those who finish the game with sinigr or super destroywd pls!!

  193. infinity on

    I’m still trying to find a way out of the Range and I think I’ll need a miracle to do that.I’ve tried everything-I found nautilus again but after the mission with the Sinigr he wont transmit any other messages.I went back into the underground,thinking I might’ve missed something there,but there was nothing else in the area,where I found LOARRAT.There’s one thing i dont understand-when I found LOARRAT,if I go into the LOG,it says “LOARRAT found” in orange letters.Orange letters usually mean that a mission is incomplete.I wonder if there’s something I have to do with him.A really weird idea came to me yesterday-I took ARIO and brought him to the Arlings’ Lab.He is favored by the Reckoners and I thought something might happen.But nothing.There’s one more thing I want to try,but I might need your help,RYUK.Have you used all of the modifiers you get from the Reckoners,after completing their missions,because I sold them all for energy crystals.What if we have to upgrade our gliders so well and then get that mission with the Sinigr?I’d like to try it,but I’m a bit short on crystals at the moment.As for the Swamp Sector,I don’t think there’s anything to do there,because if you turn on your map,you’ll see that there’s nowhere to go.All you see on the map is darkness.It’s all very crazy if you ask me.But somehow I have the feeling that the answers are in the Toxic Swamp Sector,more precisely-in the Arlings’ Lab.There are lots of questions that need answering.I wonder if at some point in the game I’ll get to destroy the machines in the Destroyed Sector,which happen to be mechminds,only indestructable and with more powerful weapons than the ordinary mechminds.In the evenings I’m in Skype,so feel free to send a message/messages.I believe we’re in the same time zone,RYUK,because I’m from Bulgaria.

  194. RYUK on

    so firstly tizu:i added u in my mess list and i found nautilus twice but i think i made a fucking stupid thing meaning i went to super`s bunker with the fifth gen the sinigr give me instead of going to arling`s lab and now i gotta find nautilus again aaaaaaaaaaaaah and r u romanian???????

  195. RYUK on

    and infinity if u want i can give u a trainer so u wont care about anything especially crystals and we r in the same time zone becuz im in romania and u might be right about that thing with the arling`s lab too bad i realized it toolate and now i gotta fina nautilus again :((

  196. Tizu on

    Oh cool 😀 ryuk yes i’m from romania glad to see 😀 ce faci ? yes we are in the same time zone bulgariA and romania so ryuk when are you to give a pm some think ! sa discutam despre misiunil;e alea and how i can join to the seeker i think from there we can get out from range from that mision are others i thik !

  197. infinity on

    RYUK,do you really think the organic modifier must be delivered to the Arlings’ lab.Cuz if thats the case,I’ll find it out in a few minutes.When I first got the organic modifier,I realised it was something powerful and before I installed it,I made a save.So I’ll go and see what I can find.If there’s anything of importance,I’ll write about it.

  198. Tizu on

    Cool when i had it i conquer a sector with that but i was afraid to be somethink bad 😦

  199. Tizu on

    But it wasnt

  200. infinity on

    I’ve tried everything I could think of and still nothing.As I said earlier,i had a save with the organic modifier before I installed it.I used this save and went back to the Arlings’ lab,but there was only a message from the Reckoners that said that I must use it.No mission,no nothing.There’s one more thing I can think of,but I couldn’t do it at the moment so I need your help,RYUK.Remember that we think we’ve captured all 7 sectors.Well,I think there’s one more-the Underground.Remember that in one of the stations,which for some reason doesn’t have a number,there is a bunch of caves and there’s a small base there,which once belonged to the Hidden.Although it’s unused and has no resources,it still has a cluster for four mechminds.Since you can’t take ordinary mechminds into the Underground,take four 5th gen. mechminds.I’m trying to do it,but I get really confused in the tunnels.If you can,try it.

  201. infinity on

    RYUK,I PASED THE SEEKERS MISSION!I don’t know exactly how I did it,but I have a theory.In the game itself I don’t think you can actually join a clan.I think you can simply become a good friend of aclan.I think this is done by accomplishing every mission on their missions list and thus proving that you’re an ally.After doing that,you could start attacking other clans and they will not only hate your clan,but also the one you’ve helped.As I said earlier I’m not sure if that’s the way since I simply destroyed all the Seekers in the Desert Sector and after going to the Mercators,they awarded me with 25000 crystals.It turns out they have another mission for me and this one is even worse.In the previous I had to turn the Seekers against all other clans in the sector.Now I have to start a war between the Seekers and the Calm Keepers from the Highlands Sector.I destroyed both clans(that was confirmed by the Network),but when I got back to the Mercators,the mission was incomplete.I didn’t have time to try out my theory so if you have time,feel free to try it out.If you’ve already destroyed the Seekers in the Desert Sector and the mission is incomplete,go to the Highlands Sector and do some missions for the Seekers there.I have a feeling that pretty soon we might find a way to beat this game.And RYUK,I believe you enter this site/blog only once a day.Always get in between 8 and 10 o’clock,because I always leave at least one message after school.

  202. RYUK on

    infinity i have a “small” prob meaning the seekers from desert sector au revoir the seekers from highlands bye bye and the calm keepers cya 😀 and u r right i only enter this site once a day and u know for the underground sector u need 5TH GENS becuz in the underground u cant go with normal mechs idk y its just like the passage tunnel only 5ths allowed but idk if u can take 5ths from bunker after u put the organic modifier and i think its about the main sectors that mission so it wont matter if u capture the underground since it aint a main sector

  203. RYUK on

    and tizu lol for romania cuvinte
    and i found nautilus again after insulting a couple of billion times now i gotta sleep i mean wait 21 h for that useless idiot a.k.a.nautilus to go to swamp and destroy the contour field
    man cudnt he destroy one from desert sector???????

  204. RYUK on

    man the time passed planted the organic modifier and now WHAT????????

  205. infinity on

    I’ve been trying to pass the next mission of the Mercators,involving the Seekers and Calm Keepers.The results-so far,not so good.I have a feeling that my theory is incorect.When I pass a mission,the relations between me and the Calm Keepers slightly change.Not long after that it returns back to normal.And I can’t make the Seekers and Calm Keepers hate each other.I’ll keep trying and if I do something amazing,I’ll write about it.

  206. Tizu on

    I’m goood damn good :)) i found Nautilius in just one our for 2 times 😀 my secret luky like shit :))

  207. infinity on

    I disproved my theory about the Underground Sector.I took four 5th gens,put them in the cluster of the building in the caves,but nothing happened.I’ll have to keep trying that Mercators mission.There’s one thing I find interesting.Each clan on the Range is located in at least two sectors.But the Mercators are unique because they’re only in the Desert Sector.Somehow I’m starting to think that they might be the key to unlocking the mysteries of the game.

  208. RYUK on

    tizu i know ur secret that of course believing u found nautilus the same like me but i wont say my way either 😀
    and infinity u can try i dnt rly care ill just go in stasis and “watch” the time passing or maybe ill make some missions

  209. RYUK on

    man finding nautilus is booooring so ill tell u how i found him
    just circle the sector near the madafaking radiation field and save from time to time in case u enter in it
    i found nautilus pretty fast this way

  210. RYUK on

    pretty fast means it took me an hour to finish the game from the first contact with nautilus to the last contact with the sinigr meaning i found him faster then u tizu buhahahah 😀

  211. Tizu on

    Lock left down of the screen when nautilius appear there eil bea a light blue cyan color thath mean is nautilius lock after that !;) you eill find himm verry easy!

  212. RYUK on

    thats right but i realized that thing in left is the attention indicator only 2-3 days ago so…idiot!:D

  213. RYUK on

    man fuck this i simply dnt know what to do…..
    the reckoners-nothing
    the sinigr-we know the blah blah blah and ull go beyond the blah blah blah-a.k.a.-nothing
    observer-no llonger on the planet but i though he mightve left another msg
    SO WHAT THE FUCK SHUD I DO???????????????
    go in stasis and wait for sinigr to say smth???

  214. Tizu on

    There i was I found nautilius the 12 mechmind of 5th generation buut poc i didn’t know what a fuck to do 😦

  215. Tizu on

    Who can give me a save i lost its mine :((((((

  216. infinity on

    No matter what I do with the Seekers and Calm Keepers,I simply can’t find a solution to the problem.There isn’t any way to make them love me or hate each other.In the Mercators mission it says that I must join either one of the clans and destroy members of the other clan or take control of their buildings.After I’m done,I can “leave” the clan and go back to the Mercators.My award is unknown but it says I’ll get energy.I’m not sure that’s all I’ll get.I’ll keep trying.RYUK,since you’ve already destroyed the clans,I’d say you’re in a bit of trouble.If you have a save,which is close to where you’re now and you haven’t desrtoyed the clans in,I’d suggest you use it.

  217. Tizu on

    but you can send you save pls at my email pls ive lost mine so i must begain the game from start damn this error :((

  218. Tizu on
  219. Tizu on

    Hey i have an idea 😀 when i found lorrand super says that he trade resource for the underground base to open the main gate to get out of the range so why wouldn’t we try???!

  220. infinity on

    Tizu,I’m not sure what you mean by that.As far as I remember Super said that the mechminds should use the resources of the Range anyway they can to survive.But I’d still like to try it so I’ll inform you if I have a result.Do you mean I should sell resources to the underground base in the station,which has no number?

  221. KIRA on

    i think that station is after 30 or 36

  222. KIRA on

    and tizu im not very sure about what u said i have to find super again…i mean loarrat

  223. Tizu on

    But how did you find super or sinigr ???

  224. infinity on

    I’ve never entered a station 30.I’ve entered stations 32,33 and 36 of the 30s.Not sure,but i think there was a station 35.As for the numberless station,you can enter it through the ventilation system in the Altitude Sector.

  225. Tizu on

    what are this station what do you guys try to do?

  226. KIRA on

    ur right station 30 doesnt exist
    man i doubt the underground base is any use but i still recommnd u to go to level 17 (where loarrat is) and read super`s message again and maybe give that base some resources see if anything happens but be4 u do that be sure u have a big cargo hull becuz idk what the station wants
    oh and cud u plz tell me which is the bniggest cargo hull:the hi-loader or the survivor`s ship???

  227. Anonymous on

    black namtar 😛

  228. infinity on

    I haven’t tried to do anything in the Underground Sector.I’m still concentrating on the Mercators’ mission and so far no succes.I’ve gone to station 17 so many times now,but I haven’t been able to find or unlock anything new.I’ll try to get some cargo and return there,but I’m not sure it’ll work.There’s actually one thing in Super’s message that bothers me.It said that I can create the supercluster either with the 5thgens or the 5 main sectors thing,but it also said that there are probably other ways to do it,which I must discover on my own.I wonder if that’s true.I’ll keep trying.I haven’t given up yet.

  229. infinity on

    Even if you return back to the place,where you first found Loarrat,you won’t be able to read Super’s message again.Believe me,I’ve tried.If you truly want to understand the message,you have to remember it,cuz it’s not even recorded in your log.

  230. infinity on

    I tried out the theories.I bought some resources,went to the underground and easily found station 17 again.Nothing happened.I searched around but there was simply nothing of use there.So I went to the numberless station and into the underground base,where I sold all the resources.But the base requested for large energy condensers,repair modules and explosives.I only had repair modules of the selected.I’ll try to find the rest of the resources and bring them back to see what happens.

  231. RYUK on

    ehm infinity i meant start the game again and go to the place loarrat is

  232. RYUK on

    oh and idk what super did but still super`s super and ur smt5014

  233. infinity on

    I don’t get it.What’s that last message supposed to mean?Never mind.I’ve taken a break from AIM for a while.I simply can’t do anything else there.I’m still checking the site,though.

  234. Sid on

    I’ve started re-playing the game, seeing as my inbox gets the comments people leave here, you guys had me going for it again 😉

  235. RYUK on

    so sid do u know what to do after u finish everything??
    meaning nautilus the reckoners the sinigr and all the other stuff the organic modifier??? becuz idk

  236. Zorbak on

    (sorry for mistakes and punctuation)
    Guess What? I’m Russian.
    People, you really don’t get Nautilus just marked on the map?! In my game (licensed russian version) it’s marked and can be pelenged on the map D:
    Secondly, Kane, can you send meh (my adress is vim773@mail.ru) a list of special quests and stuff you DEFINITELY did before Nautilus told you about Super? Cuz imma sure that I lack something (btw, my A.I.M. 2 has the latest patch so it can’t be a bug).
    If you want to ask questions, ask away. I’ll try to answer.

  237. infinity on

    I’ve almost passed the Mercators’ mission and again failed.There’s just no way to make a war between those clans since I can’t join either.I’ve read the rules of the game so many times and couldn’t find anything about how to join clans other than yours.I’ve done pretty much everything else so if this mission isn’t the answer,I don’t know what is.Someone(other than Kane) must know what to do.Zorbak,I welcome you.You might be the one,who can unlock the mysteries of the game.RYUK and I have tried everything and so far nothing of importance.If you can,help.

  238. Zorbak on

    You know, A.I.M. 2 is fucking complicated. I’ve collected all the fifth gens so I can launch the cluster in Super’s bunker anytime. I’ve also taken control of the sectors super mentioned in the obelisk. Now I am doing the quest to get info about the countor fields. Maybe it DO has some useful information. Dunno.

    First of all, a few things that everybody’s asking:
    LOARRAT IS at the 17th station (the map Sid posted is OK). The thing, is some stations, for example Station 32 (which leads to 33, 36 and 12) will most likely send you to the first two. To get to 12th you have to try a few times – I got there from the 7th try. And when (and if) you reach the 17th station fly close to both walls and you will find the door – it’ll just open and there will be a small room which leads to the underground factory.
    Next, Nautilus. I can give you a helpful (I hope) peace of advice: this damnbrat is MOST LIKELY to be south-west, a bit south and quite west, from the Reckoners (or how was their name translated) Airlings lab. And, btw, really try searching him through the Mechmind search – maybe it will work.
    As I said, feel free to ask – I’ll try and answer.

  239. RYUK on

    so zorbak a couple of things:
    firstly cud u give me ur msn/skype/yahoo?
    second i found nautilus by walking near the radiation field meaning u gotta save from time to time becuz ull get into the radiation field sooner or later and mech search doesnt work
    third is super rly on the range in altitude and sinatro rly exists???
    oh and the contour field mission wont help u becuz u wont be able to read the report

  240. Tizu on

    The nautiliu is in south west then you mus run from there ti N nad South or you move low an wach the smal screen on left ,down white is the color of glider red of glider who fire ,blue of a mechmind ,cargo —>resources from a destroyed glider and the fifth mech has a violet color and big when you are close the same is to nautiliu only he has a light blue cyaen color you will find easy with that i foud nautilius in that way in 30 minutes for 2 times that was the easy mision for me !!

  241. RYUK on

    so every idiot who says nautilus is in his ass is a retard becuz
    nautilus always moves so now u find him in hell then wtff…hes in heaven! 😀 so stop saying nautilus is here or there becuz he keeps moving… my method is better u just gotta insult like hell 😀

  242. Tizu on

    There is always he is moving around :P:P:P you must just keep your eyes on that screen to ,,see” him

  243. Zorbak on

    RYUK, he’s MOST likely to be there. I am not sure, but I was really told by different people about SINATRO and Super in altitude… About the report – I’ve got the LATEST patch, so I definitely could read it (there was said that this bug is fixed). If I find anything useful, I’ll tell.

  244. RYUK on

    zorbak a little prob i havent bought the original so i have a copy in which i insult like hell and cant find super/sinatro
    cud u tell me where u found him???
    oh and what does the report say???

  245. Sid on

    So… anyone not russian here, with the english copy, that can tell me if there’s a patch for the game ?

    Also any officially released mods? again, for the english copy, their site STILL don’t have a working english translation 😦

  246. infinity on

    What’s with you guys and Nautilus?He’s completely useless after you get the organic modifier.The way I understand it from Kane,Super automaticaly transmits a message to you and then you get the mission.I’m not quite sure though what recquirements are supposed to be met in order for this to happen.Kane no longer visits this site and we can’t get any help from him,unless someone knows how to communicate with him.So far I’m completely lost.I’ve done so many things I could think of and still no results.I haven’t given up yet though-I’m still trying and hopefully something will happen soon.And seriously-Nautilus is pretty much useless until you get the mission from Super.I’ll check all the sectors again very carefully and see if there’s something interesting I’ve missed.And Zorbak-if you really have read the report about the contour fields,please tell what it says.After all,the contour fields are the only thing preventing us from leaving the Range.

  247. KIRA on

    what mission from super??
    and sid i have an eng copy but i dnt have the patches and idk where to get em from (btw im romanian)

  248. KIRA on

    men i finished sinigr/nautilus again but didnt plant the org mod and now im searching super in altitude
    cud any1 tell me where they found him??

  249. KIRA on

    guys found loarrat again received super`s msg again and guess what:from what i read assuming super didnt lie he CANT be on the range anymore since his new main mission is to find the creators and for the ppl who think they can open that gate u need some special devices and u have to use smth from the quasi-mental field cant remember what it had 2 many hard words 😀
    but anyway ill beileve this til i SEE super with my own sensors

  250. KIRA on

    anybody send an eng site for patches??? (idk russian)
    and maybe tell me what quests to do so nautilus talks u know about what??

  251. infinity on

    I’m so getting angry with this game.I’m trying and trying to make that war in the Highlands Sector,but it’s almost pointless.I’m asisting the Seekers and destroying every Calm Keeper I meet,but the relations between both won’t go below -5.00.I tried to join the Seekers by buying one of their gliders,but that doesn’t work either.There’s just no way to join their clans.Accomplishing missions for them doesn’t work either.Then I took all 5 gen mechminds to station 17,exactly where I found Loarrat,but nothing happened.There just has to be some way to unlock those giant gates.I hope the Mercators could help me if I ever pass their mission.

  252. Geoffrey on

    I need to remember to unsubscribe to this blog, it’s spamming my msn inbox.

    Anyway don’t get your hopes up just by finding nautilus, I played through my game last week and turs out that’s somewhat halfway through the game (Finding Nautilus is merely HALF the game).

    I like long games, but this is somewhat ridiculous…

  253. Geoffrey on

    Oh yeah, Super can’t go back to the Range, until you find the creators, guess what?

    Apparently, as you all SHOULD Know, the Creators are humans, and apparently one of them’s a glider.

    Look for a dark red glider that NEVER leaves the road, that’s one of ’em.

    Infinity, Kane’s on his college finals, ever since about a month ago, since this is his last year and that college is the next thing to a military school.

    Anywho I’ll see if I can get his lazy ass back in here tomorrow.

    Oh, another thing, Sinatro is in altitude, but he leaves after a while, youc an get him in altitude but if you do you can’t go on since only he can open the contour fields.

    To get him, you have to wait until he travels to all the sectors and then meet him in altitude, then go to Super’s obelisk and then to Super’s bunker, then you can get him.

    I’m lost at a part here (blamed loss of memory) but if I manage to run through this thing again I’ll try to help you all.

  254. Kai on


    Well Ryuk you;re right in the fact Nautilus is moving, HOWEVER I’ve noticed that I usually spend 10 to 15 minutes on Toxic Swamp and he’s in the same spot at the same minute, on my first time, He was south-east of the lab after I was in that sector for 3 minutes, and so was the second time I re-entered that sector thinking it might be a coincidence.

    he apparently always spawns at one place, every time you enter the sector.

    SINATRO, everyone’s favorite, Is in altitude but as Geoffrey Said, he has to travel to all of the sectors first.

    as for Super, he does actually send you the transmission with the final mission, but that’s WAY after you find Nautilus, the organic stuff and Sinatoro, in overall, the game is about 38 hours long, more or less. maybe more if you’re just starting.

    28th runthrough! :p milestone for me.

  255. Ephraim on

    A little birdie told me that something nice might appear if you complete every mission in the game, EVERY MISSION at least once.

    I shot the birdie since it crapped on my new car but I kept the info anyway.

    Once you got them missions done, Altitude has a nice view.

  256. Ephraim on

    Oh yeah, there ARE other ways to create the supercluster.

    Look in the HORIZON, THE HORIZON!

  257. KIRA on

    men u mean SINATRO has to do what every mech has to do??
    meaning he must go from rock to altitude?? that just sucks
    and nautilus send 2 signals or more cuz he only sent 2 to me
    oh and does super rly appear if u finish all the freaking missions???

  258. KIRA on

    ephraim whats that horizon thing???

  259. KIRA on

    and ephraim whats that “smth nice” u talking about?

  260. infinity on

    I’m so confused.Ephraim,please don’t speak with such mysteries as it only confuses me.What do you mean “The Horizon”?And what will happen if I pass all missions and does that include the Mercators’ missions?Cuz I still can’t pass the one with the Seekers and Calm Keepers.I searched the Altitude Sector but couldn’t find any dark red gliders or anything different from the ordinary.How long does it really take for SINATRO to do his task so I could find him?And where do I go when the contour fields are down?

  261. Zorbak on

    So, imma back. First of all, they are damn liars – the lag with that quest was NOT corrected T_T. Now I decided to restart the game and slowly revise all the points once again. I’ll try NOT to help the Sinigr to get out of the range – who knows, maybe if they’re cept in the damn swamp sector, they will not be such a bother. I just got that Idea when I noticed that, when building a supercluster, you first “absorb” the Reckoners and then you SPREAD THE FIELD OUT of the range and Sinigr messes.
    Oh, the thing Ephraim said, WTF are those FUCKING-HIGH things that you see at distance in any sector? They were not there in A.I.M. 1…

  262. RYUK on

    zorbak who knows maybe theyre field effectors (contour field) lol or maybe they rnt important or maybe ull tell me where did u find super and if does sinatro rly need to go through each sector?

  263. Tizu on

    i made

  264. Tizu on

    sorry , i’ve ,ade a forum wich has a chat but i can’t post the addres

  265. Zorbak on

    MAw, people, I’m not so stupid – those things are not field effectors. They’re far BEHIND the field an look like this:

  266. KIRA on

    man maybe they rnt important
    anyway… cud u tell me where did u find super and sinatro and if does sinatro rly need to go through each sector??
    and i think sinatro is a siniger becuz in a i m 1 i found a group of singers named sntr

  267. RYUK on

    guys what gliders do u usually use?
    i use the demon shadow and search for demon shadow becuz in a i m 1 there was so y wudnt it be here 2 (2 heavy weps 😛 cant remember where i bought it :D)
    and zorbak give me ur damn skype/msn/yahoo id or whatever u have as long as i have it 2 😀

  268. RYUK on

    ehm 4got a 2 at the second demon shadow 😀

  269. infinity on

    I use the Devil Wings glider.It’s the glider the Sinigrs used in AIM1.It’s not that heavy and has a good hold-capacity.It can only carry one light and one heavy weapon,but it can also have two engines and two reactors.I put two vaccuum engines and two collapse reactors(which are the most powerful).And the glider is organic so it can regenerate itself and I’ve also equipped it with a cellular armor,which also regenerates itself.In other words,even after a battle I don’t have to pay for repairs as everything repairs itself.And with a shield generator type IV,I’m almost unstoppable.I’ve also added a jump concentrator,which alows me to jump even higher,and radiation protection.That’s my glider.AND I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!Oh,I almost forgot-I have an emergency repair kit(for emergencies)lol.

  270. RYUK on

    i have everythingu u said but i have grav engines and do u know where can i find impulse mega laser??
    and i also had devil wings but sold it

  271. RYUK on

    ehm guys does everybody know that geoffrey lied earlier???…twice
    first he says nautilus is in middle and now ehem…a fucking human in an even more fucking dark red glider????

  272. RYUK on

    and zorbak a couple of things again(maybe this time ull answer 😀 )
    when does Super transmit the msg and where did u find him and a rethorical question:does he move (YES doesnt he in the end he has a glider lol)
    can u gimme ur msn/skype/yahoo or whatever u got?
    and assuming Sinatro finished his mission a.k.a. going through each sector where can i find him???
    hmmmmm i dnt think itll work but once u get in a sector u get in the database of the main base (this isnt available for Super but i tried it only in altitude)
    maybe ill find sinatro this way

  273. Geoffrey on

    Excuse me, RUYK, but I have not lied.

    I found Nautilus in the exact middle of toxic swamp eight times by now, but he moves around all the time, I simply accidentally left my game unattended for a bit and when I came back i had his transmission on my screen.

    Also, if you’d READ the game’s dialogues, the “creators” are humans, who created the mechminds, also when you read “The roads of the range” in teh network, it cearly states that “they were created because maybe the creators once piloted gliders themselves”, which means they have the ability to pilot gliders.

    You would do well to investigate a little more before you start attacking people who are only trying to help.

    Answering other questions, Super has a glider but way at the end, at the first encounter he’s a flashing light that goes to his bunker after you find him for the first time.

    SINATRO will only move once you’re with him, if you leave him, oh say in altitude, he won’t move from that sector unless he’s flying near you, when he’ll go to another sector he’ll say “Let’s move on” and glide quite fast to the tunnel, also you have to protect him every now and then.

    Sinatro is a Sninigr but he deffected near the end of AIM 1, and only the Sinigr know how to remove the contour fields which is why he’s the only mech that can do it since the Sinigr want control over all of the clans while Sinatro wants freedom.

    I fly Distresser with a hellload of firepower.

    The network actually can detect Sinatro, but only after you’ve found him for the first time, also it can detect Super but you have to write his name “Su$%P@#E@r” or something like that since it’s bugged.

  274. Ephraim on

    Yeah RYUK that was low lol

    anyway you guys are boring.

    Those spiral thingies in the horizon? (The HORIZON) are what control the contour fields, apparently (I haven’t done this yet) if you do a certain order of missions, Sinatro’ll open just a section of the contour fields instead, by tricking the Sinigr, and you’ll be able to leave will all the other fifth gens, now there are five things there flying quite high that have clusters in them, so you gotta fill those clusters up with mechminds and one fifth gen. So Zorbak you were the only one who noticed that!

    Once you do that a HUGE fucking high thing’ll pop up and you form the superluster there, neutralizing the Sinigr and Super and opening the contour fields, it’s not a true ending but it does give you the ending credits…

    Sinatro has to go through every sector, just as Geoffrey said…

    Once the fields are down you have a fight against the Reckoners (fucking bastards) I mean The WHOLE reckoners clan, and once they’re dead Super comes down and either congratulates you for helping him and the 5th gens, or fucks you for helping the Sinigr/Reckoners.

    Then you do what Kane posted a long time ago. the final battle’s at the outer edges (place where ARIO finds you at the beginning of the game)

    By “something nice” I meant you get a transmission from Super with what are perhaps the clearest instructions you’ll get in the game on what to do next. Yes I mean compelte EVERY SINGLE MISSION at least once.

    Long Live Sword of Justice!! Kinda sucky at defense but that thing hits hard!

  275. Kane on

    Yeah, Geoffrey was right, I, too, have waited int eh center of toxic swamp and I’ve found Nautilus.

    Those fucking-high things are the fourth way to get the supercluster, but making a supercluster isn’t the ending of the game, so why bother?

    sorry for not being on so much, fucking college leaves month-long projects for final exams…

    I’ve flown Namtar ever since the beginning of the game, literally.

    I’ll redownload AIM2 and see if I can help you all a bit more.

  276. KIRA on

    k geoffrey didnt mean to hurt u 😀 but i found nautilus near the radiation field so thats y i said what i said so sry and i read all the dialogues and i also read all the information twicte or three times
    and what the fuck can the reckoners do??? i have 2 heavy weps they got shit
    and Ephraim i cant do all the fucking missions for 2 reasons:firstly i play on a shitty PC and secondly i cant do the fucking find cargo missions
    a little prob 😀 on the pc i play a i m i let the 5th out of the bunker 😀 so now god knows where they r =))
    and another big prob…the org mod is in the bunker (FUCK!)
    and geoffrey cud u plz try searching super in the network and tell me if it works??? and sry again 😦

  277. Tizu on

    k so i must finish evry mision in altitude sector lol i eliminate evry mechmind so o clans there;s one mine so i must what to do ? ryuk enter on yahoo messenge you know when i told about that bug from 11 mehminds of 5th i have only 2 tenebr and ario so i need your save data 😀
    explain on surugiu.stefan@yahoo.com exatly what i must do to find sinatro or super 😀

  278. KIRA on

    men tried to write super`s name and guess what….cheese a.k.a. nothing

  279. KIRA on

    and geoofrey/kane/ephraim cud u gimme ur msn/skype/yahoo??

  280. infinity on

    Your information is quite interesting and amazing.I must say that there are a lot of things I couldn’t have done on my own.But one question is still unanswered.Kane,Geoffrey and Ephraim,do you know how to join a clan,other than mine.I’m 100% sure you know of the mission,where I have to start a war between the Seekers and Calm Keepers.I(by accident)passed the Mercators’ mission,where I have to set the Seekers against all other clans in the Desert Sector,but I can’t pass this one.I don’t know if it’ll help or not,but I’ve been trying and I can’t do it.As for Super and Sinatro,I’ll try my best to find them.Again,your information is very usefull.

  281. Kane on

    MSN: kane.silver@live.com

    @Infinity: You cannot effectively join another clan other than yours, however you can become “allies” with another clan by setting their standings toward you positive, you can see that in your clan window.

    on the mission where you have to start a war between seekers and calm keepers, what you have to do is befriend the seekers, and fly under their “flag” (fly a glider of the clan’s colors) and try to get seeker combat gliders to fight against CK combat gliders. you can also simply do the same exact thing you did on the mercator’s mission to get the seekers against other clans.

    @Ryuk: in the end, the reckoners all got exclusive gliders moutned with 3 or 4 heavy weapons, and not the basic weak ones either, but I mean the ones you get later on that do about 5-10k damage on 1 shot.

    you can find all 5th gens using the network, and why can’t you do find cargo missions?

    Super appears in the network only after you find him the first time, and talk to him at the bunker.

    I’m a tad obsessed with playing Rising Force Online, specially on this private server… anyone want the link? It’s actually like AIM but way better, considering robots there are actually..robots.

    back on subject though, I used to run AIM 2 on a crappy computer myself and did manage to complete the game:

    Old specs:
    Windows XP SP2
    248MB RAM
    Intel Family Integrated Chipset, 64MB
    Realtek basic soundcard
    DirectX 9.0c
    Intel Celeron 2.66GH.z CPU

    I ran it almost on full and it didn’t give me any problems.

    New specs:

    Windows XP SP2 (soon to be SP3 to run crysis)
    898MB RAM (Eventually I’ll upgrade to 1.2GB or something)
    NVidia GeForce 7050 onboard graphics card, 512MB
    Realtek High definition audio chipset
    DirectX 10 (XP Beta version)
    Intel Pentum D 3.22GH.z dual-core CPU

    Runs it at full and even lets me run another two games.

    I’d say if you got either two setups, you’re good to go.

    Ryuk, guy than ran the board closed them, I’ll upload the finished guide for AIM 2 sometime this upcoming week.

    Anywho gonna go back to RF while AIM downloads…

  282. Ephraim on

    Kane, you’re boring.

    Anywho MSN: ephraim.lewis@live.com (yus I copied kane lol)

    Ryuk, the reckoners do have shit, and BIG SHITS

    they often 1-hit me if I try to get them up-front.

  283. KIRA on

    added u and plz tell me where can i find impulse mega laser and demon shadow 2 glider (if it exists in a i m 1)
    and where can super be found in a i m 2 cuz i put the org mod in the bunker and the damn reckoners wont say shit neither the sinigr…actually no1 says SHIT

  284. KIRA on

    and what gliders do the reckoners have and what weps do they use?

  285. KIRA on

    im in the altitude sector TRYING to make protecet mech and guess what the fucking mechs r OUTSIDE the contour field…WHAT THE FLYING FUCK????

  286. KIRA on

    guys i “planted” the org mod in altitude sector think itll be any use??? in the end super and sinatro ARE there (rnt they?)
    ill try looking in the network and if i dnt say anything it means it didnt work

  287. Tizu on

    :)) yes i get and i that mision witha that mech outside of field protector

  288. KIRA on

    men didnt work idk wtff else to do except completying missions (which i am doing)

  289. Kane on

    That’s what you have to do, Ryuk.

    But if you can see more than 1 mechmind outside of the field, then you’re close to finishing the game, this part takes about a week to complete though.

    might want to check older sectors (like desert) to make sure no other new mechminds have appeared there.

    I’d help more, but it’s been over a month since I’ve effectively played AIM 1 or 2, so until I get it back up and running I can’t really do much.

    Nautilus sure is taking more to pop up this once though.

  290. KIRA on

    uh kane i found 2 mechs outside the field but i kinda killed one of em and left the other there 😀
    and enter ur msn plz
    oh and ill try looking in other sectors but i cant find protec mech missions

  291. KIRA on

    man fuck my a i m fucked when i try to fire it just fucks (at least the right click)

  292. KIRA on

    ehm and kane where do u recommend planting the org mod???
    altitude or desert???

  293. KIRA on

    i recomend planting it in hell,killing nautilus,the sinigr and the reckoners destroying the arling`s lab and actually destroying everything…
    now back to reality when u come on give me ur save plz (if u still have it cuz i usually put my saves on an usb)

  294. KIRA on

    man fuck my fucking aim fucking fucked and idk what the flying fuck to do

  295. infinity on

    Kane,I understand what I must do,but the problem is that I can’t get either clan to like me.Even if they start respecting me,let’s say their attitude is 3.90,it soon becomes 4.00 or more.I once bought a Seekers’ glider but I couldn’t join them.I used the glider and destroyed a few Calm Keepers but it didn’t change the relations between the clans.What should I do?

  296. Kane on

    @infinity: Can’t say, to tell the truth, I completed that mission simply by getting one of the seekers’ gliders and killing everything that moved, I did noticed that, after a while, calm keepers and seekers got kinda clustered in a certain place, when I came in, and shot one of the calm keepers, all of the seekers began firing at the CKs, and the CKs back at the seekers, after that I checekd and their relationship did as a matter of fact go down a lot, and after that, I found them fighting against each other more often, eventually they went to war. Can’t say I know EXACTLY how to get them on war though, I’d do other missions and leave that for last.

    @Ryuk: I haven’t get your msn invitation yet, and I AM on msn right now.

    did you mess with your game files? or what do you mean by fucked?

    and how did you kill one of the mechs outide the barrier? There’s a known bug that does that, and if you have it it means your copy of AIM 2 is crappy.

    the organic module, plant it in Sinatro’s night-black ass. (no racism meant, his glider’s just black)

    On reality, plant it anywhere, i don’t think it has much to do, or I just casually planted it in the correct place without knowing.

    As for saves, I formatted my computer and my USB’s crammed full of documents for college, so sorry there.

  297. Tizu on

    Hx for advice but to get to super or sinigr or sinatro i must complete evry mission from one sector altitude here or all from each sector

  298. infinity on

    Kane,I know your busy and I’d hate to waste your time with questions,but I need to know more.Firstly(I should’ve asked this in the first place) is the Seekers/Calm Keepers mission important for finishing the game?Secondly,am I recquired to pass every mission in the Altitude Sector or every mission in all the sectors?And lastly,since I can’t find them,could you explain to me about those humans in dark red gliders?How many are there and do they communicate with you?If you could answer these questions I think I could continue on my own.This is all I need to know.

  299. infinity on

    One more thing I forgot.What’s the reward for that Seeker/CK mission and are there any others from the Mercators?

  300. Anonymous on

    Infinity i made that mision to set seeker gainst desert sectors clans 😀 well kane had right you must have a seeker glider and shot the seeker enemy near theyr raw materials from desert and then after 1- -20 glider shot by you go thehe in theyr base and under clans greetings you will se join clan you can join clan but for only 12 hours so you have 12 hours to set seekers gainst desert sector clans and calm kepers or if you dont succed to set seekers against ck you can shot seeker because after the 12 hours they are your dadly enemy >:) shot them take theyr mechminds and go with them to ck clan and it may allow you to join them i will do this to see if it works 😀

  301. Anonymous on

    I’m tizu to know who tock

  302. Tizu on

    Have you obseved at clan relation if is red , over 4,99 it,s a war clan ? and the free always has under 3,00 and is white si i think to join to a clan you must have that relation under 3 with one of the clan 🙂

  303. KIRA on

    man i didnt fuck my game files (although i did this once but i reinstalled the game and everything was perfect)
    this time idk wtff happened i reinstalled the ame and still didnt work
    the good part is i still can play a i m but on my shitty PC
    the bad part is the shitty PC moves like shit
    and i added u in my mess list so it shudve worked cuz i have some other guys in my mess list who have msn

  304. Tizu on

    can you send a mail pls at surugiu.stefan@yahoo.com?

  305. RYUK on

    hmmm rising force seems pretty cool give me the link plz
    and ill make a msn id and if it doesnt work either fuck life(althoughj it shud work)

  306. RYUK on

    fucking retarded website wont let me sign up (at msn)wtff am i suppoused to do?

  307. infinity on

    This is going beyond frustration!!!Those Seekers and Calm Keepers just won’t hate each other.I bought a Seekers glider,killed over 20 Calm Keepers and other clan members,but it doesn’t work.What am I supposed to do?I’ve passed over a dozen of missions in the Altitude Sector and still no transmitions from Super.It’s just hopeless.Can someone ask my questions from above,please?!I so want to beat this game.

  308. Tizu on

    man you must do some m,ision toa one of the cal or ck or seeker with thyr fight glider and when wil show you a join clan buton there will be for sure an accomplish mission if you don’t do this you can kill all the ck clan you wouldn’t end the mission

  309. Sirius_Elrang on

    @infinity: the mission is important since the last mission is an eic clan war, second, every mission in the game, in EVERY sector, and third, they act like normal mechs, send you transmissions like any other fifth gen, I beleive there’s two at first, and then there’s more.

    there’s more questions for the mercators, but you get them near the end of the game.

    I think there’s no reward for it, besides a bit of energy that is.

    Tizu’s right, you have to strengthen your bonds and deliver seeker mechminds to their base so you can temporarily join the seekers, but you need to make sure the seekers don’t have too many battles with your clan at the beginning of the game.

    Ryuk, here’s the RF link, the official RF closed down, but this here’s a private server with 2x higher rates (drop/exp/PT)


    register there and download the 3 megaupload parts and the language patch for english quests.

    Msn’s down atm I think, not sure.

    try again later.

    and @infinity, again: You need to be sure that your clan does not open fire on too many seeker gliders at the start of the game, otherwise the CKs and seekers will join forces and try to kill you

    yes I’m Kane by the way.

  310. Kane on

    Oh yeah Ryuk give me your msn address I’ll try adding you.

  311. RYUK on

    kane i made my dad a msn id sunday or saturday and it worked
    y wudnt it work now????
    havent played a i m for a while ill play today

  312. RYUK on

    made it yay but ill add u later g2g soon

  313. Tizu on

    Hey infinity as kane sad you must : made missions from seeker base or test complex , have a seeker fight glider , and bring more mechminds frim other clan to theyr base belive me with 5 minutes ago i’ve join to seeker for second time i don’t have time right now but at 4 pm romanian hor i will finish the mercators task 😛 and i will see what reward they hav and what mission they will have for me
    try that way shot enemy glider
    another hints
    if you licked at relatins you saw the other clan are with yellow only the free are with white so they can join to a clan if a clan is red at relation over 5 at relation they;re at war if is under 3 they are allies so i had 2,99 white color si i can joined to seeker 😉

  314. RYUK on

    man i quit idk what to do…
    and i wont be fucking able to put gaantro in super`s bunker since the piece of shit wont come out of a fking building and i have planted the org mod in it and itll go straight to supercluster i think cuz i did this once and now im fucked…FUCK LIFE

  315. Tizu on

    Yap nothing special to mercators they will give you 50000 energy and thats all from them 😐

  316. RYUK on

    tizu i know im romanian 2 but ur eng fucking sucks…doesnt matter
    kane ephraim added u im waiting 4 u to come on and im wasting time doing nothing =)) :)) >:)
    and guys i hope this isnt from my save…
    the reckoners (the lab ones at least and theyre the most important)wont fucking say a thing after i plant the org mod
    is this from my save ur this happens to u 2???

  317. RYUK on

    and kane how the fuck do i download Rising Force???

  318. RYUK on

    replace save with game upper my mistake 😀 sry

  319. infinity on

    Thank you,Tizu and Kane.I’ll do my best to deal with this mission,but there’s one problem.I can’t stop those idiots from my clan from destroying Seekers and Calm Keepers.I do missions for the Seekers,destroy mechminds of other clans(CK,Hidden and Survivors) and bring those mechminds to their Test Complex,but they won’t let me join them.Like I said,the problem is my clan members.I even made all of them traders and increased their protection mode to 100.However,there are still some who attack the other clans and that only makes things worse.I need to know if there’s an efficient way to stop my clan members from destroying Seekers and CK.I’m actually thinking of joining the CK,as their relations towards me are far better.Please,help!

  320. infinity on

    One more thing.How can I really pass all missions in the game?Because I’m left with the impression that there is an infinite amount of missions.All those “cargo”,”destroy enemy or bring to Reset” missions-they can’t end.Do you mean that in each sector I have to pass all types of missions?

  321. Tizu on

    I think there are in each main sectoe 200 missions 😛
    Yet i think to reach super or sinatro you must be the most powerfull mech this include to have a good fight rating from what i saw the max is 8 so you have to reach to 9 there isn;t any mech who has such a rating
    To reach thats mission you mustn’t have a clan you must be free to join a clan 😛
    so you must take from beining and the desert sector to let the mercators in pace i think they wil,l have more misiion for us

  322. infinity on

    NOTHING IS WORKING!!!I try and try again,but all is for nothing.I have a stupid CK glider,doing missions for them,destroying Seekers and Survivors,picking up CK,delivering them to their base and absolutely nothing works.Their relations towards me won’t even go below 4.00.Is there anything I’m doing wrong or is there something wrong with my game??!!

  323. Kane on

    @infinity: complete 1 deliver cargo, 1 bring enemy to reset, etc in each sector, so 1 deliver cargo, etc. in altitude, and 1 deliver cargo..etc. in desert.

    also, make them all traders and if they open fire on Seekers you open fire on your own mechminds, the seekers’ll like you for it but your clan obviously won’t, still at this point it’s pretty much useless.

    @Ryuk: it happened to me once, but the I planted it elsewhere and i got a comm from them a few days after that, I’m replaying it to see what the heck I did

    To download RF, go to download, then download Episode 2 Update 6 (the one below Episode 2 part 2), more specifically:

    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D37ZNPYD -Part 1
    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NYEKO8Y2 -Part 2
    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CCJ48UUS -Part 3

    then download this, It’ll translate quests into english and do a few more bug fixes:

    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QB5848G3 -Patch

    extract part 1 with winrar or Alzip and it’ll extract the other two automatically.

    back on topic

    @infinity, again:

    you’re looking to get the seekers to like you, but to hate the CKs, I’d say blow up everything that moves and se ehow that goes.

    April 1st guys… don’t get infected with Conficker.

  324. Tizu on

    Yes your clan you must not have a clan , to conquer the sector and try with seeker

  325. Ephraim on

    Tizu, that didn’t make much sense…

    I believe what you meant is your clan must not have any buildings in that sector to try the seeker mission.

    I did it, never conquered that sector, not even a building as a matter of fact, and i just completed the seekers mission again.

  326. infinity on

    I’m emptying all buildings’ clusters and forcing every mechmind of my clan to blow up its glider,but I simply have to many mechms in my clan.The best I’ve done so far is to make the CK’s relations towards me to 3.57 and after that it got bad again.I’d like to know if it’s necessary to have the clan’s glider and its weapon.I just bought the Seekers’ glider and weapon(don’t remember the name) and started killing everybody,but it’s all the same.I just don’t understand.At one time the relations of the Seekers towards me were 4.80 and after killing some mechminds it fell to 3.99,which is good.But after that I continued to kill more of their enemies and their relations went to 4.20 and the CK’s went from 6.00 to 5.25.Is there something wrong I’m doing or what?

  327. KIRA on

    men i wont be posting 4 a while my fucking stupid retarded dad took my net cable so …FUCK HIM!

  328. Anonymous on

    You know that mission from phatomas ?T_L5_FANT_06″ lol isn’t a bug i passed and i recive 10000 energy :D:D:D

  329. Tizu on

    AIM.Curent build wtf is that i recived it in base 1 in desert from phatomas 😐 object recived : AIM.Curent build but i dont know what it is i recived after a while from my mission ,,T_L5_FANT_06,,

  330. Tizu on

    [IMG]http://i368.photobucket.com/albums/oo126/BlackStefan/aim2_1.jpg[/IMG] this is what i recived after T_L5_FANT_06

  331. Tizu on

    http://i368.photobucket.com/albums/oo126/BlackStefan/aim2_2.jpg this with that object has someone recie that ???because i plued game for 6 times 3 times i gaher the all mechminds from 5th geeraton but didn’t fond super or sinatro but never recived that 🙂

  332. KIRA on

    tizu started the game over got that mission but how did u pass it???

  333. Tizu on

    i realy don’t know i just know that i had to deliver an infopack from mercators to phantomas an from there to deliver to expandable planr sme resources and then it give me that but i have finish the special mission from mercators and phatomas that mission i will recive from them because i intend to destroy them 😀

  334. Tizu on

    But what is that object did you recived it ???

  335. KIRA on

    tizu i made that mission with delivering smth to super`s bunker i was talking about the one with that stupid name which im 2 lazy to type it and anyway idk it 😀

  336. Tizu on

    just know that i had to deliver an infopack from mercators base 2 to phantomas base 1 and from there to deliver to expandable planr sme resources and then it give me that but i have finish the special mission from mercators and phatomas that mission i will recive from them???? because i intend to destroy them!!

  337. infinity on

    I’ve had this mission before.It just stayed there as I didn’t know what to do.After a while I had to go to base 1 because of another mission and I realised that I received a double reward-my reward for my current mission and one for that weird one.When I looked in the missions list,it was gone which means I had passed it.RYUK,if you’ve really started the game from the beginning,this is your chance to pass the Seekers missions from the Mercators.I myself am starting from one of my old saves because I think I made a mistake in taking over the Highlands.With my clan there I just couldn’t finish that Seekers/Calm Keepers mission and Kane says it’s important that I pass it.I’ve made a plan.The save I’m starting from goes back to the Rock Sector,in other words after getting the organic modifier.Instead of doing everything in detail again,I’ll only convince the 5th gen and start accomplishing missions in different sectors.Appart from the Desert and Rock Sectors,I won’t take over the others because my clan is nothing but trouble.If I have to,I’ll do it in the end.I’ll have plenty of time to try everything out because I still have one week of no school.Our spring vacation is two weeks and one has just passed.

  338. KIRA on

    men i captured deszert and guesswhat? gptta start again since the mercators r sleeping 2 meters underground a.k.a. they dnt have bases 😀

  339. infinity on

    This is weird.In my case the Mercators and Phantoms have a rating of about 70 or 80 and they still get to keep their bases.Perhaps you shouldn’t destroy so many of them,RYUK.

  340. Tizu on

    wtf i went in highlands sectorafter a while for that mision with seekers and ck and gues what i’m a seeker loool :(:((((:OL:O:O:O:O:O:O what i have to do 😦 cause I cant establish my can or convince gaantro ,but i’ve dscover some thing i’ve get gaantro mech wich is show me he is can be caried like ario in my clan so i went in dessert with him and he has the color of my clan the baner but nw i must have monceber in my clan to have him si it’s good 😀 but if i go with ARIO inhighlands and there isn’t in my clan and i can’t go with him in desert 😐 the good news is that i can now by bringing gaantro in desert to convince him the bad news is that i can’t conqer the higlans it will have that a bad consequence to find super or i shall begain again the game 😦

  341. RYUK on

    im not so sure how right my list is but here`s a list of sectors which u can conquer without big probs (i think just)
    rock tundra(tundra only after u convinced the 5th mechs believe me i know 😦 ) and arctic since u cant conquer toxic and u need highlands for the mercators mission altitude for super and desert to get the mission from the mercators

  342. Tizu on

    so isn’t important but tundra ? why after convince the 5th ??? rhat 2 or all 13?

  343. Tizu on

    If i dont conquer artic i can’t convince fatall

  344. RYUK on

    tizu ur an idiot 😀
    in tundra those fucking retarded 5ths want u to deliver smth to their fucking bases so if u conquer it u cant deliver it daaaaa
    and i said arctic isnt important becuz it isnt… nothing interesting happens there although it wud happen if the arena wud work buhaha

  345. Tizu on

    what i must do to can see creators:D in the airlinght lab 😀 that mission ,,return to rekoners priority to form the supercluster” i don’t remember what i have done last time to reach:D

  346. infinity on

    Believe me,the best way to deal with the Arctic Sector is by using the organic modifier there.You just put it in and you’ll be able to convince FATAL.RYUK is right,you shouldn’t conquer the Tundra because of VERCUS and MORRANDO.They want you to deliver stuff to their bases.And believe me when I say,don’t conquer the Highlands if you want to pass the Mercators’ mission.I just started from one of my old saves and it’s annoying to do everything all over again.Tizu,it’s obvious that you have to convince all the 5th gens or capture 5 main sectors,if you want to see the Creators in the Arlings’ Lab.I recommend convincing the 5th gens.

  347. Tizu on

    thx but i finish with mercatos 😛 i mean i passed all the mission from them now i have passsed to sinidr now i must convince 12 mech fm my gen and 5 sector and find sinigr or sinatro or wtf must do to finish the game

  348. Tizu on

    and if you can give me somme screen shoot from your log to your mission with super you know i will give you to see iff all is allright

  349. infinity on

    This is ridiculous.I,ve reached the Seekers/CK mission again and even though I,m the only mechmind of my clan,I still can’t get them to like.I bought a CK glider,did a few missions for them,destroyed quite a lot of Seekers for them(and Survivors) and I only reach -3.67.Is there something I’m doing wrong or what?

  350. RYUK on

    i have an ideea y dnt u save then fuck the mercators mission see if u can complete all the missions and/or find super
    if after u finished the missions super doesnt appear/send u the transmision u go back to the save
    if he appears/transmits u continue on this one isnt this easier??

  351. Tizu on

    i repeat if you can contact ryuk i will give my save tio try it 😉

  352. Tizu on

    I convinced the all 12 mech from my generaation and conquer the 5 main sector reckoners mission finished
    Mercators also finished now ???????where the fuck is sinigr?

  353. RYUK on

    now u eat cheese! 😛

  354. Tizu on

    shut a fuck off

  355. KIRA on

    ur eng sucks u know??
    anyway this blog isnt about us so shut the fuck up is the right form but im too lazy so i use stfu

  356. Tizu on

    I’m afraid that is the end of the game there is no sinatro or super or sinigr so is finish the game you just gane the control over the raange and this is all the russian player told me 😐 so i don’t know i belive kane lye !!!

  357. Tizu on

    I will ask you if you can help me

    ,,I don’t finish the game , but: I have convinced the all 12 mech from 5th generation ,I captured the all 5 main sector, i finished mercators special task and phantomas but when i go to form the super-cluster it show me GAME OVER so what i have to do? Of course i finshed also the reckoners tasks! I eliberated Sinigr but …. I can’t form the super cluster why ??

    Sorry but i don’t know Russian 😦



    Сообщений: 5565

    [Сообщение] Сб 11 Апр 2009 19:41 Посмотреть профиль Цитата
    I do not understand. When you form cluster, the inscription “Game over” should will appear in any case.
    To form Supercluster, it is necessary to go to Super’s obelisk in Tundra. Or to place all mech the 5th generation in Super’s bunker cluster.

    Ыыы, вроде все правильно написал… :mrgreen:
    Мудрец в роли астронома. – Пока ты еще чувствуешь звезды как нечто «над тобою», ты еще не обладаешь взором познающего. (с) Ф. Ницше.



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    Предупреждений: 0

    [Сообщение] Сб 11 Апр 2009 19:50 Посмотреть профиль Цитата Правка Удалить сообщение
    That I sad if i go to Super’s obelisk to activate or place the all mech it show me a little movie and GAME OVER ,Dosen’t show mw the credits who made the game you knou you must finished some games …
    I heard that i must fight with sinigr ,reckoners , meet super and escape beyond the contur fields

    Добавлено спустя 1 минуту 20 секунд:

    спросит вас, если вы можете мне помочь

    Я не закончить игру, но: я убедил всех 12 механика из 5 поколения, я захватил все 5 основных секторов, я закончил “mercators” специальные задания и “phantomas”, но когда я иду на создание супер-кластер показывает “GAME OVER”, что я должен делать? Конечно, я закончил также “reckoners” задач! Я ослобадил “Sinigr”, но… Я не могу стать супер-кластера почему?

    Простите за моё плохое русский

    зфксф фыф сумф

    Добавлено спустя 3 минуты 3 секунды:

    Я сделал перевод кто-то еще:)



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    [Сообщение] Сб 11 Апр 2009 20:22 Посмотреть профиль Цитата
    Tizu писал(а):

    I heard that i must fight with sinigr ,reckoners , meet super and escape beyond the contur fields

    😯 I am afraid, you have deceived. :mrgreen:
    Nothing such should not be. At least, not in this game.

    Добавлено спустя 55 секунд:

    I have in view of not in the AIM2
    Мудрец в роли астронома. – Пока ты еще чувствуешь звезды как нечто «над тобою», ты еще не обладаешь взором познающего. (с) Ф. Ницше.



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    [Сообщение] Сб 11 Апр 2009 20:55 Посмотреть профиль Цитата Правка Удалить сообщение
    Ok so hoe the game is finish ? in A.I.M 2 clan wars ?

  358. infinity on

    Tizu,I believe you haven’t passed all missions in the game so that’s why you can’t go ahead.You’ve seen above that Kane and Ephraim say that you must pass EVERY mission in the game.Return to each sector,do as many missions as you can and see if something happens.I started the game all over and guess what-I STILL CAN’T JOIN THE SEEKERS.I’m not supposed to have a clan and still,I don’t qualify as a free one.I’m part of a clan called “Your Clan”.That’s stupid.The Reckoners say that in the begining I’m free to join any clan and I still can’t get those idiots to like me.I bought their glider(Lightning),killed a lot of their greatest enemies in the sector(Mercators and Hidden),brought all those mechminds back to them and their relations are still between 3.00 and 4.00.They won’t go below 3.00.I couldn’t do any missions for them because their only building is the Raw materials base.Is there anything useful I can do to gain their respect?

  359. Tizu on

    I just say what the russian sad ,they also sad the mercators missions aren’t necesarry to finish the game i can give you my saves i have done all special mission reckoners mercators and phantomas i convinced all mech from 5th generation 5 main sector are mine I have done 130 mission and 10 i losted because of escorting gliders that are beyond the contour fields and i can’t get with me so i lost missions like you that mission with put lorrat in cluster is orange that mean i don’t finish lol 😐 and the main mission os super

  360. Tizu on

    with that mission of seekers you must hunt their enemy 20 or more (survivors and hiden ) take theyr mech to raw where is their base make treade with them and most important don’t make any contact with seekers gliders and the fast you shot theyr enemy and deliver to them tha fast go up your relation with seekers try in 1 max 2 min to shot how much you can and deliver to them you havent a clan so it showes to me but i can joined to seekers 😉

  361. Tizu on

    A yeaaaah to find super i heard you must unite of course the all clans t your baNER YOU MUST DESTROYED THE LOOL

  362. KIRA on

    man i have a stupid reason to believe that kane and everybody who said superappears or is already on the range r right becuz i looked in the music folder and i saw the music from hills and desert in the music folder…the music from a i m 1
    thats my stupid reason but i believe im correct although i cant be sure since kane didnt come on neither on mess nor on mess so i cant say if im sure

  363. KIRA on

    and killing all clans is a piece of cake although it wudve been easier if i played on a good pc but thatsz it

  364. Tizu on
  365. Tizu on

    От: Vivicector
    Кому: Tizu
    Добавлено: Вс 12 Апр 2009 10:34
    Тема: Re: Английский? Ответить с цитатой
    Sounds like someone has a good imagination. The game is known from A to Z. Moreover, the database editor, level editor, script editor and other mod tools were already used. There are NO models of those sinigrs, NO 6th generation mechs, NO scripts of such missions. Nothing.

    So this is the true end of game i will make mission but i don’t thoink is sinigr still i hope

  366. KIRA on

    i doubt it and ill tell smth else about my theory
    in a i m 1 for who played it in desert and highlands u had a music and in a i m 2 u have another music so i think kane and everybody else is right

  367. Tizu on

    so and I think kane and everybody else is right because the game end is … but ai have a plan who take the mission to destroy evrey clan from the range ? i mean only your clan to be in hat sectors i take this to make every mission i havedone 164 from desert and altitude 70 only from dessert i can’t take that mission to destroy all clans because in highlands i’m controled by seeker 😐 soo…

  368. KIRA on

    i have an ideea but actually i dnt think i have an ideea since idk wtf r u talking about since i didnt complete that mission 😦
    but capturing all sectors is easy (easier with trainer but this doersnt matter)
    i captured all sectors but there were still some clans remaining which i didnt destroy so when ill play a i m again ill do this although i gotta restart the game

  369. infinity on

    I’m in quite a dilema at the moment.Somehow I managed to finally join the Seekers and destroyed a lot of mechs from other clans.I passed the mission in the end,but now I have a problem.I accepted the mission to set the Seekers against the CK,but I can’t join the Seekers again in the Highlands.I’m always so close,about 3.40 or.30 and always rises again,even though I do the exact same things-destroying enemy mechminds.Then I returned to the Desert Sector again and was able to join the Seekers again,but when I went to the Highlands,they weren’t on my side any more.Evidently I was still part of their clan,but I wasn’t treated that way.When I destroyed a bunch of CKs,but they ended up hating me and not the Seekers.That is just annoying.

  370. RYUK on

    man just quit i never rly cared about this mission idk y u r so desperate to finish it
    im more interested about the picture tizu made

  371. Tizu on

    A yep you must wait to past 12 hour becauze you are still under seekers control in desert you must have a message wich confirm you aren’t anymore under seeker baner but they are you dadly enemy o yeah they will hunt you

  372. infinity on

    If you ask me,that skeleton in the Swamp Sector(Tizu’s picture) is either a human(Creator)or some liveform,which couldn’t stand the radiation.I was more interested in those mechminds near the skeleton.I tried to pick them up,but I couldn’t.They were probably destroyed already.

  373. infinity on

    Guys,I also have a feeling that Kane and the others are right.Do you remember when you put the organic modifier in a building and you gain control of the sector you placed it in?After you do that,ARIO explains that the 5th gens were created in biomolecular vessels.He was born in vessel 3 and you-in vessel 1.But he had never heard about the one in vessel 2.He says that he has been altered beyond recognition and now has monstrous abilities over the quasi-mental field.In the end ARIO says:”The dwellers of the Swamp Sector might be more dangeous than we had previously thought”.I think he mentions that they’re sixth gens.

  374. Tizu on

    I sae somethink strange isaw 2 gliders wich didn’t move when i sad them to le theyr glider they didn’t have mechmnd :O wtf???? and i have 2 gliders bend the contur fields 😐

  375. Tizu on

    beyound the contur fields

  376. Tizu on

    I saw somethink strange I saw 2 gliders wich didn’t move ,when i sad them to le their glider they didn’t have mechmind :O wtf???? and i have 2 gliders beiond the contur fields 😐

  377. infinity on

    Since this game has some unanswered questions and we don’t know who is right and who is wrong,I sent a letter to the creator of A.I.M2.I asked whether Super,Sinatro and the Sinigr appear in the game.I hope he’ll answer soon.

  378. Tizu on

    lol good work 😀 i hope you tell him you bought the game:))) so he will answer

  379. KIRA on

    infinity have they answered yet?????
    i took the game from the begining so i have a long way and its even longer becuz im on a shitty PC which moves slower then a slime/turtle so fuck

  380. infinity on

    I got an answer from skyriver studios.The problem is that they sent me two files with stuff I don’t understand.If this makes sense to you,please explain:
    Reporting-UA: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; ru; rv: Gecko/20090302 Thunderbird/
    Final-Recipient: rfc822;spline@skyriver.ru
    Disposition: manual-action/MDN-sent-automatically; displayed

    File 2:
    X-Account-Key: account2
    X-UIDL: UID7271-1193805757
    X-Original-To: spline@skyriver.ru
    Delivered-To: spline@skyriver.ru
    Received: from smtp-out.abv.bg (smtp-out.abv.bg [])
    by mx1.skyriver.ru (Postfix) with ESMTP id 681B25A8C
    for ; Wed, 15 Apr 2009 20:38:31 +0400 (MSD)
    Received: from mail63.abv.bg (mail63.ni.bg [])
    by smtp-out.abv.bg (Postfix) with ESMTP id CDD3987CE2
    for ; Wed, 15 Apr 2009 19:22:45 +0300 (EEST)
    DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; s=smtp-out; d=abv.bg; c=simple; q=dns;
    DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=simple/simple; d=abv.bg; s=smtp-out;
    t=1239812565; bh=i6sOVttVGlI4HfooFFSxPcDWIhsIkmkw+GTGneG9fuQ=;
    Received: from mail63.abv.bg (mail63.abv.bg [])
    by mail63.abv.bg (Postfix) with ESMTP id B37DD22C32C
    for ; Wed, 15 Apr 2009 19:22:39 +0300 (EEST)
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  381. Tizu on

    it seems you must copy in the folder where the game is i think 😕 and we must get from begining but could you send that files to us pls?

  382. Tizu on

    If we don’t understand ask him them what he mean ?

  383. Tizu on

    Hy, I’m Stefan from Romania ,I’d like to know in A.I.M 2 Clan Wars when I go to form the super-cluster in super’s obelisk or super’s bunker it show me a movie and then Game Over without Credit (to show me who made the game ,directors etc.) , so i ‘ve made something wrong or what ,is not the end game? It’s something what should I do before to form the super cluster? Is in underground sector another place where to find super or the information he left outside of where I found Lorrat?
    PS: I’ve made all mission from mercators clan and reckoners and i recived something wich I don’t know what it is (AIM.CurentBuild) from Phantomas This is the image :http://i368.photobucket.com/albums/oo126/BlackStefan/aim2_2.jpg

    Sincerely, Stefan.

    I send one

    damn i wrote Phantomas in steag od Phantoms :((

  384. Tizu on

    Hy, I’m Stefan from Romania ,I’d like to know in A.I.M 2 Clan Wars when I go to form the super-cluster in super’s obelisk or super’s bunker it show me a movie and then Game Over without Credit (to show me who made the game ,directors etc.) , so i ‘ve made something wrong or what ,is not the end game? It’s something what should I do before to form the super cluster? Is in underground sector another place where to find super or the information he left outside of where I found Lorrat?
    PS: I’ve made all mission from mercators clan and reckoners and i recived something wich I don’t know what it is (AIM.CurentBuild) from Phantomas This is the image :http://i368.photobucket.com/albums/oo126/BlackStefan/aim2_2.jpg

    Sincerely, Stefan.

    I send one

    damn i wrote Phantomas in stead od Phantoms :((

  385. RYUK on

    aaah infinity when u come on skype send me those files k???

  386. Tizu on

    And you buzz me on yahoo :))

  387. infinity on

    I got it.I talked to a friend who speaks russian and he said that what they sent me is a confirmation that they got my letters,written multiple times.He translated the letter and said that it’ll take some time to send me the real answer.They have to formulate it.

  388. Tizu on

    lol:))))))) we will wait

  389. Tizu on


  390. Tizu on

    Any news????

  391. RYUK on

    have they sent anything yet??? at least some cheese???? anything????

  392. infinity on

    I talked to my teacher and she checked those files and guess what…they won’t send anything else,because,apparently they want us to figure everything on our own.That seriously sucks!And the most ridiculous thing happened to me-I finally passed that Mercator mission,but messed things up even more(don’t ask).Anyway,I’m gonna try do it again,without screwing up.

  393. RYUK on

    thats just great
    so we have to rely on what kane and geoffrey said and whoever said
    thats just great dnt u think????
    fuck life

  394. Tizu on

    fuck do you mean they want us to find the answer fuck i try and yet try but nothing :(((

  395. KIRA on

    men how the fuck do i join the seekers
    im at the first mission on joining the seekers (in desert)
    and idk how to join em

  396. KIRA on

    guys wtf am i suppoused to understand from no more posts
    the fact that no1 plays a i m anymore or what?

  397. infinity on

    I haven’t given up just yet.I simply decided to take a break.I’ve been playing other games lately so when I’m done I’ll go back to AIM.As for the Seekers RYUK(KIRA),I’m not sure how I do it.I think you must destroy multiple enemies of the clan in a short period of time.Bringing resources to their base doesn’t help me at all.

  398. KIRA on

    hmmmmm well anyway that mission sucks and i “killed” the mercators now i need to convince VERCUS but fucking mushrooms grow 2 fucking slow so i need 22 more
    and i also took a break from a i m since on my PC it works like hell while on my dad`s PC it works great
    and im still trying to find SINATRO if he rly exists although from what i saw in the game`s files SINATRO and SUPER rnt on the Range actually i have seen anything about em at all and kane won`t answer cuz i`ll stop searching or continue searching if he gives me a save where SINATRO and SUPER i see SINATRO/SUPER in log

  399. infinity on

    Why wait for the mushrooms to grow,when you can simply buy them from the Arlings lab.Believe me,it saves time and I do a few missions afterwards to make up for the money I spent.Seriously,Kane understands this better than anyone but how in the world can we contact him.He’s probably busy with his college and that’s way more important.Hope he can help soon.

  400. RYUK on

    aaah about the mushrooms u know u have to wait for theire no. to increase at the trade tab in the arling`s lab thats what i meant
    and for contacting kane u have his msn upper

  401. SajHino on

    Hai there. Just another aim2 player passing by.

    I’ve red everything in this blog from top to bottom (took me like 3 hrs or so) and I’m still confused. I’ve played this game for 2 times already (now playing my third) but I never heard that I can actually meet and contact super and sinitro!!! Never knew I could until I red this blog!! Can anyone tell me how in VERY FULL DETAILS????

    Currently piloting a black namtar with 2 chaos drives, energy shield type iv, 2 collapse reactors, uhf-emmiter (light weapon) and railgun (heavy weapon). Freaking strong!!!!

  402. SajHino on

    And a message to Kane: You said that you’ve met Super and that 6thgen mechmind SINATRO but you don’t have any prove!! take a screenshot of Super or sinatro and post the link here!!! I want to know whether you’re lying or not about this…

  403. RYUK on

    i`m an ex-player of A.I.M. 2 (haven`t played in a while becuz of my shitty PC)
    i also finished the game a few times and just like u no SINATRO or Super
    i`ve asked kane but he didn`t answer becuz of the fucking college so this is freaking great ain`t it???

  404. infinity on

    I’m also an ex-player of AIM(haven’t played in a while because of a few problems with my computer).I could’ve reinstalled it but I had a lot to study at the end of the school year.I’ve finished the game a few times and I’ve never come across Super or Sinatro.I’ve passed a zillion missions and they seem to be endless.I’m not saying that Kane or the others lie but I too would like proof of the existance of Super and SInatro.If they really don’t exist then that means the GAME OVER thing might really be the actual ending.That would be stupid.And SajHino,I’d like to ask-have you passed the mission from the mercators,where you have to make a war between the Seekers and Calm Keepers in the Highlands Sector?It’s the only thing I can’t do.

  405. Tizu on

    I’ve passed i made a war between the Seekers and Calm Keepers in the Highlands Sector 🙂
    is same like in dessert you must be in one clan or CK or Seekers

  406. Ryuk on

    dude nothing new??? did u all stop playing a i m???(i did anyway lol)

  407. aditya on

    how and where to find the 4 retarded reckoners i cant find TALLARCET and DERCIN

  408. Vaze on

    these 2 reckoners cannot be found. ive searched EVERY sector for EVERY reckoner(these 4) and they dont exist! only 2.

    btw i think that reckoners were not translated correctly…they might be “reconers”…because: recon 🙂

    super and sinatro are NOT in game files.

    where the hell you got that Black Namtar? 😀

    station 17…or where is that fuckin mechmind…is NOT accesible for me.

    if nautilus is not in one place. play on light difficulty. not tested.

    someone could make a walkthrough for the game in just few words. what to do and when, what not to do, etc.

    is there a patch?

    thats all…for now! 😀

    • RYUK on

      so ima repeat what i said lower….2 bad i can`t type bigger then caps lock =))

      anyway….reckoners reconers whatever….they r in TOXIC SWAMP ALTITUDE HIGHLANDS AND DESTROYED…but don`t remember the names….:(…long time since i last played…

      i didn`t find either SUPER or SINATRO and when i was playing i searched em like crazy 😀

      the namter glider can be bought in Altitude Sector but u need to search it for a while becuz it isn`t a standard glider….i mean it`s sorta special becuz of that black coating and whatever did the description said about it….

      station 17 can be accessed by station 12….but without the map which i don`t remember where i got it u can`t get it and even with the map it`s hard as fuck…..

      i usually searched nautilus near that radiation field….and i usually found him….after some thousands of walks around the whole motherfucking sector but at
      least i found him…or is it??? =)) 😀

      the walkthrough…dunno…kane started one but he quit it…i think….dunno…

      patch dunno either…….

      😀 that`s it 😀

  409. Vaze on

    oh and one more thing. how can i get rid of that fuckin long loading between everything????? especialy in underground. i just finnished aim1 and there is no that piece of shit(loading) 😀

  410. Vaze on

    if ARIO was in beyond the contour field in the intro…you know 😀 I HATE WHEN IT IS NOT REAL!!!!! 😀

  411. Vaze on

    if you hit F8 you can go out of the glider lik a “ghost” 😀 but not far…

  412. Vaze on

    if you want to befriend with a clan, simply bring mechminds to their bases. for example in desert ive got +0.04 for 1 mech. missions are accepted too. but you must not have clan members in that sector. they will shoot down your future friends 😀

    those 4 reckoners maybe can be found if you do not enter their sector BEFORE you get that mission. toxic swamp and highland are free to go…for me 😀

    can anyone tell me how to do that mission from phantoms?

  413. Vaze on

    ive found something that might help!!! there are 3 buildings with green light at the top but i cant enter them. interesting…

    when i got angry: http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/7264/aimii2009082415101059.jpg 😀

  414. Vaze on

    that peleng on the map is the direction of production unit 2

  415. Vaze on
  416. Vaze on

    what if i form the supercluster without helping the sinigr… if i help them they will say that the planet is theirs now… 😀

    • Ryuk on

      same end…..your supercluster meets the sinigr supercluster and u get fucked….I know becuz i tried it…

  417. Vaze on

    fuck!!! monceber needs to destroy the hidden. they have only 6 gliders but i cant find them even on the map! 51 points… i need less than 50… fuck!!! 😀

  418. infinity on

    It’s been quite a while since anyone has last written anything.I’m going to replay AIM 2 but I’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t meet Super,nor can you meet any mechmind named SINATRO.I’ve checked for information on them everywhere and nothing comes out.And I’ve figured out the Phantoms mission,the one which isn’t clear(the bug).All you have to do is destroy a mechmind named MORTE ARTO,who is a Mercator but has a Phantom glider.I think he always hangs out around the passage tunnel.

  419. infinity on

    and deliver him to building that belongs to the Phantoms.

  420. RYUK on

    i`m back guys….
    Vaze the Reckoners CAN be found becuz i found them every time….
    search in destroyed toxic swamp highlands and altitude….that is where they r TRUST ME…
    and A.I.M. is cooler…
    oh and i dunno if the nightmare is the fastest…i thought it was ario`s glider…distresser i think it was named….

  421. RYUK on

    has anyone managed to FINISH and by finish i mean FINISH the game….meaning meet the sinigr or super or sinatro or anything????
    oh yah just remembered…i survived in swamp and theres nothing at all there….

  422. RYUK on

    woot i can start playing A.I.M. 2……with all low but at least i can play it 😀 🙂

  423. infinity on

    I’m progressing.Went through all the sectors,freed the Sinigr,used organic modifier,did Reckoners’ missions and used all the level 5 modifiers they gave me.Now I’m unstoppable.No matter how strong a mechmind is,it’s very tough for them to go through my shield and then armor.If I’m close to destruction,I simply activate my stasis generator,which protects me from any damage,while my shield and armor regenerate.Now I have to go to the Underground Sector and find LOARRAT and Super’s information.I finnaly found the black namtar-looks good,but I like my glider better.

  424. RYUK on

    hey infinity…..u didn`t mention what glider u got :D….

    cuz i like the namtar`s look and it`s the best attack glider so…..what glder could u possibly have that is better then Black Namtar????

  425. infinity on

    I’m not saying it’s better than the black namtar,I’m saying I like it better because it’s both strong and has a good holding capacity.I use the Devil Wings glider,the one used by the Ascends.It’s organic and regenerates itself after taking damage and I’ve added cellular armor,which is strong and also recharges after damage.So no matter how much damage I take,it always repairs itself.I use the UHF emitter as a light weapon and the tachyon heater as a heavy weapon.I use collapse reactors and vaccuum engines.Everything except the armor and tachyon heater has been upgraded by the Reckoners’ level 5 modifiers,making my glider both strong and fast.I’ve also got the stasis-field generator,radiation protection,jump accelerator,energy expander,increased antigrav device,fuel expander,shield multiplier and the Reckoners’ quasi-mental disruptor and Sinigr communicator.

  426. infinity on

    The black namtar is very durable,but it’s quite heavy and slow.I prefer a fast glider,to get anywhere I want pretty fast.I forgot to mention I use energy shield type 4,which I’ve also upgraded.

  427. RYUK on

    nice……u might`ve been a good siniger :)…..
    the cellular armor is the best armor so everybody should buy it……for heavy wep i`d recommend u the railgun….and as engines I use the grav drives from Rock Sector…..they might not be the fastest engines but they`re pretty good…..

    and if u really want to get anywhere really fast I know just the glider to do so….(this is only a joke cuz the glider i`m talking about is the most pathetic glider but the most durable)…..so tell me what ORGANIC glider has the biggest durability but only idiots would take it because it`s useless???

  428. infinity on

    I don’t use the railgun because it works on ammo.The tachyon heater does a lot of direct damage and has good area damage as well.I’ve noticed that the vaccuum engines are fast,light and don’t need that much energy.I’ve now added a chaos generator and regenerator so my glider regenerates it’s hull and armor even faster.How’s that for unstoppable?One more thing-I stopped at the Test Complex in the Altitude Sector for some resources and noticed the black namtar was gone.Is this a sign that Sinatro has payed a visit there?

  429. RYUK on

    it might, but it also might mean that another mechmind has passed through there and bought it….although i can`t remember if i ever saw a normal mechmind with Black Namtar…. normal=not fifth gen…..cuz not even MONCEBER uses Black Namtar….

    as for the Railgun…i think it uses organic ammo or smth like that can`t remember, I just know it has smth organic and there is smth…..can`t remember again….either the chaos generator or smth else which needs the chaos gen which can regenerate organic ammo……

    P.S. I was talking about the Armadillo glider….

  430. RYUK on

    meh….fking first won`t let me join them….I`m rating 8 got the glider they want and anything else and they still wont let me
    as for the siniger…..im only rating 6 but got devil wings…..fk it…..

  431. RYUK on

    ah…guys….ever tried to reset the Reckoners???

    I got a mission in Altitude or Highlands to bring one to reset (TALLARCET) but surprise surprise i can`t find him…
    who knows, maybe this will get them mad and it might happen what Kane said….

    and smth stupid….I re-started A.I.M. 2 and idk how but i found LOARRAT in 5 minutes or so…O_O…normally it took a ton of time and insults to get to him and to get out….i got in and out pretty fast xD

  432. infinity on

    The Reckoners can’t be brought to Reset because they no longer use gliders.They’ve united their quasi-mental fields and the formed the Network.The four you must destroy-TALLARCET,MOXXART,DERCINT and MIRAND,can’t be brought to Reset because when you deliver them to a building,they become part of the Network itself.
    I’ve taken control of all sectors and I’m so powerful I’ve almost wiped out every single clan in existance.I even destroyed all the Forward in the Altitude.I’ve exchanged the tachyon heater for a field destabilizer.Destroys most Mechminds with a single shot if used properly.

  433. infinity on

    TALLARCET is in the Altitude Sector.

  434. RYUK on

    oh well…I got a bring enemy to reset mission with the target TALLARCET so….clan mission I think….anyway…

    oh well….on one of my saves I have a Black Namtar with electrical discharger and railgun…
    on the current save I have a Demon Shadow with 2 annihilation cannons….and although i had the field destabilizer as well….I can`t use it properly to quote you xD

  435. Tizu on

    The game hasn’t ,,an end”;0 so when you finish to form the supercluster there the game is really over 😉 they let some place for AIM 3 😀 i heard in 2011 will finish some rumors said i will not continue the project of AIM 3 damn i want it so don’t stop i want to see the end 😀
    So don’t bother to search for another end there is no other what that guy said about Sinigr and Sinatro are just bullshits he ate shit X(

  436. Ryuk on

    Who cares? I`m still going to play it as crazy because I like it and I wanna destroy all the damn clans (except Sinigr obviously)…only problem is damn mushrooms….VERCUS…..and damn Nautilus…..everything else is piece of cake….
    oh ya another problem is I`m playing Dead Space and Ima start playing Mass Effect soon….

  437. Ryuk on

    nvm….I`m gonna play Call of Duty and I lost MONCEBER….he is no longer in Alittude or at least I cant find him…anyway now I`m looking for Nautilus….
    P.S. Fuck VERCUS and his mushrooms!

  438. infinity on

    Merry Christmas to all and may all destroy every single clan in AIM.I have only a few left and I’ll be the leader of every sector.Dead Space is awesome,but my computer is too pathetic for it.

  439. Ryuk on

    infinity if you actually meant A.I.M. I`m going to kill you.How the hell could you do it? It`s not like I gave any crap about the clans.I only did the main mission, the rest was irrelevant, as the First say…The only clan I attacked like hell (they started it) was the Sinigr…I have something like 130-140 (trainer…what can I say…I suck! xD).Oh ya….the Invaders too….they were too annoying….unfortunately I couldn`t kill many Hunters because they run (COWARDS!).
    P.S. Merry Christmas! and may we find a freaking end to A.I.M. 2.

  440. infinity on

    Sorry,I really meant A.I.M.2.My bad.I wonder if the supercluster will form on its own if you defeat all mechminds until there are only mechminds of your clan on the entire Range?That would be a weird end.

  441. infinity on

    Guys,I have an idea but I’m unable to try it out at the moment,so if you can,do it.Go to the underground sector,where you find LOARRAT and Super’s message.There you’ll see the giant gates Super spoke of.He said that you are unable to get through them and it’s true,you can’t open them or do anything,just get LOARRAT and leave.My idea is to get close to the gates and press F8.This makes you leave your glider like a ghost and move around.Do you think it’s possible to use this mode to see what’s behind the gates?If so,try it,because I’m completely stuck in the tunnels and I can’t find my way there.

  442. RYUK on

    Why couldn`t you come with this idea on 25th of December when I was in the Underground? Although I agree, it`s a good idea, but Super said he used some devices to transform into energy or something like that so I doubt it will work. Anyway, whoever can try it, try it and tell us what happens.

  443. RYUK on

    Wait a second. I could try it, the only problem is I have two PCs and A.I.M. 2 is on the other PC. Fortunately (for all of us I think) I make a save everywhere I get important messages, like the Underground, Observer and stuff like that; long story short, I have a save in the Underground near the gates, but I won`t be able to try it too soon because that PC is my dad`s, so I don`t know when I`ll be able to do it, but when I get my hands on it I`ll try it.

  444. Ryuk on

    Infinity, you were right.In a way. I F8-ed there and the mechmind went through that door, but unfortunately I couldn`t see much…You know you can`t get far from the glider.Anyway, I`ll check as much as I can but from what i saw there`s nothing there, not like I expected finding anything.

  445. Ryuk on

    Sorry for not saying this in the previous post, but I didn`t pay a lot of attention to the background. You might have been able to open that door but there is something blocking it. I doubt you can destroy it, since the mechmind can`t really do anything. No mechmind or gliders or anything else in case you wanted to ask about it. Too bad I`m too lazy to find out if the Network would tell me anything. Let`s hope not. That`s all.

  446. Ryuk on

    Guys, dunno if you were already up-to-date (I only found this out), but you can read Nautilus`s messages (dunno about the first, but the second, I went to the Sinigr and wanted to check if I still had it, and when I looked the decrypted message appeared. In case you wanna know what he said (unless you bastard knew already xD):
    I have realized what needs to be done.To delete the obstacle (contour field, obviously) from the path is my choice.But before I can appear before the obstacle, I need at least seven turns of the planet.

  447. infinity on

    It’s disappointing that we can’t get through that underground gate.I tried something myself-I went to the Swamp Sector and when I got out,I pressed F8 and started looking around,but there wasn’t much to find,nothing of use anyway.I’m still working on the destruction of the Nargoons and Tollerances in the Tundra Sector.
    And,RYUK,I read Nautilus’s message too,but it means nothing to me,it only means that it takes time for Nautilus to get to the outside of the Swamp Sector and deactivate the contour field.I still like the inside of the Arlings Lab,where you get to see the Creators and it has been puzzling me for a long time.Why are there Humans in the “Arlings Lab” and no Arlings?

  448. Ryuk on

    A crazy idea just came to me. I`ll tell you about it at the end. For now, I`m going to tell you some mechminds you need to baby-sit. FATALL – he keeps falling in a radiation hole in which you can`t survive even with trainer (trust me, I know). ARHHAND and APROGUS – they have to be baby-sited because they start attacking your clan once you start convincing, and they eventually get killed, and if they get killed underwater you`re fucked. And the mechmind that fucked (I would`ve got fucked anyway because I had to reinstall the Windows) MONCEBER. Let me tell you the story. I went to I don`t remember what Sector, convinced a 5th gen, went back to Altitude, went to map and right clicked MONCEBER`s name, and surprise, surprise, I couldn`t track him. So, I tried Search for a mechmind, and again, nothing. I started looking on the map and (you guessed…)- NOTHING!. It`s a pity, I had 30 mushrooms, so VERCUS wouldn`t have been a problem. Finished Nautlis, Sinigr and organic modifier. Another odd idea I got: I don`t think it`s possible, but if anybody got a save with organic modifier on boar, can you check (in the cluster menu at a base) if you have leave for it? If you don`t, then fine, but if you do (which even me, who came with the idea doubt,but if you can then it could be cool).

    OK, I`m cool. Now, to go back to my original crazy idea: anybody tried pressing F8 while in a base or at the cluster menu? Who knows, maybe you could get in the cluster or something. Anyway, try it.

    As for the humans in the Arlings Lab, I don`t know either, but (A.I.M. players) do you remember at the ending of A.I.M., when you are in the lab, you can press a button (there are the go to humans with that shuttle, the one to activate self-destruct and the one for communications. One communication said something about a situation with the Arlings. I don`t know if this means anything, I don`t even know if it has something to do with the Humans in the Arlings Lab, I`m just saying, like you and the Reckonners, that it`s strange HUMANS are in the ARLINGS Lab.

    • Ryuk on

      At ARHHAND and APROGUS I meant if the mechmind sinks.

      As for the Underground plant, maybe you`ll get in it, but we have to play harder (if we aren`t already 😀 )

  449. Falconian on

    I’m realy glad to have found this place, for nowhere on the bloody net are there forums or anything with propper discusions about AIM 2.. I looked for FAQ or Walkthrough EVERYWHERE, but no one played or worked hard enough on it, as it weems, to write a propper guide..
    I played AIM, original one, for months and loved it beyond measure, same as well with the sequel, our beloved “clan wars”, but there are things and secrest within it I failed to reveil, still… It just seem disapointing.. After conquering all sectors, you simply activate the supercluster and the game is over.. Just like that! It’s.. lame …

    No great ending what so ever.. Just many questions left for the AIM 3, if it ever releases…

    An actual question now ^^… Destroyed sector, allways, and I mean EVERY BLOODY TIME, when I try to leave the pasage tunnel TO it, not from it, either from the passag tunnel or the underground tunnel to the surface, it bloody FREEZES, just stops the game.. It’s some serious glitch, or whatever that kind of error is called.. So my acces to Destroyed sector is very limmited, allmost impossible…

    And can someone explain to me what those “trainers” for the game are?

    Thanks and godspeed…
    Regards from Serbia…

  450. Ryuk on

    Falconian, I can`t help you with the Destroyed Sector thing, since it has never happened to me. You can stop looking for walkthroughs, for you are not the only one who searched for them (I did as well, but i gave the hell up since very few people heard of this game). The first A.I.M. is cool and I finished it 3-4 times.

    But I can help you with the trainer. The trainer is kinda like cheats, only instead of opening a console or pressing Enter or anything like that, you press a key (it`s usually specified in the trainer or in a file that comes with it).
    Anyway, here`s a site http://www.megagames.com.

  451. Ryuk on

    There is something I find rather strange. I don`t know why, but only the sectors with a Climate Actuator are main sectors. Which means even Swamp Sector might`ve been a main sector if it wasn`t for the Sinigr, since it was a main sector in A.I.M. Actually, all sector were main sectors, since they were the only sectors. I`m sad about Volcano Sector, although in A.I.M. I hated this sector (I still hate it 😀 ).

    And Falconian, something I didn`t tell you: trainers might turn you into a nub (the best example is me…I use cheats and trainers at almost every game I play). Here`s why trainers can nubify you (didn`t find any other word 😀 ).
    Trainers are generally used to make your game play easier. Meaning they usually are for infinte money, health, shield, ammo, stuff like that.

  452. Ryuk on

    Great……My game is fucked…….just like yours Falconian only to me it happens in the fucking Toxic Swamp…..

  453. Tizu on

    Falconian same thing happened to me to Destroyed sector ,it was stall when i was trying to get into Destroyed sector
    What i suggestion?
    Save your saves file in the folder and reinstall AIM 2 and will work trust and made the same and it works:) just copy your, “saves” folder after reinstall The Game and again if you do not want to retake from the beginning paste your Saves folder The Game Folder

  454. Tizu on

    Any way i found that in 2011 (I hope )they will give is AIM 3 :D:D:D the game will start from where we left from the Obelisk or super’s bunker i Think from Obelisk because they said you will lose some of your memory so you have to find your brothers the mechmind from 5th generation to restore your memory ,another idea from skyrivers your enemy and the war will be between 5th generation(also you) and siniger
    because they wanted to reset you in a cowardly manner
    If you saw in AIM 2 some of your clan members tell you to ,,be careful … the attack will starts in every moment”
    and also your brothers tell that they,,received some signal from Sinigr “

  455. Ryuk on

    Well, I was lucky it was nothing really, I didn`t need to reinstall A.I.M. 2. Anyway, I found out that capturing the Underground Sector base is useless (I have all except motherfucking LOARRAT in hold). Currently I`m searching for LOARRAT while trying to stay sane and also waiting for Nautilus to destroy that contour field. Why did he need to talk to the Sinigr? Couldn`t he want to talk to me or a 5th gen? Oh well, this is not important. Or he could still want to talk to the Sinigr but also he could destroy all contour fields, or at least one in each sector as he did in Swamp Sector.

    I still don`t want the Sinigr as enemies. In A.I.M. they wanted you as their ally. Now you want them as enemies. WHY?
    Oh yeah….any word of Super or the Beholder or Nautilus in A.I.M. 3? Or the 6th generation? I can`t wait until 2011.

  456. Tizu on

    Man if you saw over 50 % of AIM player want SINIGR as the 5th enemy
    Also Nautilus want to talk with SINIGR cause they are some how connected they were created in airling lab and SINIGR are using organic glider and other stuff their goal to be like creators
    also the story of AIM3 is based on what had happen in AIM 2 <>Why want some one who want this as your enemy because are powerful ?, this should make you hungry for battle >:) i just can’t wait for AIM 3
    ALSO in AIM 1 They wanted you as ally but they always attacked me in desert sector
    as first from 5th gen you are a warrior no one run unless you are weak >:) soi didn’t run i destroy 3 SINIGR and here we go they are my enemy also you had a mission to kill SINIGR so also i kill him and are my enemy >:)

  457. Ryuk on

    What 5th enemy? Or you mean the enemy of the 5th generation?
    I doubt the Sinigr were created in the Arlings Lab because Super couldn`t have known about it, because of the information locks or whatever Super called them in A.I.M. 2. And yes, I know their goal since I played A.I.M. as hell before finding A.I.M. 2.
    I don`t get your question:”Why want some one who want this as your enemy because are powerful ?”.
    I don`t really remember, but the first time I played A.I.M. they didn`t attack me or I ran. Unfortunately I can`t remember.
    No, as a 5th generation you aren`t necessarily a warrior. In A.I.M. you were created to make contact with the Beholder, so no you weren`t a warrior, you were more like a Reckoner. An example is TENEBR; he is a trader. Although I have to agree with you about something: most 5th generation Mechminds are warriors.
    As for the ending, you didn`t get the kill SINIGR (the Siniger leader) mission because you killed those 3 Sinigers. That mission was given to you by the First, because they didn`t want the Siniger to interfere while you were going to the Outer Edges.

  458. Tizu on

    Oh yea the best Glider
    Black Namtar>:)

  459. Tizu on

  460. Ryuk on

    Ahm…I knew that was the most durable glider, but most durable does not necessarily mean the best. Unfortunately, every time I find it, it is modified, and I want an original one;so, for now I only have Namtar and am screwing my brain up in the fucking underground.

  461. infinity on

    There is no original Black Namtar.It’s merely the modification of the Namtar itself,but painted black to look cooler.It may be the most durable,but it’s very heavy and hard to steer properly.Seriously,why don’t you try the Devil Wings?It’s the most powerful organic glider of them all and regenerates itself and if you hook it up with a chaos generator and regenerator,it repairs itself incredibly fast.It has a good holding capacity,not so hard to steer,so it’s pretty nice.I’m seriously having trouble convincing MONCEBER because I can’t find the other Hidden in the Altitiude to destroy,even on the map.Where have they all gone?By the way,MONCEBER is the last of his clan in the Altitude,all other Forward have been either convinced or completely destroyed.

  462. Ryuk on

    Hmmmm…..I have everything…Organic modifier, all sectors, but I haven`t got fucking LOARRAT….I just can`t find my fucking way in the fucking underground. Which is strange, because in the game MONCEBER fucked I found LOARRAT in MINUTES. Now I`m searching LOARRAT for 2 days and still haven`t found him. Wasn`t Station 5 the station you went to station 12 which led you to 17, where LOARRAT and the underground plant is? Because I`ve been in it for a few times but I never got to 12.

    And infinity, I know there`s no original Black Namtar. I meant not modified.

  463. Tizu on

    With the right engines you can have an Attack glider like Black Namtar to have 100 at speed 😛 that’s why i chose that glider i can take over 17 000 KG just one glider has a bigger hold i think 😕 the biggest durability High speed with that two engines with trade modifier level 5 😛 and that reactors , one of the most effective guns :-> i just need 2 trade modifier level 5 and voila the most effective fire power >:)
    and also it’s regenerate it’s self don’t worry not like Devil Wings but his durability ,with the protection i have it’s very hard to destroy even that 2 tower defense from a base it’s take much to destroy 🙂
    Black namtar rules 😀

  464. Tizu on

    Btw how can i see the creators from reckoner lab ? i don’t really now i finished that game 4 times but i still don’t know how did i saw the creators 🙂

  465. RYUK on

    You have a mission, when you get first time to the Arlings Lab to return to them when you capture all sectors ( or like it says there Return prior to the creation of the supercluster or something like that). Anyway, after you capture all sectors, you go back to them and they let you inside the Lab, to the Creators.

  466. Tizu on


  467. Kira on

    Nothing else….I have all sectors too all mechminds in hold the organic modifier so….nothing.

  468. Ryuk on

    Hmmmm….I think Sinigr are liars.Why? Because they told you that the organic modifier could be used as a mechmind of any generation.But as all you have noticed, when you put the organic modifier in Super`s Bunker, nothing happens…nothing at all. Me, to prove how bored I am, I put the organic modifier in the Underground Sector. As for the time I had all 5th generation in hold and the organic modifier, everywhere I went nobody told me a damn thing. At nothing I include what the Network tells you about the organic modifier. The only thing I didn`t try (I don`t want to get pissed off) is go to the underground plant, although I doubt anything would happen. So, long story short, nothing can be done about A.I.M. 2. You have to lose it and wait for A.I.M. 3, if it will appear.

  469. infinity on

    That would be logical,but it would also be really annoying.You’d think there would be at least a bit more to the game,but no.I seriously hate losing,even if a game’s storyline demands it.But if A.I.M. 3 appears,we’ll have our revenge.The Sinigr don’t exactly care about other mechminds,they just think about themselves,because they think they’re the ultimate clan or something.I’d hate to say this but when you help them escape the Range,they actually use you.In fact the organic modifier is probably part of their plan-they help you succeed in your task,but you become stuck on the Range,while they have the planet to themselves.One day they will pay.

  470. Ryuk on

    Oh well, there`s nothing that can be done. I started doing missions, although they are useless. About the Sinigr, I don`t know what do they think about the other generations, I don`t even know if they know you are the first of Fifth generation. I do know they are brutal and always bring enemies to Reset, and they want to achieve everything the Creators achieved.
    Two things I don`t understand… Firstly, what do the Sinigr mean when they say that they know what your goal is, because it`s a goal that everyone has tried to achieve since the quasi-mental field thingy?
    Secondly, why is the Network a secondary circuit, while the Sinigr are a primary circuit? They are both superclusters (I think) since they both have all their Mechminds in clusters. The Reckoners stay secondary even after you bring those four Mechminds to where ever you dumped them.

    I wonder if A.I.M. 3 would say anything about the organic modifier. I mean if it would say you used it somewhere.

    As for the F8 thing…I don`t think the Mechmind gets out of the glider. I think it`s a sort of extra corporal experience, possible due to the quasi-mental field.

  471. Tizu on

    it took yu a while to realize don’t you ?
    yep there will be a AIM 3 i hope some rumors said will not be some said yes in 2011

  472. Ryuk on

    Ahahahahahahahhaha……this is stupid!….. I understand finding Mechminds beyond the contour field (not really). But in the Rock Sector I found a freaking glider in an even freakier ROCK! Ahahahahahhaha……Oh and Infinity, I got the bring TALLARCET to Reset mission…..AGAIN!…..

  473. Ryuk on

    You know what…..I`m stupid….xD…..he wasn`t in the rock, just I didn`t see the opening.

  474. infinity on

    I don’t understand that TALLARCET mission.It shouldn’t exist at all.He can’t be brought to Reset because he is no longer the same,he is now a part of the Reckoners Network.Going beyond the contour field is apparently impossible.In A.I.M. 1,I got through the contour field once by continuingly accelerating towards the field itself.It was weird but the only result of this was me getting stuck outside and couldn’t get back in.

  475. Ryuk on

    Lol…..I assume you tried it in A.I.M. 2 and it didn`t work.

    About the TALLARCET mission, did you do missions in Altitude Sector? Because I got two missions. First only destroy glider and bring Mechmind. I couldn`t do it because I already destroyed him once and it`s obvious I had to decline it.

    Something`s annoying me. When I get deliver message to Mechmind missions, I can`t usually make them and I don`t understand why. It only says deliver the message to but no name. I even got a deliver cargo mission but the thing I was suppoused to deliver was in Russian or so I assume so I declined it.

    Do you guys have any idea why isn`t the Assembly Shop working anymore?

  476. infinity on

    Back in the old days Super used to control everything on the Range,including the production of mechminds.He actually created every single mechmind,starting with the First and ending with the 5th gens.So I assume that after he had left the Range,no more mechminds were created.That’s why the number of mechminds in a sector never increases-because no more are being created.Besides,the Assembly Shop is in the Rock Sector-a place controlled by super strong mechminds with the best weapons and gliders.Who knows,after the Reformation they probably shut it down,but I’m sure it’s because of Super’s disappearance.

  477. infinity on

    Only Super knows how to create mechminds.

  478. Ryuk on

    OK…I will soon go fucking crazy. Why? Ask TALLARCET! I keep getting missions with destroying him.
    And my craziness might go beyond that and start searching in the game`s files things about the contour field and delete them. I`ll keep the original in a different folder.

    I want Super back on the Range! The Observer too.

  479. infinity on

    I’ve begun replaying A.I.M.1.I just made my way to the Tundra Sector,but not before destroying the Invaders and Hunters in the Rock Sector.Destroying clans in this game is possible,but very hard.I just hope I’ll be able to destroy the Wild Ones and Black Players when the time comes.I’ve never done it before,so I better do it this time.

  480. Kira on

    OK…How the hell do you destroy clans in A.I.M.?
    A.I.M. is just the opposite of A.I.M. 2. And you know why? A.I.M. has an actual ending (unlike A.I.M. 2) in which you sorta win. And in A.I.M. you can join a clan, but you can`t destroy one, or actually you can, but it`s hard as hell. In A.I.M. 2 destroying clans is boringly easy, but joining clans is hard as hell, or I don`t know how to do it.

  481. infinity on

    To destroy a clan in A.I.M.,you have to bring their clan rating below 2.00.But don’t be fooled if you notice that despite the fact that you destroy mechminds of a clan,their rating increases instead of decreasing.In reality,the mechminds lose 1 rating point when you destroy his glider and take him to a base.After a while he returns with less rating,so you can kill him as many times as you need,until he is brought to Reset(kinda like A.I.M.2).Now it’s fun to watch Hunter gliders in the Rock Sector,who are actually Free Ones.

  482. Will on

    I must be stupid, as I haven’t been able to find Super’s Obelisk in the Tundra Sector. I’ve taken control of Desert / Altitude and Arctic sectors, and also completed the Nautilus/Sinigr quests. But I find myself unable to locate this Obelisk. I’ve bought the sector map but it don’t show on it. I though it was the bunker but it wasn’t 😡

  483. infinity on

    Super’s Obelisk is in the southeast part of the sector.It’s north of the Expendables Plant.

  484. Ryuk on

    Hunters in Rock Sector are cowards. Every time I try killing them they run. As for the Obelisk, if you haven`t found it, it`s close to Base 2, you should go right ( I think) on a bridge and then you`ll see it.

  485. infinity on

    I finished A.I.M. 1.I did it the Siniger way-I destroyed the lab.You might say the First tried to stop me,but failed miserably-I destoryed all in my path.

  486. infinity on

    I really need to ask-has anyone passed the mission,where you have to give the information analyzer to the Restrictors?I can never do this,because when the options to give it or to refuse appear,the “give” option doesn’t work,only the “refuse” option works.By the way,I still can’t destroy either the Wild Ones,or the Black Players.These are seriously persistant clans.

  487. RYUK on


  488. Ryuk on

    Heh….The only First I ever destroyed was in Volcano Sector. Ya know the mission with destroy the First with that shitty useless gun. Well, I shot him once and he said: “You are useless. Super wasted his resources.” I guess you know what happens when a heavy weapon impacts with a glider, especially at close range. I can`t remember which gun was it, anyway it fires 4 blue “bubbles”.

  489. infinity on

    The Tachyon Heater fires 4 blue “bubbles”.But don’t you ever fight the First?Just yesterday I destroyed over 40 First Ones in different sectors,they aren’t as strong as they say.The Siniger are much tougher.

  490. Anonymous on

    well if you want make easy ,,Money” go in Desert sector and destroy cariers they have many resources as multi mass each one worth 1000 so you can make easy money from 30 000 i have now almost 1 million :->

    • Tizu on

      weak i had 5 millions and reached lev 11 :-> btw from 7 to 8 i made it only by trade many hours lost indeed 😀

  491. Ryuk on

    Ye, I know. But the Carriers are hard to destroy, even with trainer. You know that mission with destroy the Carrier convoy? Well, that`s kinda shitty and I restarted a few times before finishing it.

  492. Necromancer on

    If somebody is interesting in FLYING in the clouds then you must have 2 impulse gravitational drives, jump concentrator and 2 colapse reactors then (if you have booster its better to turn it on when you fly) you press f3 and look up your crushair must be up very high on the end of the screen ceep it up there and hold turbo if you want more faster flying then you jump and when you fall a little jump again and ceep your croshair up. If you want extra high flying when you are up hold the jump key a little time (not all of your energy) and then jump again you will get higher, but ceep your energy up. It is better to do this whith Black Namtar. (I even made it to one of these flyin UFO machines)

  493. Ryuk on

    I did that too. Only difference is I am using a trainer, although I haven`t played A.I.M. 2 in 2 months or so.

  494. Necromancer on

    I got some Organic modifer frome the Sinigrs in the Swamp Sctor I dgust add it to one cluster in the tunder sector base 4 and boom the map is on my control. Really cool and if somebody has cheats for A.I.M 2 pleas can you tell me some!

  495. Ryuk on

    Well, it ain`t a cheat, it`s a trainer. And, since I don`t have your ID I am going to give you the site. It`s http://www.megagames.com.

  496. Necromancer on

    thanks, but I dont understand for what is this site.

  497. Ryuk on

    To get trainers. The trainers make your in-game “life” easier. Like giving you inf life money and stuff like that.

  498. Necromancer on

    Ok, thats really cool beacose I need my energy cristals allays very much!

  499. Ryuk on

    One slight problem I got. My rank isn`t going beyond progressive or well-built…Can`t remember.

  500. Shooter113 on

    how can do i bring an enemy to reset?

  501. Anonymous on

    Destroy him as many times as necessary,until his rating goes to zero.

    • Shooter113 on

      But then it says “worthless, ready for reset.” I take him to a building, but it doesn’t reset him, he just stays there!

    • Shooter113 on

      Never mind, just figured it out.

  502. DC on

    I know I’m just missing something obvious here, but I can’t seem to complete the Reckoners Climate Actuator mission — I’ve been inside of each of the actuator buildings on the list , but when I go back to the Toxic Swamp sector, they still say that the data is incomplete. Any ideas? Am I supposed to do something besides just going in to each building? The Desert sector is also on the list, in white instead of the green for the other sectors, but there doesn’t seem to be a climate actuator in that sector (I spent a lot of time flying all around the boundaries and even bought a map to make sure…) — what am I missing here?

    • DC on

      Never mind — The Desert sector DOES have a climate actuator, it was in white on my list because it was the last to be visited….I figured it must be something simple and stupid on my part…

      • Anonymous on

        Where is it? I can’t find it anywhere, i even bought a map of the sector, and it doesnt show the climate actuator

  503. Andy on

    Great Post. Just Played AIM again for the 100th time as never could understand Aim 2. After reading all this – well some of it – I’ll put the game back on the system and give it a try.

  504. infinity on

    Andy,because you’ve played AIM 100 times,answer this question:Have you ever passed the mission from the Restrictors in the Swamp Sector,where they ask you to give them the information analyzer?I’ve never been able to pass this,because the game simply doesn’t allow me to give them the analyzer,even when I click “Give analyzer to Restrictors”.Another thing:Have you ever passed the missions,where you must destroy the Wild Ones(Volcano Sector) and the Black Players(Desert Sector)?Destroying clans in AIM seems impossible to me.Even when I reduce the rating of their clan,it always goes back up,and when I’ve destroyed a considerable amount of either Wild Ones or Black Players,it’s as though they’ve vanished from their sectors,because I can’t find more of them,while their rating keeps going back up.If you know,please explain.

    • Ebbpp on

      lol – been there, experienced that…

  505. profvader on

    I have convinced all the 5th gen mechaminds and also captured all the 6 main sectors,but when I try to form a super cluster I always end up losing the entire range to the Sinigrs.Does anyone know what to do in order to form the super cluster?

  506. profvader on

    I have convinced all the 5th gen mechaminds and also captured all the 6 main sectors,but when I try to form a super cluster I always end up losing the entire range to the Sinigrs.Does anyone know what to do in order to form the super cluster??

  507. Ryuk on

    Nice to see people still post here, sorta. Anyway…

    Profvader…Not much to do.That’s just how the darn game ends, I guess. All you can do is -if they make it, that is- wait for A.I.M. 3.

    Infinity, I guess your questions were too much for poor Andy or he didn’t finish those missions. Neither did I for that matter. I tried the Wild Ones, but I couldn’t lower their rating too much. As of the Restrictors, guess it’s bugged, because that happens to me as well. Tried checking for patches or anything?

  508. Merlin on

    I need some help with convincing MONCEBER – I have found it in the Altitude sector and he wants that I bring The Hidden’s clan rating down to 50… sounds easy.
    However, I have brought it down to 58 and I can’t find any more Hidden members there 😦 Already asked that the clan is “showed” for 2k energy, but this revealed no further Hidden… any ideas?
    All sectors are mine and all missions with Reckoners are done… just this wired obstacle…

    • Tizu on

      well make some missions destroy other mech from other clan they might hold a hidden mind

      • Anonymous on

        In same sector, right?
        Good idea, thanks, will do 🙂

    • Ebbpp on

      Yup-same problem here, cloaked glinders?

  509. Merlin on

    One more thing: about LORRAT – I have finally made it to station 17 (if anyone is interested how, here is the path: 23/33/36 -> 32 -> 12 -> 17), but the mech is not there?! All clues I have found in inet indicate it should be there… but is not 😦 Ideas?

  510. V on

    This blog is crazy but it helped me get started. Is the agreement that Kane and others were trolling and making stuff up about the “good” ending? I wish they’d show up and post some proof but it does seem kinda fishy that he just happened to format his hard drive when people started asking for a save game.

    • Tizu on

      You have to find the path search trough that station 17 you must see a big gate get close and will open ,but only if you visited the obelisk if not you lost your time , if yes enter trough passage and then look at your radar down left of your screen and if you see a purple signal fallow it be sure to be in the middle of he radar

  511. Tizu on

    You have ti find the path search trough that station 17 you must see a big gate get close and will open ,but only if you visited the obelisk if not you lost you time if yes enter trough passage and then look at your radar down left of your screen and if you see a purple signal fallow it be sure to be in the middle of he radar

  512. Tizu on

    Btw we should make a forum .. with screen shots FAQ and more would be easy

    • MerlinBG on

      That would be really nice.

  513. TriEdgeAI on

    I went to the ventilation in Altitute and got out without anything and now I can’t get it, it says something like “The deep tunnels are closed, it is impossible to get to the underground utilities.”
    How can I get in there again so I can get LOARRAT? :S

    • TriEdgeAI on

      Oke oke, I went there but uh… I can’t find LOARRAT bastard, I went to every single underground level, no trace of him. 😐

      • Merlin on

        For entering – the tunnels open & close at some schedule, give it a try later on.
        I also can’t find Lorrat at station 17, same as you, someone has mentioned something about some obelisk, which should be visited first… have you done this?

  514. Vaze on

    Does anyone know if this game can run on Windows 7 ??????

    • TriEdgeAI on

      Yes, I just finished the game on Windows 7. Where’s the modding tools, btw?

      • Vaze on

        Modding tools? I hear about them for the first time.

    • Merlin on

      It does run, however I experience some wired freezes during usage of the passage tunnels, I have to use another PC for this… then transfer saves… boring, but not impossible.

  515. Anonymous on

    HI, I need help my tilde key doesnt work and I cant speak to other mechminds I tried changing the DICODE file but it didnt work, does any one has this problem ?, and knows how to fix it because its very anoying not being able to speak to other mechs

    • Merlin on

      Why is it not working? I mean… only in game, or at all?

  516. Anonymous on

    Uhm…To the guys that can’t find LOARRAT:
    After you get to the 17th level, did you “happen” to stumble upon a gate? To open that gate, you need the key from Super’s Obelisk in Tundra Sector, it’s close to the second base, can’t remember exactly where, but distance at max should do the job :). Anyway, after you go through the gate, finding your way to that big ass blocked gate shouldn’t be THAT hard.

  517. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    Has enyone found Super or SINATRO or actually finish the game I mean “FINISH” not “GAME OVER” please reply I’m VERY confused!?

    • Ebbpp on

      Well, I got once a massage in Rock Sector from other glinder that there is an impressive structure in Rock sector where is a brunch in counter field that I need to see, but I wasn’t able to find any brench… also that base in underground…need to find it… I’m not so sure about that alternate ending, but it may be true.

  518. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    Hellooo… somebody still here..!? 😦

  519. Medyk on

    I finished the game. The ending is quite ok. But the first game had a better story. It’s sad that the game doesn’t have a english site or a forum. Maybe someone will make one.

    (-o0$paceman0o-) – there are two wayst to end the game.
    The first way. Collect all Mechanoid 5th generation. Total of 12.

    1. ARIO – Desert.
    2. TARANTOG – Desert.
    3. INFERION – Desert.
    4. GAANTRO – hills.
    5. TENEBR – Destroyed.
    6. MONCEBER – Highrise.
    7. APROGUS – Rock.
    8. VERCUS – Tundra.
    9. MORRANDO – Tundra.
    10. LOARRAT – Dungeons.
    11. FATALL – the Arctic.
    12. ARHHAND – Rock.

    Still there is an organic modifier. It is given in the Gaza Sinigr Bolot. Can be used as Mechanoids fifth generation, to put it in a cluster. But remember, stick it, you can not get it back!

    The second path. Capture all of the five major sectors. Total of 6:

    1. Rock.
    2. Tundra.
    3. Arctic.
    4. Hills.
    5. Desert.
    6. Highrise.

    You don’t need to find super to finish the game, just to know the full story. He “is” in the secret underground base.

    Merlin –

    ———-Tylda Fix ————————-
    Go to your Control Panel and within that, go to Device manager. Go to Human Interface Devices, and then right click on ITECIR Infrared Receiver (EC) and click “disable”. This will fix the tilde problem.

  520. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    Thanks for the info! 🙂 but where is SINATRO and what was the ending video? I once delivered resourses for the underground base but it consumed them and now it’s empty again… there is aways something mysterious about that place…

  521. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    and about the Sinigr modifier I put it in the underground base and I captured the base under the ARM of ORION control (my clan I love it) and nothing happened. I did also try to search the Hidden Clan but there was nothing.

    • Ebbpp on

      Hidden Clan…I hate those guys, how one can get them down below 50 in Altitude, when their trade glinders are invisible in the map, and I cannot see them by just flying around… well there is sth like cloacking device, but if that would be case how come others see me when it’s on, and how come I don’t see them?

  522. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    I JUST FOUND OUT THAT THERE WAS AIM 3 RELEASE IN RUSSIA ONLY!!! SO THERE IS AIM 3 BUT ONLY IN RUSSIA!!! I was at the russian forum got to AIM 3 disscusion and becose I am from Bulgaria I understand 60% of russian and I saw the download link with the files and rar AIM 3 BUT I CAN’T DOWNLOAD IT!!! they don’t give you… from now on I hate russia! 😦

  523. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    OOhhhh… I am tired of the same old unknown A.I.M. and AIM 2 Clan Wars I think it’s time to make this game FAMOUS! who is with me!? 🙂 I will put many videos of the game to youtube with different titles and attract as much attention as I can! If someone wishes to help me I will be very gratefull! post videos make sites tell friends to spread the word I love AIM and I want it to be famous!!! 🙂

  524. Medyk. on

    (-o0$paceman0o-) – “it’s time to make this game FAMOUS!” That would be great. Post a link when your done.
    You can find the eneding video on youtube if you want. An a lot of them, but in russian.
    There is no A.I.M 3, and as you can read on the ru forum there wont be.
    There are 3 “A.I.M” games
    A.I.M.: Artificial Intelligence Machine (also known as MechMinds in russia)
    A.I.M 2 Clan Wars (ther is an SKD on the ru forum, but ist a bit buggy)
    A.I.M Racing (a racing game in the A.I.M. world. It’s a god game but shit compered to the other A.I.M Games.)

  525. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    OK YEAH!!! The AIM 2 Clan Wars official forum is in construction and gues what I am the admin! we will have a forum in a few days I think 😀 !!!!

  526. infinity on

    Spaceman,where exactly did you read that there is an AIM 3?I haven’t seen any info on that anywhere.Also,I’m Bulgarian too.

  527. infinity on

    Ok,I really need to ask – has anyone ever passed AIM 2 without doing the Reckoners’ task of helping the Sinigr?I mean,if you don’t get Nautilus to release them from the Swamp Sector,how could they take control after you form the Supercluster?

  528. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    Well infinity, I have passed AIM 2 in 3 different ways I did try to end the game by isolating myself from the Reckoners and Sinigrs but the game ends the same way. I think it’s becose the reckoners are a secondary quasi mental circuit and when you try to form yours they manipulate it with theirs and the Sinigrs take control or something like that, the reckoners are traitors Super said not to trust them. And about the AIM 3 think hhmm… I am not sure, I just saw some AIM 3 files and rar. files exchange in the forum, this is just my theory… (i ako sme ot BG moje da si dumame na bulgarski 🙂 )

  529. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    And I am still making the forum it’s allmost ready with FAQ, Forum, Mods and Patches, (but there aren’t any, only patches and mod tool… I will see if I could find moderators) Cheats and Trainers, AIM 3 Project, “AIM series famous project”… May the forum grow big and strong!

  530. infinity on

    Not that I mind communicating in BG,but I prefer English.You might have seen several of my questions above and I was wondering if you could explain a few things in AIM.Why can’t I give the information analyzer to the Restrictors when asked to do so?Why is it impossible to destroy the Wild Ones and Black Players in the respective missions?As for AIM 2:why can’t I read the report on the contour fields after i’ve completed the Reckoners’ mission?

  531. Medyk on

    infinity – I ended the game in all possible ways and the ending is alwais the same. Why do you think the Sinigr take control after you form the Supercluster? And the Reckoners aren’t traitors. They just want to achieve the same goals in other ways. The Sinigr ar another story.

    “Why can’t I give the information analyzer to the Restrictors when asked to do so?Why is it impossible to destroy the Wild Ones and Black Players in the respective missions?” -I don’t quite remember, but i think it was a bug and you had to do it in a specific way. I haven’t played Aim 1 for a couple of years.

    “why can’t I read the report on the contour fields after i’ve completed the Reckoners” – Not all the text was translated to english, and not all link had been added. So its a bug, but if you extract the files you can read the result. I’ll try to post it here.

  532. infinity on

    It’s true that there are bugs occasionally,but why did they have to mess up important things?And it’s a shame the game ends this way,the Sinigr have the entire planet at their disposal,while all other mechminds are stuck inside the sectors.Who knows how long the sectors will last without Super maintaining vital systems,especially the climate actuators.

  533. Medyk. on

    infinity – “why did they have to mess up important things?” it’s not really so important to the story. If i remember correctly the raport says the Contour Fields alright and there is no danger. But the mechminds don’t need it anyway.

    “Sinigr have the entire planet …Who knows how long the sectors will last without Super maintaining vital systems,especially the climate actuators.” – the story is a bit complicated, but it’s not like that at all. The supercluster will control everithing on the range. Even the climate actuators. And the Sinigr dont want to contrl the planet. As you can see in the Ending they only live in the swamp sector and there they will remain. Their goal is to evolve.

    • Ebbpp on

      Nope, Nethulius, or whatever that thing is called release them to outer edges with your help, you are getting that organic modifiar for that. Still wondering about that speculations about different ending, I haven’t found that base in underground, I thought that Plant was the only worthy thing out there… I guess I ware wrong, don’t know if I have enough petiance for this

  534. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    Yes exactly! and it’s all so messed up, I hate Bugs and Sinigr! And it’s sad that the game will end like this why isn’t there gonna be AIM 3 😦 !!??

    PS: Maybe Skyriver is just lazy 😀 !

  535. Medyk on

    (-o0$paceman0o-) – you asked about “SINATRO” where did you find that something like that exists ??
    If from what Kane wrote than it’s 100% bullshit !!! Everything he wrote is bullshit. There is no “SINATRO”. In AIM 2 Super is milions of miles from the range. So you cant find him. And yes, there isent any epic battle wiht the 5th generation singers reconers etc…
    I was wondering where did get those ridiculous stories. Now I know…

  536. Medyk on

    (-o0$paceman0o-) – “Yes exactly! and it’s all so messed up, I hate Bugs and Sinigr! And it’s sad that the game will end like this why isn’t there gonna be AIM 3 😦 !!?? ”

    I only found 2 bigger bugs in AIM 2 which can be fixed in a couple of minuts if i have the oryginal russian language files.

    Why do you hate the Sinigr? Their goals are better than Super’s or the Reconers. And at the end they acheaved them.

    I really like the ending. It makes you think, and it explains a lot of things.
    And im sure there will be an AIM 3 in the future.

  537. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    well I worship Super becose he made us 🙂 he is like god and the game tells you too. and Super said Sinigrs are bad and “do not trust the reckoners”, it gave me the creeps when I herd the story of the organic modifier from ARIO becose he was our 3th brother and the Sinigrs made him into this biological modifier plant… it’s just sick 😦 .

  538. Medyk on

    Super didn’t make the mechminds. Most of the technology is human and arling. But we don’t now where did the mind (soul) come from, and Super doesn’t know aswell. Maybe from the Arbiters or The Observers…
    Super Didn’t say that the Sinigers are bad. They just think different than him, and so do the Reckoners. Super wants to isolate the Mechminds from the creators. The Reckoners want to contact the creators, or to wake up those on the range. The Sinigers want to evolve in their own way. They prefer everything Bio.
    As for the “3th brother” ARIO said he could be wrong. If you think about it, the Sinigers can create there own gliders, bulding and so one, so i think thay can create their own mechminds as well. And the third brother is probably the new leader of The Sinigers.

  539. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    hmmm… yes I totally forgot the goal of the sinigrs 🙂 they are right! but I don’t know I prefer to be on the side of the Reckoners now, becose if I follow the sinigrs it will all end up a biological race and bb to the good old days AIM Clan Wars and if Super well… he is boring becose nothing new will happen!

  540. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    PS: The forum is allmost ready! 😀

  541. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    I finally know what the end video means! it is very simple, sinigrs don’t win or take control as everyone else says, they just have their own supercluster and you have yours and what happens is your supercluster explodes and you take control of every mechmind ON THE PLANET except the sinigrs becose they have their own supercluster as I said. The Blue supercluster is yours (wich takes ALL THE PLANET) and the Yellow supercluster is sinigrs, so at the end its just Mechminds and Sinigrs living together in peace. But the Sinigrs are also mechminds they are the 3rd generation but don’t like to admin it, so lets say that the hole planet belongs to the mechminds living in peace 🙂 !

    • (-o0$paceman0o-) on

      at supercluster explodes I ment expands becose it doesn’t really “explode”.

  542. Medyk on

    (-o0$paceman0o-) – “so lets say that the hole planet belongs to the mechminds living in peace 🙂 !” – I doubt it. Mechminds are like humans. They can’t live in peace for long. So we have stories for AIM 3 ready. The ultimate battle for the planet maybe.

  543. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    Perfect this is what the story of AIM 3 Project will be 😀 😀 😀 YEEEAHHH!

    PS:Maybe I myself will make the next AIM 3 becose of my blender programing experience, but lets say after 5-6 years couse its a big burden and I am a bit lazy…

  544. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    …why are humans “the children of God” when they are so evil and sick, their soul want’s war and can’t live in peace, they themselves created the restrictions and “the law” while there is no such thing everything is free and everyone hase a free will why do everybody manipulates everyone else’s free will!?
    look around you…
    It occurs to me that humans turn out to be “the children of Satan”
    from all I have learned froughout life the world is 70% pain…

  545. infinity on

    Super was originally created to design new weapons and technology for the Creators in the wars they fought with other species.Gliders were only created for the purpose of battle advantage.But at some point the war went so far that they were forced to abandon the planet where Range 4 exists.After the Arbiter brought an end to all wars by reducing all races involved to primitive societies with very simple technology,Super and the Range remained the most advanced piece of tech there was.After an unspecified amount of time Super became self-aware and decided to resume the goals of the Creators and fulfill his programming-making weapons and gliders.To optimize the testing he created complex molectronic units encased in a very hard shell,so they can be put in new gliders upon the destruction of their old ones.Eventually eve Mechminds became self-aware and set out to accomplish their own goals,whether they conflict with Super’s goals or not.And that’s when we come to the events of AIM.

  546. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    Yes! infinity you are right, I just love the history of Humarbitesuperarlingsinigrfirstonesspacecolonialbattles 😀 , I read it somewhere else a long time ago… it’s very epic!

    PS:Tomorrow I will officialy open my forum, no more construction it’s ready!

  547. M on

    Have you ever been to the official site ??
    There you can read the entire story and a lot of interesting facts.
    All this is also in the manual for AIM 1.

  548. M on

    infinity – “As for AIM 2:why can’t I read the report on the contour fields after i’ve completed the Reckoners’ mission?”

    This is the full report:
    “It turns out that the contour fields have different forms and different degrees of strength. The only thing to pass through are random particles, and even this is only due to some emission peculiarities. The Creators’ creation is almost perfect. The only vulnerable points are the field emitters themselves, although they were created in order to operate autonomously for millions of hours and they are also extremely durable to external exposure. Should one emitter be destroyed, the field itself will not be harmed. The only truly vulnerable point in this system is a minor breach, which has given the field in that area a very low strength. However, within a year or less, all emitters will re-distribute the field energy to close out that breach. Do you now understand what is so special about the fields? Of course, all of this may soon change…”

    It does’t show up in the game because of a minor bug in the file quest.dat.
    It can by fixed in a couple of minuts. But i need time and the save in this mission. Both at the present time I don’t have. 😦

  549. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    yes M I have visited Skyriver’s forum and its a russian english mix in there 🙂 !
    Ok everybody here is my first and only forum out there except skyriver’s (thats why its called the forum of the first!).

  550. infinity on

    Interesting,so the contour fields are stable and there is no serious danger of collapse.I guess the mechminds aren;t going anywhere anytime soon.

  551. M on

    infinity – the Mechminds don’t really need the contour fields. In AIM 1 we have been beyond them.

  552. infinity on

    Of course the mechminds don’t need the contour fields,they were technically designed so humans wouldn’t experience the harsh conditions of the planet’s environment.But only two mechminds have been beyond so far – me and ARIO.How ARIO got out is a mystery,because the tunnel in the Desert Sector that leads outside ceased functioning after I destoyed the Creators’ lab.In AIM Racing you do get to race in the Outer Edges as well,so mechminds must’ve actually found their way out,considering AIM Racing occurs after AIM 2.

  553. Anonymous on

    “were technically designed so humans wouldn’t experience the harsh conditions of the planet’s environment” – They were built to the conditions on the planets inhabited by humans and arlingów (may even the earth), not the normal conditions of the planet. To survive in the conditions of the planet thay need a special sheald, which was designed by the reconers in the first part.
    Aim Racing takes plane in the same time as AIM 2. And how you get to the Outer Edges is explained when you read the description of the track.

  554. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    http://aim2thefirstforum.warsboard.com/ our English forum, we need more people… 🙂

  555. infinity on

    I find it interesting that ARIO has nothing to say about LOARRAT,even when you bring him to a base of your clan.And why we never got to see the new Mechminds of the sixth generation is also a mystery.

  556. M on

    infinity – ARIO says something when you bring LOARA for 100%. But i don’t remember what. I’d have to rip open again the files to check.
    And there never was a sixth generation in the oryginal story.
    The first part ended up destroying the lab.That was a correct ending.
    Post in the Forums: http://aim2thefirstforum.warsboard.com/

  557. infinity on

    Exactly,and after the lab is destroyed Super begins a new project to create a new generation of mechminds,which resemble living beings more than they do machines.Trust me,I remember this part well.As for LOARRAT,I’ve played the game several times over and I’ve never been told anything about him,other than what he told me after I got him.

  558. M on

    infinity – There is no such thing as the sixth generation of mechminds. Super left the range immediately after he created the 14 mechminds of the fifth generation. At the end of A.I.M 1 you get the message:
    “Clans of mechminds continued wars with their aim at perfection. Nobody except the Reckoners and the Sinigers noticed that the sixth generation appeared. But those creatures can’t be called mechiminds…”
    This most likely refers to the new breed of Sinigers in the swamp sector, which haven’t been created by Super. Those are not mechminds any more. And thay live only in the Swamp Sector.

    As for LOARRAT, this is what ARIO says. I have no idea why you didnt’ get it. I got this message. Do you have the oryginal game ??
    “I have not heard from LOARRAT for a long time. It turns out that he has been to an underground plant, and I could have found him there myself. But it is you who did it. Continue your search, The Lone wolf, and I am sure you will succeed in uniting our generation!”

  559. infinity on

    No,I haven’t played the original games,not the Russian versions anyway.

  560. (-o0$paceman0o-) on
  561. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    Whoever is looking for the english forum of the game visit:


    We work together to acomplish our task of making the game famous and create the A.I.M. 3, so please if this game is your favorite then register to our forum. You won’t regreat this!

  562. Makhpella on

    That’s a nice forum you got there. For some reason though, my laptop won’t let me play either of the A.I.M. games. Just felt like replaying them some time ago and found this out 😦
    Oh yeah, one thing: Can you find a Black Namtar without modifiers? I think I did once but…that was the only time. And anyway, I preffer using ARIO’s glider (Distressesr I think it was named). That and the Choas drives + jump accumulator = lots of fun 😀

  563. (-o0$paceman0o-) on

    Well, of cource you can find a Black Namtar without modifiers becose I did it once and I remember that moment very good!
    It’s the best glider for me, and I woudn’t change it for nothing…

    See my save game in the save safe at the forum, I have made my glider a killing machine + You can stay invisible for hours if you don’t move!
    Btw, why don’t you post on the forum we need all the fans of this game in order to make it A STAR 😀 !

    We have 8 users registered and nobody posts 😦 …

    • Strict on

      Trying to join your forum but it just keeps telling me: “You have specified an incorrect or inactive username, or an invalid password.”

      Then I try the “forgot password” and it tells me “The e-mail address you supplied does not match the one listed for that username.”

  564. Zagabeit on

    Can someone help me getting this running on Windows 7 64bit? I get the 1C and Skyriver logos, and then a black screen. i’ve tried Comp mode for 98 and XP, run as admin, etc. but nothing is working.

    • Merlin on

      Once you start the game, Alt-Tab to go back to Windows and open the Task Manager, navigate to Processes, find the AIM2 process, right-click it and set Affinity to use just 1 core.

  565. 72895 on

    I got onto wordpress.com from http://goodgamez.wordpress.

    com/2007/08/21/aim-2-clan-wars/ and I gotta admit, you have an attractive blog layout.
    How long have you been doing this? The way you do all of this makes it look like a cinch.
    Your page is beautiful, and also contains a wealth
    of high quality material.

  566. Anonymous on


  567. Kevin - SM5T001 on

    I have a forum… Just look here (its kinda non active) aim2thefirstforum.warsboard.com

    Also when you registered add me on friends list : SM5T001

  568. global ims media marketing on

    I recommend authors to only use 100 characters because then it
    increases the sales by gathering more and more companies have opted to target
    their audiences. The question is whether you believe the manipulative tactics,
    from which marketing campaigns are comprised, are moral or immoral?

    So if you’re looking to make a call.

  569. RocKo on

    Hi everyone, can anyone tell me where can I change “Command Menu Activation” to another button? I’m playing A.I.M.2 on my laptop and I can’t convince ARIO to self-destruction because of it, not even open a menu for communication with others…

  570. Reios on

    Wow, this finally died. Surprised it lasted this long.

    • spolygon on

      That’s rly sad, becouse I found lot of information here and I don’t know how to end this game properly.

  571. ReiOS on

    Really? I figured that people would’ve figured it out by now. To save the trouble for people who may stumble upon this and who like the game, the important points:

    The game has only the one ending, which can be reached in different ways. You can create the supercluster with all fifth-gen mechminds, or you can control the main sectors and activate the obelisk. The end result is the same, no end credits like in A.I.M. 1.

    There are no “hidden” endings, nothing like that.

    Super mentioning “more ways” to attain control over the range seems to just be a reference to scrapped content that was simply left in the game, alongside plenty of dialogue that makes no sense and is otherwise bugged.

    In short, the way to “properly” end the game is to basically do everything you can do in the game, at which point you simply stop playing it. Control all the minor sectors, all the buildings in these, do all non-random, non-repeatable quests, find all fifth-gen mechminds, and take over all of the main sectors. By doing that you basically 100% the game as you do everything there is to do. Then you either activate the obelisk or you create the supercluster and have the Sinigr take over. That’s the ending to the game, the only ending.

    Also, if you want ARIO’s little dialogue for all the mechminds, be sure to convince them before you take over the sector they’re in, otherwise it seems to glitch his dialogue sometimes and he simply won’t acknowledge you convinced them. Finding NAUTILUS is incredibly fun and easy if you’re not retarded and actually read the in-game dialogue, and Super’s little “quest” is the most interesting part of the game, as ultimately pointless as it is, and makes me wonder why people ever had any questions about it or were confused as to some kind of hidden meaning behind it. I wonder if people even bother reading in-game dialogue anymore.

    I’d be happy to answer any and every question about this game anyone may have, and I can provide proof as to my answers if required. That is, if anyone even bothers reading this anymore.

  572. gunofdis on

    AIM 1 question: I can’t for the life of me find the “alien mechmind” for the secondary base job in Rock Sector. I’m beginning to think he failed to spawn.

  573. gunofdis on

    well, I skipped that. Now I can’t get rid of the dialog box that pops up when the Reckoners first contact you in Arctic Sector.

  574. ReiOS on

    Sorry for the late reply, the “alien mechmind” is located near the Climate Actuator, off the side of the road. The Mechmind you are looking for is a First One flying a Dragon Glider.

    As for the Arctic Sector thing… I honestly have never experienced this. Pressing esc should close it though… also hope you’ve been saving those Repair Modules 😀

    For future reference: Anyone who still plays this game and would like some assistance/just to chat about it is free to add me on skype (aivo_light ‘AT’ hotmail.com). I’m replaying both games again as of the time of writing this and wanna go through them to 100% em as best as I can, so I’d be willing to provide assistance for anything people may encounter.

    Happy New Year o/

  575. Anes “TheK9” Mulahasanovic on

    how do i join the seekers i got a mission to join them and cause chaos with other clans (for 600k BTW I NEED THE LOOT) i need help becose idk how to join any other clan but my one pls respond

    • ReiOS on

      That mission is simply stupid and too much of a hassle for what it is worth. A.I.M. 2 Is simply a severely glitchy game and that particular mission is one of the moments that show this. You never really “join” them, and it may be possible that this mission may be leftover from a point of time in the game where you were able to join other clans before making your own akin to A.I.M. 1.

      Personally out of 10 tries I’ve been able to join them maybe 3-4 times by doing the same thing, which is basically helping out their Gliders whenever they’re under attack/attacking someone and doing A TON of trading to keep their one base in the sector running at top efficiency, and doing this before convincing mechminds for my own clan.

      By doing this they randomly started calling me a friend and I could just roam around on a lightning attacking and robbing people and out of nowhere the quest completes. Other times though I could get their base to 100% efficiency and they don’t really give a damn and I can just go take over the entire sector in a Lightning and the quest will just sit there.

      Overall it seems to be an extremely glitchy and finicky mission I don’t bother to try to complete on a normal playthrough.

      • ReiOS on

        Forgot to mention the main reason not to do this: The fact that you’ll most likely spend more money than you will earn unless you get really lucky with prices for the stuff they need. Honestly I think it is not worth it, and if you need money just smack random things, start a clan and start doing the clan missions which (usually) pay off decently well.

        the “Bring Mechmind to Reset” missions are also pretty amazing ways to make money, just make sure to take the mechmind to a base of their own clan so they respawn faster.

      • cant know on

        ok.i have found a problem…the destroyed sector crashes…..a LOT other sectors work but i have to switch the affinity from 2 cpus to 1 and the game works fine.and ill take your advice and leave the mission alone becose helping them and traiding with them..nope rather blow them to tinny tinny bits then help them

  576. ReiOS on

    For those with issues in the destroyed sector, all I can really advice you to do is to switch core affinity from 2 cores to 1 and run the game in windows XP compatibility mode. Other than that your only other option is to get the steam version of the game… sorry to say I never experienced this problem before on any of my 3 PCs so I cannot provide assistance in effective troubleshooting and fixing it.

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=265182801 this may also help some of you.

  577. LEON on

    Hi guys! A.I.M. 1 and 2 are really awesome games! Will you share your favorite best builds (I’m on A.I.M. 2 Clan Wars now so that’s what interests me), and is there a way to find a specific modifier? Also the Arlings rewards in the Toxic Swamp Sector are depended on the glider I’m in right? Because I’m piloting now Nitemare 2 (Special High-Speed glider) and get only level 5 Courier mods, btw I’ve chosen in the beginning to start as Courier, can I change that? And my final question that’s being bugging me for a while is where is the underground base located? i found Loarrat and got the message from Super down there, but never found the base where there are gliders, weapons etc. I’ve read on Steam the map, but it’s on russian and I wasn’t able to catch it all, exactly that part with the base eludes me 😦

    • ReiOS on

      Black Namtar all day errday on AIM 2. Phoenix on AIM 1. I actually haven’t touched the games in a bit so I can’t give any specifics as I can’t remember off the top of my head.

      The decision you make at the start of the game only affects your starting Glider as far as I recall. The game doesn’t have “classes”, so to speak. Your duty is determined by your glider, so even if you started as a Courier you can easily buy a scarab and be a merchant or get yourself an attack glider to be a warrior. So while you can’t change that decision it impacts absolutely nothing.

      As for the underground base, it’s frankly a pretty difficult area to make your way through, but the russian map is the only and best indicator there is for it. I do believe it is one of the differently-colored spots on the map, near one of the sectors with a destroyed wall. If you can post the map here I could look over it to refresh my memory and give you more accurate directions, if you still need them.

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